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Beware the Sly Shamanism Dictatorship by World Health Organisation

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posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 01:00 PM
Beware the Sly Shamanism Dictatorship by World Health Organisation

Many respect doctors, grateful for their healing and would never allow anyone else to question them. But a time has come to look indepth to what they are doing to mankind and their agendas, with logic and truth through discussion and debate, so that we as mankind can correct any mistakes or misdirection made.

They had strongly advocated curtailing smoking as the cause for cancer, and yet had done nothing effective to corporations that had polluted our skies,land and waters from more seriously. They had claim that being fat will cause a multitude of chronic illness and will drive up economic costs for societies, amongst many more to other 'shamanistic' claims of illness and its causes..

And yet - they had done NOTHING to keep medical costs low.

They justify the high costs of treating human illness as mankind's fault. Yet, majority of their research had been funded by gov(representives of sovereign taxpayers funds) and charities ( with no returns seek), and STILL, they dare charge high fees for their medicine, therapy and consultations, and attributed it to 'research costs'!.

If they had been gods, fully capable of EVEN bringing back the dead to life, then, it would be justifiable for their costs, whatever it is, for human lives are precious and beyond any price, but YET, they are nowhere near perfection in medical science advancement as we know now, with daily advances and old practices discarded. There is still so much to know.

They are no more than shamans/blood leechers of our ancient past to a 25th century man in the future. What they RECOMMEND today may be harmful for mankind instead, for what do we really know about medical science - should one element be removed, would another developement of human cells be deprived of?

They may show statistics of for example how fat people would suffer chronic illness, or a multitude of other illness causes. But today, after the Global Warming alarm being downgraded to Climate Change status and even its truth alluding to human cause can be MANIPULATED by renowned, established and respected researchers in the scientific field in pay of their funding masters, what more doctors?

What next? A 'Fat' tax, or 'Authesim', tax, or 'Glaucoma' tax], etc, etc to be imposed, followed by further high cost for medication?

Are doctors driven by egalitarian values? NOT many. Most are only private practitioners. Take for example:-

1. There are 10 patients to see a doctor, 9 of them can only pay $30 for consultation but 1 person will be willing to fork out $1000 for such fees. Which patient will the doctor see and treat first? No brainer, the guy with the most cash.

Extrapoliate upon hundreds a doctor sees, and you will see the picture how the doc will raise his fees, select his patients. It is still a capitalist society we live in anyway, and doctors are not immune to capitalist idealism and his own version of the american dream, with full SELF justification for his unethical deeds.

2. Translate it into kickbacks from Big Pharma to buy only their medicine and equipment. and worse, when the doc gets into W.H.O organisation, it will only fool the masses with a few Public Relations of giving FREE treatment to poor africans for a few days, and viola! Hook, line and sinker, mankind become suckers to the GREED by the medical industry.

What the bankers had failed miserably today to tyrannise and enslave mankind will only be continued by Big Pharma if we are not discerning enough or still sleeping in apathy to support W.H.O. dictates. BEWARE!

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 01:24 PM
Star and flag. Totally agreed. The WHO is useless, like every UN agency. And no where is it more useless than in the US. I also notice how, when certain diseases are all the paranoid rage, how the prices of foods or substances believed to cure these things always goes up. So, not only do they blame people for poor eating habits, they increase the price of "good foods" and supplements, so it becomes financially unfeasibly to eat healthy.

Alot of poor people have very bad eating habits, but when you're below the breadline and have a few mouths to feed, what's a smarter buy? 3 bucks for a 12 pack of macaroni and cheese that will make several meals, or 3 bucks for a pound of fresh tomatoes, that are only a component of a meal?

Crap food is pretty bad for you, but it is also about the only thing alot of people can afford.

posted on Oct, 2 2011 @ 03:00 PM
The W.H.O. shows how evil a One World Government would be.

People are greedy and if offered money...they will side with Corporate Pharmaceuticals and force the world to get injected with death.

There's a global push to ban Mercury from injections. Neither the United States or the W.H.O. is supporting that global push. They're making too much money injecting people with Mercury.

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