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What will i do when the American Revolution begins?

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posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by iSHRED
I was reading the thread about "violent arrests at occupy wall street" when i thought of something.

If an american revolution does begin, and the People use violence to dethrone our government, and it becomes an ongoing thing,

I don't think it's about " the government, but rather the Wall Street influence in Washington.

I think once big business and the top 5% wealth holders and that includes foreign wealth interests too, there will be no need for any type of unrest and or revolution.

The only thing that would endanger the government is if it is separated from the vast majority of the people that it claims to represent. That's if the USG sided with Wall Street and the top 5% plus wealthy foreigners and their business interests. Such a move would split the military with most of its rank and file siding with the people, the common citizen. The first move would be seen in the way of FoxNews and pro billionaire radio talk being knocked off the air. When that happens you know America is having their "Spring." A common citizen spring like the Arab Spring seen sweeping the Middle East.

Me, I'll just wait everything out in Central America or on a Caribbean Island somewhere.

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posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by LaughingatHumanity

TPTB want us to feel hopeless and inferior. They want us to believe we cannot overcome. US citizens work for the government. The government is us. We can overthrow a government.
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posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 10:13 PM
I don't think TPTB will have to do a darn thing and here is why.....we will kill eachother.

If SHTF, There would be race wars, blacks against whites mexicans etc. A lot of the minority community, believe it's an opportunity to claim power, and regain "what white people took from them."

Low income community, think they are owed will go after rich.




Anarchists, all see oppurtunity, all have different philosophy, all will use minorities and low income people to obtain ends.

Then there are the constitutionalists, who aren't going to put up with any of that non-sense.

Bottom line, no common vision, no common end, no common philosophy equals chaos and tyranny.

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 11:56 PM
so basically america is hopeless....
we might as well just get off ats, embrace the coming NWO, and wait for Jesus to come claim his children.

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 12:37 AM
Ok people,
I have been listening to everyone in regards to their opinion on how to make change in the world we live in.
Obviously like most things everyone is different, but I believe we can use this to our advantage.
Please take the time to read this plan.. (Obviously it is open to suggestions but let’s not stray from the point and try not to get angry at each other because I’m sure they would prefer us fighting ourselves not them)

Firstly I think we need to agree on something. Can we not agree that our current system of government, authority and control is not working for the good of the people? We know that things are not heading for a good place, and eventually people are going to be broke with our current system of an economy.

Peaceful protest like the one we have seen in time square in not far of the mark, and i assume the majority of our freedom fighters are going to be doing this and they are helping make up the voice.
We need to camp out in the centre of as many cities as possible around the world.
If we can get a few thousand people in each city this can easily work.

Violence will only be tolerated if it is used on the freedom fighters first. The authorities have just as much right to use it as you do.

The main part of this exercise is to stop people buying products, paying taxes and supporting big business.
By doing this we can chop the economic head of the rich people that are enslaving us.
But we have to expect when we don’t pay taxes the government is going to try and stop us, so it is important that we have at least 1000 people in each city who are willing to fight and die if it is in self defence.
Remember just because the government says so doesn’t give authority the right to do anything to you.
The government is just a criminal organisation that has stood for a long time (so it seems normal), has more money and more people.
But reality is we can start our own government because we have even more people. One that seeks to treat everyone equal and this cannot happen when we live in a class system divided by money.

Food would be taken from shops if needed but hopefully we can get the support of farmers (another group of people being screwed by the system in place) who will bring supplies to keep freedom fighters alive. It would also be helpful to have people growing their own food in the city and everyone would need to help feed others, not just themselves

Weapons are not to much of an issue. Many people own guns but effective weapons can be easily made if people work together. Remember keep it simple:
-bows and arrows, cheap and effective.
-smoke bombs can be easily made.
-Molotov cocktails
-small bombs (grenades)
-armour can be made from hard metals and used like in ancient times..huddle together and work as a group so some can hold the armour and others can attack
-pepper spray can be made from hot chillies and alcohol in a simple spray bottle
-swords and knives obviously
-we could easily get horses (although I don’t condone using animals it is a possibility)
-tazers can be easily made from batteries
But remember its not the weapon its the way you use it. And if we have the numbers we can damn well do it with a stick!

