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N.C.: ‘We Are Not Sure’ Why Obama Got Facts Wrong on Bridges

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posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 07:27 AM
Once again we have more evidence to suggest that Obama simply does not give a flip about what comes out of his mouth. He says what he needs to say and moves on. Later, his handlers take the mulligan and claim misspeak. In this case they haven't said anything yet.

I remember this fear mongering speech. Although, its getting tough to keep his speeches straight these days.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation say it is “not sure” how President Barack Obama came up with the statistic that there are 153 “structurally deficient bridges” in that state--in arguing for more federal stimulus spending before “another bridge falls.”

In fact, according to the department, there are far more than 153 “structurally deficient” bridges in North Carolina—but the designation “structurally deficient” does not mean they are in any way unsafe.

So Obama just blurts out 153 "structurally deficient bridges" to get support for his plan so these bridges can be repaired before "another bridge falls". Anyone know how many bridges have fallen lately?? I don't.

The White House and the NC Dept. of transportation were both contacted in search of the source for Obama's statement. According to the NC Dept. of transportation there are actually 2,696 "structurally deficient bridges" in the state. Not 153.

According to the Dept. of Transportation

Merchant stressed that this designation does not mean the bridge is dangerous, and that all open bridges in the state are safe.

“If a bridge is listed as structurally deficient, it means that there are elements of the bridge that need to be monitored to maintain its structural integrity,” Merchant said.

No worries about another bridge falling from what I see. If that was the case the bridge would be closed.

The blatant inaccuracy of Obama's statement has me stumped. Obtaining the proper facts is simple enough that a Second Grader could get the facts straight. Obama and his team don't give a !@#$ about the truth when they have politics to sell. I can't wait to hear there response. If they ever respond.

Word to the wise. Take every word the man says with a grain of salt.

Look at the numbers for yourself
Specifically look at Durham and Wake counties. The principal counties in the Raleigh area. Those numbers are not even close. Just thought I'd throw Obama a bone.
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posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 07:31 AM
When has Obama ever been about facts? Why let facts mess up his fantasy world?

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 07:33 AM
I've seen some pretty bad bridges driving across the country, but I'd rather trust the State of local government to fix it as opposed to the federal government. If we left it up to the feds they would build a bridge straight to the fema camps.

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 08:42 AM
There is a tv show on either History or Discovery where a guy goes around to bridges and shows you how they are failing. It's very interesting. This guy claims that very many bridges in the US are in very bad shape and need fixing before something bad happens.

I know here there is a bridge that takes all year long to paint. They paint it to protect it from rust. After they get to the end they have to go back and start over again because that is how fast the paint wears.

I agree though that all bridges do need constant maintenance but that in itself does not mean it's in immediate danger of collapsing.

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