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Massive Sinkhole in Stafford, Virginia Ready To Engulf Homes 9/13/11

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posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 09:49 PM
I just found this video and thought it was intersting to see this
sink hole open up after the recent earthquake,and flooding.

posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 09:51 PM
I hate to see anyone loose their home,hopefully they will
not get swallowed up.

posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 09:55 PM

Is it bad that I was singing this?

I hope no one looses their homes, nonetheless their lives.
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posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by Absco

I don't think so,it seems to fit.

posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 10:02 PM
Better hope they have sinkhole insurance. Looks like some landfill didn't get packed down very good.

posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 10:05 PM
I was curious as to how far it was from Stafford,VA. to Mineral,VA.
Being Mineral was the epicenter of the 5.8 quake.

Distance between Stafford, Virginia (VA) and Mineral, Virginia (VA)

How many miles? 50 Miles / 80 Km
How many hours? This take 1 hour 8 mins


posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 10:16 AM
Any other news come out about this sinkhole? I remember hearing about it - my gf is watching latest episode of Grey's Anatomy and it was about a sinkhole, which reminded me of this VA one.

posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 12:42 PM
That just sends shivers down my spine. My own yard has dropped about a foot this year. It always had a drainage slope designed by the builders but the heavy winter snows and the rains have done some serious erosion or something to cause the little drainage "valley" to really deepen the past year in my yard and the neighboring yard to the right of my house. The house on the left seems unaffected, but that house is only about thirty feet away from an actual car sized sink hole that appeared overnight a few years ago, stayed part of the year, and then just as quickly sort of slammed itself shut or filled in somehow after a half hearted attempt by the HOA lawn service to fill it in with clippings and branches. In my own yard a tiny fist sized hole appeared for awhile and then disappeared. I never could find anything long enough to find the depth of it. It went pretty deep. I don't know if it was an animal tunnel or sink hole or some kind of cave in over a builder-made drainage system. I can no longer find it. Our subdivision is over thirty years old so I hope if there ever was going to be a monster sink hole development, it would have already happened years ago. The houses in this news clip look pretty new. It's a shame, they are large, beautiful homes. It must be a terrible feeling for the owners to see this happening to their homes and having to flee under such circumstances.

I never really paid any attention to sink holes before. I always thought it was something that pretty much happened only in places like Florida where they drained land to make it usable. My own home is on old farmland that was always seemingly very settled and stable, and hopefully, despite recent appearances to the contrary, still is.

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