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My neverending everchanging always evolving philosophy

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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 10:40 AM
First let me start off by saying I in no way shape or form am looking for a debate that turns into arguements for people on either side of the belief fence, I understand what this topic stands for and means to some and I know how alot of people on here are, so this disclaimer was needed as my opening, this is my opinion, it is always open for change, it NEVER ends, it NEVER concludes unless Jesus himself comes down and lets me in on the down low and takes me on a magic carpet ride through the constellations dodging asteroids like a modern space cowboy.

I believe this Earth was once a testing facility and still is to some degree. I believe the periods we refere to as the begining of life was merely ages of time of beings being tested and let loose on this planet to be studied.

It's obvious as more and more ancient civilizations emerge with ruins that are machined soo well the only question was who did it? I have seen some myself, you do not need a series of test after touching some of these sites.

If you believe ancient aliens are the creators, look at the big picture. Aliens are not of this world as Christ so as we in the image of God are not of this world, so infact God is Alien and it in my opinion does not take away from it being Holy by injecting it with Extraterrestrial words.

I think the reason why we are getting more information is some of these sites along with other evidence has become easily seen as a possible great early time of certain very powerful and knowledgeable beings, times that were thought to be filled with primal idiocracy.

Your definitions will vary for this is my personal definition and is allowed by personal standards only and not for fact.

Maybe the Seven days of creation was 7 civilizations, ages, types of beings, times of trying a species out until whatever created us seen, '' it was good '' ?

The more I think about these scenarios, the more I feel I get closer to an answer, more than any man of faith has helped me, it has strengthened my faith when some would declare it against God ALL because of the '' words '' used.

We twist words as mentioned to our own meaning. Every church patriarch does it. They sing out the words. Maybe the words are real and left to help guide our young minds to some sort of common survival ground. Maybe they were wrote to give us a fighting chance?

I see questions in it all to tell you the truth. There are so many different ways to look at it all. We just don't get enough time on Earth in a lifespan to spiritually gain that fullfillment we look for. We stay alive it seems just long enough to start getting it before life changes in a complete different explosion of moments.

That is the only thing that is certain.

So what do I think? What do you think?

I think or what I have so far is I question both Evolution and Creation. But I have FAITH in my choice of the path of God. I think what we call UFO's, Aliens, Holy, Divine, Saintly, all are one. I think we do not understand it and are designed not to. I think evolution would have evolved us more these last thousand years if it was the smoking gun. The paranormal and normal things I have seen and the overall spirit and soul of man gives off more than just a evolved primate, all life does.

I think the areas of our brains that we do not use are closed for a reason, maybe it is a section that is not needed on this planet? It's not needed but it's there, I think nature waste nothing and I don't see why this would not be useable and just lie locked for no apparent reason. I think that could be our personal gateway, who knows, thats why im here to post this.

There are many other things.

Sometimes when you post topics like this, it helps you understand your own views more. Mine never change, they are the only thing I see evolving.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 11:35 AM
I have been a fan of The Urantia book, and been reading for the last 3 years. There are four major papers in the book
The Central And Superuniverses
Sponsored by a Uversa Corps of Superuniverse Personalities acting by authority of the Orvonton Ancients of Days

The Local Universe
Sponsored by a Nebadon Corps of Local Universe Personalities acting by authority of Gabriel of Salvington

The History Of Urantia
These papers were sponsored by a Corps of Local Universe Personalities acting by authority of Gabriel of Salvington

The Life And Teachings Of Jesus
This group of papers was sponsored by a commission of twelve Urantia midwayers acting under the supervision of a Melchizedek revelatory director.

with that said the do mention earth was and still is an experiment planet. Also according to the book there are billions of inhabited worlds of which they call ascending mortals, all at different levels of understanding and enlightenment. This imho has zero effect on any religons across the globe, and if anything enhances that feeling.

so i will through in some excerpts from the book for you to ponder on. (from the urantia book)

1. The Andronover Nebula (651.3) 57:1.1 Urantia is of origin in your sun, and your sun is one of the multifarious offspring of the Andronover nebula, which was onetime organized as a component part of the physical power and material matter of the local universe of Nebadon. And this great nebula itself took origin in the universal force-charge of space in the superuniverse of Orvonton, long, long ago.

and this per the urantia book:

(655.6) 57:5.1 5,000,000,000 years ago your sun was a comparatively isolated blazing orb, having gathered to itself most of the near-by circulating matter of space, remnants of the recent upheaval which attended its own birth.
(655.7) 57:5.2 Today, your sun has achieved relative stability, but its eleven and one-half year sunspot cycles betray that it was a variable star in its youth. In the early days of your sun the continued contraction and consequent gradual increase of temperature initiated tremendous convulsions on its surface. These titanic heaves required three and one-half days to complete a cycle of varying brightness. This variable state, this periodic pulsation, rendered your sun highly responsive to certain outside influences which were to be shortly encountered.
(655.8) 57:5.3 Thus was the stage of local space set for the unique origin of Monmatia, that being the name of your sun’s planetary family, the solar system to which your world belongs. Less than one per cent of the planetary systems of Orvonton have had a similar origin.

and another quote from the urantia book

(661.1) 57:8.7 900,000,000 years ago witnessed the arrival on Urantia of the first Satania scouting party sent out from Jerusem to examine the planet and make a report on its adaptation for a life-experiment station. This commission consisted of twenty-four members, embracing Life Carriers, Lanonandek Sons, Melchizedeks, seraphim, and other orders of celestial life having to do with the early days of planetary organization and administration.
(661.2) 57:8.8 After making a painstaking survey of the planet, this commission returned to Jerusem and reported favorably to the System Sovereign, recommending that Urantia be placed on the life-experiment registry. Your world was accordingly registered on Jerusem as a decimal planet, and the Life Carriers were notified that they would be granted permission to institute new patterns of mechanical, chemical, and electrical mobilization at the time of their subsequent arrival with life transplantation and implantation mandates.
(661.3) 57:8.9 In due course arrangements for the planetary occupation were completed by the mixed commission of twelve on Jerusem and approved by the planetary commission of seventy on Edentia. These plans, proposed by the advisory counselors of the Life Carriers, were finally accepted on Salvington. Soon thereafter the Nebadon broadcasts carried the announcement that Urantia would become the stage whereon the Life Carriers would execute their sixtieth Satania experiment designed to amplify and improve the Satania type of the Nebadon life patterns.
(661.4) 57:8.10 Shortly after Urantia was first recognized on the universe broadcasts to all Nebadon, it was accorded full universe status. Soon thereafter it was registered in the records of the minor and the major sector headquarters planets of the superuniverse; and before this age was over, Urantia had found entry on the planetary-life registry of Uversa.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 11:42 AM
per the urantia book

Paper 58 Life Establishment on Urantia (664.1) 58:0.1 IN ALL Satania there are only sixty-one worlds similar to Urantia, life-modification planets. The majority of inhabited worlds are peopled in accordance with established techniques; on such spheres the Life Carriers are afforded little leeway in their plans for life implantation. But about one world in ten is designated as a decimal planet and assigned to the special registry of the Life Carriers; and on such planets we are permitted to undertake certain life experiments in an effort to modify or possibly improve the standard universe types of living beings.


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