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The Earth and nuclear energy

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posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 05:39 PM
I have just been thinking about the great big rock in space called Earth which we happen to be living on at this very moment. Now this is the point where I could go on about the pollution, the destruction and so on that our species is so willingly able to accept in the pursuits of greed; Though we all know and probably all have that sense of shame for what we are doing to this beautiful planet so I will get straight to the point.

The Earth I believe is far more than just a planet with some physical laws and varied landscapes. I believe to a certain to degree the earth is a conscious body! Ok now before you think “here we go…” let me explain.

We just like the planets and everything else in the universe came from the same starts and same beginnings, so why would consciousness be limited to organic creatures? I’m talking way beyond the human elements like emotion so I’m in no way suggesting the Earth and other planets share jokes and moan about other planets invading there space taking there sunlight.

However I do believe to an extent the Earth has a good understanding of what is happening and even has ways of both protecting itself and keeping itself in harmony though not to suggest a human’s paradise is the Earths idea of harmony. Think about the natural disasters throughout its history, perhaps that is the Earths own way of resetting and restoring balance whether for energy or part of unknown natural laws?

Anyway my main point and where this idea comes from was thinking about our advancements in nuclear technology, now I’m no scientist but I know nuclear energy is a natural energy and part of nature itself. So, what if the Earth actively begins to use our nuclear technology against us? Surely a natural energy stored in plants or weapons still abides by the rules of the Earth. As a result though we as humans foolishly believe we can tame this power though events such as Fukishima and Chernobyl have proven otherwise.

I do appreciate the whole idea of the Earth being conscious seeming farfetched and it certainly is not backed by an scientific method at our current understanding. However is it so hard to believe when what we have been doing to the Earth in the short space of a few generations already seems to be returning the favour more frequently. I think we have long outstayed our welcome and the Earth will do what it can to expel us very shortly whether World War 3 starts or not.

Bear in mind nature has thrived in areas such as Chernobyl; in fact it’s pretty much a natural utopia with trees and forestation taking over buildings and the entire area. If the Earth wants rid of us then I say expect nuclear plants to be damaged more often perhaps by un-heard of “un-natural” disasters to the point that the earth once again resets. We often think of ourselves as a species that will war until we are no more though we might be at the mercy of the planet.

If true then I don’t know if it is too late to clean up our act, I doubt we would anyway. I’m not trying to predict anything or fear mongering but simply suggest as an individual we should respect the planet and personally, if the Earth wants us gone then I wish anything that is born after us good luck and I hope they do a better job and respect what they have.

(I wanted to include some pictures of Chernobyl below but I cant reset my password on ATS media to upload the pics. If anyone else wants to embed them feel free)

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