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Levi's "Go Forth" commercial 2011

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posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 09:34 PM
If you haven't seen them, Levi's has an ad campaign titled "Go Forth". There have been a few ads run over the last couple of years but this latest one I found rather intriguing, especially towards the end. I based the forum I posted this in on that particular portion of the video.

I contemplated Philosophy and Metaphysics and New World Order but I decided on this forum as I preferred the discussion to be around the portion of the video at around 0:47 seconds which emphasizes an apparent Social Issue and/or Civil Unrest.

I found this video to be rather interesting and have qualities that are derivative of some of the numerous ATS topics of an alleged impending Police State and/or the potential for Martial Law to ensue in the event that people were to decide to protest their government that are periodically mentioned here on ATS. I felt this video gave some interesting visions of those notions, particularly the portion I mentioned above.

Here is a YouTube query of the term "levis go forth" that will provide you with a few other videos from the same campaign which some may also remember as the OPioneers!

Also, here is a link to the Levi's Go Forth website to get a better understanding of the purpose behind the campaign which (to me) has a positive cause.

Just to put it out there I am not attempting to endorse this particular product however I do find the ad campaign to be rather original with a very positive and uplifting message and perhaps a little insight on where we as a nation and a people may be headed, one way or another.


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