The point of this revolution is simple
1. Stop funding and supporting the economy, cut it off and watch the rich people fall to our demands. Remember money is worthless is we the people don’t use it. We can easily work together and provide for ourselves.
2. Defend if needed. Violence is not the answer but if they intent to use it then we must to. Nothing will happen unless we can stand up for ourselves.
3. Bring in a new system of society where people work together in small communities. Providing for themselves and helping others.

People I understand that some of you think that violence is not the answer. But in our situation it is used on us everyday, and it is the way tptb choose to enforce their system of society. Violence is not part of this plan unless it is used on us first. The main part of this plan is to band together and stop funding the economy that has kept us down for too long.
I ask you not to post any deconstructive comments such as ‘violence is not going to work’ unless you have a better solution. I’m not saying its right but I am saying it is most likely necessary if we are to stand up for our rights. Because we will see that if this happens, they will most likely try and stop us violently.
Why support a system that Is willing to violently stop its own people from expressing their disgust over the obvious problems in our society.
That is not a government, that is not a proper system. That is hate and control.

“Poverty is the parents of revolution and crime.” – Aristotle
“Violence is the weapon of weak, non-violence that of the strong. “- Mahatma Gandhi….. We can fight the good fight, but the powers that be will violently seek to stop us. If they use violence, then we have no choice but to defend our non violent message.


posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by UniverSoul

It's not that I disagree, it's just how do you get over the fact that there will be multitudes of different groups all standing for a different cause all wanting a different end.

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by Snorkelbacon

I, unfortunately, agree...the USA will turn into an American version of the Balkans.

Different groups with different goals fighting against one another....north/south...socialists/communist/capitalist... country folks/city folks... white/black/hispanic/asian...

The only thing that could prevent that would be a common vision...a common goal...and some strong leaders with morals and principals...

As far as trained forces vs militia-insurgents.... the insurgents seem to be doing a decent job of holding the US at bay... as the war in Afghanistan and occupation of Iraq meets another year... what are we...7-8-9 years since this began? I dare say a group of US civilians, some with military training...some with combat experience...and all able to be heavily armed...could probably do as good a job as the insurgents over seas.

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by iSHRED

I'm leaving. I have already taken steps to be come 100% liquid with my money. Most of it is invested outside of the US (legally). Should Obama win in 2012 I am likely to leave as well. I have been able to secure employment/income outside of the US and am in the process of seeking dual citizenship. I'm not interested in living in the worker's paradise he and his leftist ilk are seeking to create. The infrastructure of his socialist agenda will not benefit from the fruits of my labor. I'm done living in a country where half of the people don't contribute and the objective of those slackards is to increase the percentage.

You can all relish the notion of the "workers of the world unite" bs, but the last thing I plan to do is sit in this country while the lower classes take power (it will never happen by the way).

Good luck to you. Once I'm out of the good old US of A, then I will sit back and watch the idiocy of it on my flat screen.
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posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 08:45 AM
@What will i do when the American Revolution begins?


posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 08:58 AM
Revolution is inevitable. There are way too many reasons for it to happen and not near enough bull# could ever be spoon-fed to stop it.. Mine (our) reason among so many...


