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Israel Does Not Want a Palestinian State. Why???

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posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 02:56 AM
There are a lot of reasons. To start with Israel has a security based economy so if there is true peace a lot of Israeli companies will be hurt financially. Many jobs will be lost at a time when Israeli citizens are protesting lack of jobs and housing expense. Other reasons are border and water issues. In a negotiated peace Israel stands a much better chance to control Palestinian borders and the aquafers that are on Palestinian land. Israel is loath to share East Jerusalem with a Palestinian government and insists Jerusalem will not be divided. Netanyahu spoke before congress insisting Israel will not move back to the 1967 lines, even with agreed land swaps to accomodate the larger settlements. He received applause worthy of a rock star from the congress. The Right of Return is problematic in that there seems to be no solution. Israel insists on being recognized as a "Jewish State". This condition was imposed almost immediately after the Palestinian Authority recognized Israel as a State. NO country officially recognizes Israel as a "Jewish State" Nor does the UN. They could be officially recognized as such IF Israel changed its official name at the UN to say, The Jewish State of Israel. I am sure there are "Name change" forms available. Perhaps Iran can tell them where to find them. The simple reason Israel makes this demand is to disinfranchise the Refugees. The Right of Return will no longer exist for the refugees. Another reason Israel wants a negotiated peace is to prevent Palestine from fielding a standing army that might challenge Israel in the future. Israel wants to retain the right to overfly Palestine at will. The most serious reason Israel wishes a negotiated peace is prior to the establishment of a palestinian state is to get agreement not to prosecute Israeli leaders for past war crimes.

These reasons are of course only my opinion. I am sure you folks can think of a lot more. The point is Israel will never make peace on their own. They must be forced. Once there is a Palestinian State there will be no reason for Israel not to negotiate.

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 03:10 AM
they really really hate each other their religions clash and they fight back n forth Palestine land was once Israel they really dislike each other but im sure someone can come along and give you the deep down dirty dirty reason they cant share no love...its amazing what happens when you fight over what they call "their holy land"

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 03:16 AM
israel was installed to replace Palestine.

its like USA not wiping out Native America.

they allow 5% token muslim population/territory to live but other 95% killed off to create pure judaeo christian!

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 03:25 AM
your view is not right. who is israel ? what does israel want ? thats wrong. the state of israel is a construct and influenced by its citizens. some of these citizens love palestinians, some hate them, some dont care. some israeli citizens have killed palestinians, some are married and have kids with palestinians.
your view is too trivial.

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posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 03:56 AM
reply to post by icepack

I agree with you m8. Jews and Muslims can live in harmony and did so until the zionists took control.

This article gives a view of whats going on that not many are aware of. Real Israeli's actualy do want Palestine to have it's own state.

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 07:03 AM
Many of the ultra conservative settlers believe in a "greater Isreal" wich includes all of the lands of Palastine for the jews. Supposed to be promised to them by god in the bible somewhere. I think it's mostly bunk in my opinion but lucky me i don't have to live there.

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 02:34 PM
With all the quibbling going on for decades,

WHAT exactly is Israel's official reason for NOT wanting a Palestinian State ??

All the cheap talk about "negotiating" ......

Wouldn't it be easier to "negotiate" if it was between two "nations" ???

Can't seem to ever get a straight answer.....

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 02:38 PM
Israel does not want a palestinian state because then they will get all the war crimes they commited charged by a sovereign state, and zionists cant have that now can they?

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 07:48 PM
The state of Palestine shouldn't exist and it is not so simply a single directed issue either. The prospect of creating such tiny states in the regions hurts everyone. It is sort of the reason behind Pan-Arabism.

You already mentioned how it could hurt Israel.

Here is how it could hurt Palestine:

I think it is important for us Americans and Westerns to be educated about geopolitics and the essentials of good governance. Now what does it take to make a proper running system of government.

Well you need a good and strong economy. You need strategic resources and secured and defined borders. You need a large working population, a commodity or series of commodities (which means you need an intellectual market complex, and a culture that allows all of this. Those are the ingredients for peace.

Now I have been chatting with some Israelis and Arabs (some which are Palestinians and some which are Saudi, Jordanian, Iraqi, and Syrian) and I've come up with a better proposal than what people are currently throwing up.

It fosters on a one state solution, but a much better one. One that both Arabs (Secularists, Rural, Bedouin, and Fundamentalists) and Jews (Secularists, Rural, Settlers in the West Bank, and Ultra Orthodox) are willing to support. A means to create peace and I have enough signatures off Facebook and Youtube from huge swaths of Muslims, Arabs, Jews, and neutral world wide affiliates to sign on and Support.

It is part of my world wide system of Governance called the World Draneian Republic and it centers on creating a large distributed federal system.

