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Here we go again....Government shutdown looms

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posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 06:24 PM
Government shutdown looms over FEMA fight
The US House of Representatives voted down a bill today that would fund the US Government until Nov 18, otherwise the Government isn't authorized to spend any money after Sep 30.

The fight is over how much additional disaster aid will be given to FEMA to pay for the storms that hit the East coast this year.

At issue is a short-term bill to fund government agencies through November 18 that the GOP-controlled House will vote on Wednesday. It allocates fewer resources to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers for disaster response than the Democratic-led Senate approved last week. Additional funds are needed because recent major floods from Hurricane Irene along the East Coast and wildfires in Texas exceeded the amount these agencies have left in their coffers to support recovery and rebuilding efforts.

Both the House and Senate are scheduled to take a weeklong recess next week and the current government funding expires September 30

So now we're going to have to listen to this fight 24/7 like we did over raising the debt limit.
I'm fed up with those do nothings in congress.
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posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 06:39 PM
Best thing that could happen would be a shut down, default on all debts and BRIEF collapse of the US economy.

We need a reset, restructuring and an opportunity to start over.

Better than the slow agonizing fall.

But, we can always endlessly print more money and keep this thing afloat forever... Right?

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