Not being from the US or middle east I never really expected the crimes of the US government, or the puppets pulling the strings (so incredibly irrefutably a false flag operation) to directly affect me this way as it has so many countless innocent world citizens. That's not to say I never really thought the crimes of the US could affect me, just that I didn't see it coming from this angle I guess. So, my story starts here...
I am a citizen from a country very close to the US and at this point I am unable to sit idly without trying to do something. If nothing else I would like to voice my opinion about a very troubling matter concerning the link between the flood of prescription opiates in North America (since 2001) and the attacks on 911 the effects of which I have personally seen and experienced first hand.
Since around 2002 almost half the people I know are legally or illegally, using, or know someone who uses Oxy Contin or it's many other derivatives. Prior to this the only people I had met who were prescribed such life altering drugs, in my country at least, were terminal cancer patients or people nearing the end of their lives. I'm not the only one who sees this. I have felt this pain personally as I have seen family members fall prey to an addiction they never asked for. An addiction that, if labelled appropriately by the physician who peddle these drugs would be widely seen as opiate/heroin addiction and thus may never have taken root. What middle class straight edge mother/father/grandmother with no drug history asks to become a junkie, or would be caught dealing with such people?
The majority of people I have ever met who uses this drug, when they think back, link their use to about the same time line. So the bottom line... Why now? Why was the prescription of opiates to anyone who felt like they had a sore back or a stubbed toe illegal pre-911 but so common place now? If the attack on 911 was a false flag mission (again unquestionable in my opinion and I'm not alone here), why blame the Taliban? What made that extremist group so attractive other than the fact that they had a common goal in mind and were family friends and business partners of high up government officials who would keep their mouth shut? If there's no oil there to murder countless people for like was the case in Iraq why them specifically? Why that dry dusty place? It all came to me after watching a documentary about the heroin trade (documentaries> the only form of media that occasionally tells the truth other than The Daily Show, a political satire show). The Taliban had all but extinguished the heroin trade in that area during their reign under the threat of death until the "war on terror" and the ensuing occupation of Afghanistan had apparently allowed the drug trade there to flourish. Under the nose of the CIA and an overwhelming military force? It all makes sense if you consider the fact that drug companies are suddenly making billions off of the poison they are feeding the general public. Doctors are feeding this stuff to kids, barely out of their teens for broken arms. Anybody can get it, or buy it on the street, which is demonized on every episode of COPS. An amazing new opiate that can give a user energy rather than the nod. It's clear as day what the problem is and how it started... The powers that be have murdered 3000+ of their own citizens as an excuse to wage a never-ending war of fear and control which involves the occupation of two countries for the sole purpose of feeding their own need for power, money and control. To sell oil, drugs and develop a foothold in the middle east which from the looks of things is just a start. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and then... and then... Where does it stop? When does the entirety of a nation wake up and take a stand against the people who are supposed to be protecting them against war, drugs and tyranny but who choose to use their power to make money from drug and defense company lobbyists who poison their own brothers and sisters and murder their countrymen? Is this patriotic? Did the founders of the bill of rights roll over and take it in the rear, because it was easier and much more lucrative, than doing what was right?
What kind of medical establishment condones the use of hard narcotics as a cure all for a sore back or any other relatively trivial injury? Not any medical system I would ever thought to have existed ten years ago?! So... Fast forward to 10 years later... Picture an economy that threatens to take the pension check of an elderly war veteran rather than cut a mere sliver off of a monster security budget and reduce the murder of innocent civilians in the middle east. Put your shoes in the place of any poor person falling prey to this forced add