It is a down-up system, so the system starts off with the individual and goes up from there by the basis of necessity, logic, and lack of proper governance from the lower levels such as (cases of committing a crime of murder in which the rights of the individual may be taken away or the lack of good governance from the locality, in which the state or country may step in and temporarily undermine the local level until it has renew good faith in its act of governance, autonomy is given by the basis of good governance, while bad governance will lead to the seizure of those rights). However, money is oriented from the highest level possible and proper, down. So it may be the country or the continental district level.

Strategically you would have multiple different currencies so that there can be essential exchange for international prosperity, but also an independent national currency to allow better exchange and promote better economic development without the hampering of the negative effects that goes from too much international marketing. You would know about this if you have studied what is going on in Greece and why they almost pulled away from the Euro Zone.

The levels of administration would go as follow:

World - World Republic
Hemisphere - Old World
Continental Union - Eurasia
Continental District - Shem (West Asia, pretty much from the border of Iran to the Levant and from the border of Turkey to Yemen and Oman). Shem is where the word Semite comes from, so what better way to unite Arabs with Jews than to unite as Semites and name the land, Shem.
Countries of Shem - Levant, Iraq, and Arabia
States/Governorates of the Levant - United Israel, United Syria, and United Jordan
Provinces out of United Israel - Judea, Samaria, Palestine, Jerusalem, Galilee, Edom, and Sinai.
And then of course you have subdivisions of them and it leads all the way down to the Individual.

Here is a few maps to show you what it would look like. I already own a patent and copyright on the idea, so don't steal it or I will sue you.

And here are two flags I had designed as well.

I would love to give out the specifics, but pretty much it is a secular system that allows localities of theocratic institutions to exist if a worked plan is made with its constituents that follows the conduct of an intellectual consensus.

Standard Arabic is the official language of the entire Continental District, Standard Hebrew is the official language of United Israel. This makes United Israel bilingual.

There is other specifics as well, but it pretty much satisfies everyone. Only the Province of Judea is strictly Jewish, but the other designated Provinces of United Israel do allow Palestinian Refugees to resettle and almost all of them the except of Palestine (Gaza) and some limitations with Samaria and the Sinai allow Jewish settlement but solely to ease overpopulation in Judea.

As I have said, everyone who is Arab and Jewish, Zionist and against such likes this.

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 08:10 PM
Ran out of room.

Philistia = Palestine. We are referring to the area of the Philistine people as Palestine.

There is no need for the people of Samaria to consider themselves Philistines or as Palestinians. They can build up their own identity as Samaritan or the Non-Jewish Half of Israel is you cognate Israel's existence to have divided in Judea and Samaria and that Jews (as the name implies) only represent half of Israel. Thus allowing the West Bankers the right to be the other half of Israel. This satisfies them of their rights that Jews in Israel already enjoy.

This ends the occupations, satisfies what everyone wants except for maybe the heads of Hamas and Fatah, but even the Islamic Fundamentalists that I have spoken to like it, because it places Jews under an Arab system and it allows Islamic local communities to exist. At least it gives them the opportunity to legitimately exist without using force or underhanded democratic or institutional means, which they don't like, because it is strictly too foreign for them in implementing a European institution just to have something non-European.

So everyone seems to prefer my method, probably because I am half Jewish from my father's side with some distant Arab roots from Al-Andalus (prior to the inquisition) from my mother's side since I part Spanish. Everyone knows I cannot go against who I am related, thus Arabs and Jews like me. Go figure.

Anyways, this would work, but to seal the stamp if you will call that a phrase, you need the other parts of Israel to coincide in the same manner that the Jews had sought to form a nation in the Middle-East and that is by reviving an old language and an old identity.

Thus Samaritans will have to revive the use of Samaritan Aramaic as an official language. Aramaic is very similar to Arabic and we have Samaritans who live there that have Samaritan Aramaic text to help them out. Building a national roots for Samaria (the West Bank) based on the dialect will allow people to there to establish their own national identity. But of course this same method will be used in Edom, reviving the Edomite language, Sinai in reviving the Thamudic language which is an Old North Arabian language, Tiberian Hebrew for Galilee, a mixture of Judaic languages and dialects from various Jewish migrant groups like Yiddish to form a separate language for Judea, Palestinian Arabic will be used in Palestine/Philistia, and Standard Hebrew that is already used for Israel will remain the language of the state of United Israel.

This means everyone will end up being trilingual in knowing Hebrew, Arabic, plus their native provincial tongue, but it should all work out. I have also proposed having Levant with its own language for unitary means and that will require everyone to know four languages. Approximately four to five in other parts of the world, but it works.

It is reported already that people require to know multiple languages are much more sophisticated and that would drive the West Asian people to become more prosperous than Europeans. You Europeans might not like that, but it helps the Middle-Eastern people out enormously.

And as I have said I've already shown this to over 40 Arabs, 12 which are Palestinian and four of them which are fundamentalist and I've shown to over a hundred Jews, in which half are strongly nationalistic and love the idea of an Israel with strong united roots that they no longer have to fight Arabs to insure their security.

All that is left is, will you who is neither Arab nor Jewish will come along and support the true means for peace in the Middle East.

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