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 08:59 AM
Put your shoes in the place of any poor person falling prey to this forced addiction that might, just might, manage to rid themselves of their disease, but be left with a life they can not afford and a home that is about to get foreclosed on... A poor person with a relatively cheap supply of medical grade heroin... With no options left... Would you consider passing these drugs to another person, dope sick from the dirt the government was shoveling at them? Maybe they are unable to get their perscription that month for whatever reason or maybe they are a dope fiend, who are you to judge? With the looming thought of foreclosure and homelesness you would do what it takes to take care of you and your own. I would be willing to bet (not that winning this bet would ever be possible; the results would most definitly be rigged) that 30% of the officials in the US government would kill a small country of "terrorists" (innocent people) before they see a member of their family go without their luxury car. Another 65% would do it because they had no choice as they would never be able to voice their opinion anyways due to the corporate owned media that would burry it beneath the waterskiing squirel or whatever useless story that will role out in place of an ounce of fact. The other 5% (or less) would try to find a way to add another country to the hit list while citing that a new war is "nesassary to maintain and protect their way of life" and ultimately to achieve the goal they set in place. People that fit in this 5%, the ones who profit from these wars the most could care less what any one of your family members has to go through to survive and won't stop at anything short of world domination over a crumbling civilization. Don't fool yourself and think the US will come out on top and that you are above the pain of others. Are you part of the "club"?. Take a look around you. Take a drive through any lower to middle class neighborhood and see how much these people care about YOU. Watch an episode of the television show C.O.P.S. A propaganda tool that used to show primarily crack addicts and cocain dealers as the scourge of the US inner city now chooses to show police from every state, city, town and shopping mall parking lot arresting your mother, your aunt or your grandmother for trying to survive any way possible in an economy that has forgotten they exist. If the afghan opium trade was a part of the "war on drugs" the "elected government" (right), would launch a campain to attack the suppliers (in this case themselves) , not only the users, their own citizens. And why must there always be a war for the government to have a purpose? Why not an intelligent sollution, an attempt to make things better?
When and how does the inevitable uprising begin? I have watched this war and learned enough about what is really going on to ask... Who will take the first step to take back a democracy? What faceless entity do we have to crush to take OUR WORLD, the Earth, back? How many innocent children and innocent people need to be bombed, crushed racially profiled, monitarily profiled or subjected to mass drug addiction and death before we get together and say THIS IS ENOUGH?! I for one am done with the "Occupation" of my world. I'm open to feedback, opinions and ideas, but most of all I want to help spread the word and awaken the people who are still in a walking dream state. Anybody convinced that this is all ok and that society today is just "business as usual" deserves to know that there could be a better world for all of us, if we band together and take it back. I'm not talking about bombing people or trying to take back our world by force. Although I could think of a few politicians that if I ever met in a dark alley I would find the closest sharp object (or blunt, it really wouldn't matter) and turn them into Swiss cheese. I'm not talking about any violence whatsoever. I think we've all had enough of that. I'm talking about everyone getting together and saying "This is enough!" Egypt should be a prime example to anyone who thinks the taking back our world from a dictatorship isn't possible.
In short, I would like to awaken as many others as I can of this...

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 09:02 AM
atrocity. I have not been able to find any discussion groups that touch this issue directly and thus would appreciate any feedback from anyone who may recognize the shift of illicit narcotics to chemically altered wonder drugs. I think my topic, although just another piece of the puzzle, could add to the overwhelming evidence against the largest war crime in recorded history. This concept is not directed at any of you paid trolls (bitches) or misinformed individuals who want to throw insults at me, my grammar, spelling or run-on sentences, sentences, sentences, sentences or tell me anything contrary to truth that I already know first hand all the while sitting back in your armchair or corner office. Any negative comments directed at me will fall on deaf ears and will not be read by myself. I believe it is everyone's responsibility to step back, take an objective point of view and learn the facts for themselves rather than take my word, or any one persons word for that matter (especially the word of the corporate owned media). If you to disagree with my point of view, that is your own choice and you are entitled your opinion... for now... Spread the word to make more people aware of the risks and help stop the injustice.
"A concerned world citizen"

PS. If you want to see something interesting, Google "911 flight 157 bulge" or "911 flight 157 military 767 bulge" (not sure of the exact keywords as my browser crashed) or anything to that effect (just kidding, don't do it). If you are not worried about ending up on some list and facing god knows what kind of future repercussions you may get a kick out of the images you find that have nothing to do with the keywords whatsoever. Images of war propaganda, Arab dressed people family photos containing naked children. I also found the heavy load of very strange processes with very interesting descriptions that locked up my computer until I did a full re-boot. Why are we not allowed to search for a high resolution image of what is so obviously a military plane "flight 157" All in all feels really shady to me. They are definitely trying to discourage free thinking in a "free" country...

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 09:13 AM
This is a pretty funny thread. Changes are occurring all over the world and if you want to get technical America's already begun her revolution, there are silent struggles going on as we speak within the confines of her soil. Let me tell you this though, you cannot play the revolution as a game online, on your system, can't text your vote in for your favorite revolution nominee for the season or even take sides like you do while watching your sports channels. While people are wondering what they will be doing when the revolution begins, well I'll answer you this, look at what your doing right now.

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 11:35 AM
America isn't going to revolt any time soon

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by iSHRED

The problem is 100000 people is no where near three hundred million people. So yes the military would stop them.

No lasting revolution is going to happen because certain people think their particular political deology is the correct one.

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 12:06 PM

Originally posted by binkbonk
reply to post by RisenAngel77
Growing your own food is soon to be outlawed.

So? Just keep growing your own, ask more people to do the same. All I know is that Violence is NEVER the answer. It is an eternal cycle of monotony that only spawns hatred and despair. if you want to break out of the eternal chain, think outside the box.

I guarantee you that if 60% of the worlds population grew their own food and medicines because yes the most effective medicines indeed are in raw herbs, those laws would have little to no effect. Those laws are mostly placed by corporations to protect their investments and incite fear and discourage people from growing their own.

And yes it is possible to collapse those in power by simply looking at it's weakness. Just take a look at what Wisconsin did. Follow THEIR example.

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 12:16 PM
reply to post by dolphinfan

That's interesting. I would like to know which country you are going to move to that is not far more socialist than the united states. Well what you think socialism is. Not only far more socialist but doing far better economically, far better in regards to health care, in regards to education, life expectancy, scientific literacy, etc. etc. There's always Somalia I guess.

Truthfully you would be hard pressed to find an actual socialist in d.c. I wish you could.

Obama is all about big business just like the majority of them are. But people like to listen to idiotic propaganda and they actually think that any of the right wing candidates will do better. Idiotic propaganda that tells them if we cut taxes even more and destroy the social safety net all our problems will go away. You know because anyone who is poor and has fallen on hard times is just lazy and they need to work harder, right? Let's give more tax cuts to the wealthy, because they deserve it, and kick the legs out from under the poor and elderly because they should have thought about that before they got into that situation and didn't take full advantage of this wonderfully fair and even system that we have here in the U.S.

I love my country and I love all my countrymen no matter what their lot is in life. I won't leave because some president has begun talking about redistributing wealth to the middle class and poor. You know, the people who make up the majority of this country. Just like I did not leave when the policies of certain other presidents yanked that wealth from the hands of the middle class and redistributed it to the top.

Send me a postcard.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 02:39 PM

Originally posted by dolphinfan
reply to post by iSHRED

I'm leaving. I have already taken steps to be come 100% liquid with my money. Most of it is invested outside of the US (legally). Should Obama win in 2012 I am likely to leave as well. I have been able to secure employment/income outside of the US and am in the process of seeking dual citizenship. I'm not interested in living in the worker's paradise he and his leftist ilk are seeking to create. The infrastructure of his socialist agenda will not benefit from the fruits of my labor. I'm done living in a country where half of the people don't contribute and the objective of those slackards is to increase the percentage.

You can all relish the notion of the "workers of the world unite" bs, but the last thing I plan to do is sit in this country while the lower classes take power (it will never happen by the way).

Good luck to you. Once I'm out of the good old US of A, then I will sit back and watch the idiocy of it on my flat screen.
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Another Obama hating patriot.

posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 06:42 AM
You city foke need to speak for yourselves on this one I could show southerners how TPTB controlled the North and South in the Civil War and we'd be just fine in fighting back we know how to grow our own food and got animal industry set up

posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 06:55 AM
And why not give every citizen a smart phone teach them how to use it and create a site where every citizen 18 or older goes to takes a few quick polls each day and that's how laws and criminals are processed. Local on local section and federal on federal section and global on global section. Teach the mentally challenged how to reset the system an reinstall programs in case of shutdowns at the collection spots that redistribute the information for larger polls. Cuts out Hidden agenda representation, and creates a true democracy where every humans voice is heard, don't recycle old ideas when new innovations come along we must adapt as a whole.

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