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The Three Biggest Problems With Todays Modern Society

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posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 09:27 AM
reply to post by blocula

Of course part of their motivation was to make a profit. What is wrong with that? Profit helps grease the wheels of ingenuity. Without profits to invest in, how would larger ventures get started?

Let say you come up with a really good idea, lets say the Snuggy :LOL:. You would find some start up capital to start production and try to sell your product through various channels. Hopefully getting into a mainstream commercial channel and really turning profit. Now lets say you have the money due to this venture to peruse a dream. Maybe you always wanted to run a small to large charter Yacht service. You now have the capital to invest into such a venture. Hopefully it will do well and you can make even more profits. Hopefully at this point you will be giving money away to charities.

The trick is not to become obsessed with making profit, especially to the point of lying, cheating or hurting the ones close to you. Like ANYTHING in life, one can take it too far. We have numerous examples in our society that have taken the quest for profits WAAAAYYYYY TOO FAR. Of course at their level it really is not about money anymore, it is about power.

We have about 6 billion people on this planet, and I am sorry, a barter system is not going to work. 6 billion people are not suddenly going to become farmers.

One of the issues I see is the information that is given to us. The news in its various forms seems to have such a narrow view. It is only about ratings and there is really little human interest anymore.

Thank about yourself, your family, your neighbors, your friends. How many of them would you consider a terrible influence that should be eradicated from this planet?

What do you think about the average person in the world? Going to work or school, having lunch with friends, going home to wife and/or kids. If single maybe hitting the scene to find a potential partner. Cooking dinner, doing homework with the kids. making love to their significant other, Helping the neighbors, puttering around their home fixing, decorating or otherwise making home feel more like home. It seems to me the average person is actuality pretty alright.

But you will never hear about the vast majority of average folks in the world, it does not make for a good news story and ratings.I think one would find in their travels around the world, that the average folks are much more alike than our media, leaders, governments etc. would lead you to believe.

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 09:40 AM
heres a link with a list, adjusted for inflation as of 2007, of the 10 richest people who ever lived and the top 5 make bill gates look relatively poor in comparison! and to say they were making a profit, is a vast understatement and don't forget all the virtual slaves of the industrial revolution, some of them young boys and girls! killing themselves inside these mega rich tycoons sweat shop factories, poisonous coal mines and steel mills, making around a dollar a day or less! < that's how these guys got so rich >
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posted on Nov, 15 2011 @ 09:39 AM

Originally posted by blocula
far away from the quiet solitude and tranquility of the countryside, living in harmony with nature and what is really real. we instead exist piled on top of eachother, with not enough time, to look into eachothers hearts and eyes. as millions upon millions endure the claustrophobia inducing, rat race hell of modern city living and how it has the potential to crush any shred of individuality one may still possess...

we've always (last coupla millennia anyway) tried to crush individuality (free expression): crusades anyone? Being packed into a smaller spaces and running like rats did not cause this phenomenon, in fact, it is usually in large cities that the greatest diversity and tolerance for individual expression exist.

still: i agree that the rat race is hell, and further, completely unnecessary (& hurtful) and of our own making

consumerism and the artificial stimulation of the desire for temporary material goods. which produces the need for more and more money and less and less time for eachother. marriage decreases, divorce increases. true love has become a thing of the past and our children are raised by strangers. this domination and control, this possessed by money mentality, creates totally unnecessary competition and class seperation. resulting in the escalation of crime and deceit to obtain the illusion of manufactured objects. that ultimately, only produces more wealth and comfort for the rich elite and more misery and financial desperation for the ordinary masses of people. who have been blinded and led astray from within, perpetually living on the edge of homelessness and ruin and made to face it on a daily basis. we have been turned into "expendable commodities", "workers and slaves", "taxed robots" and thousands of people commit suicide every single day, only to become another ignored statistic...

this is nothing new my friend, tho u are correct, i believe. Yet what does apear to be new is that more and more and more peaple like you are standing and speaking and many many others listenning arround the globe are hopefully saying: "ya! he right!".

if enuf of us all speak and others listen: change happens

society thrives on violence, destruction and death..... we are intelligent human animals, lying to ourselves and eachother, behind a thin veneer of civility and care..

LIFE thrives on DEATH. This is the way of things: we merely express this truth.

the problem in my mind are the lies. the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we tell others. a genuine conflict of interest is natural. a genuine conflict has purpose...and sometimes results in blood, yet the decison is made and change happens.

and we must understand that we are all of us, the driven, not the driving.

posted on Nov, 15 2011 @ 09:47 AM
It wouldn't matter if we went back to nature or not, those animal instincts (violence, power..etc) you spoke of are as natural to us as breathing.

posted on Nov, 15 2011 @ 10:16 AM
Technology isn't the issue. We could have technology which doesn't harm the planet or each other if we would just stop being so stupid about it all.

The three biggest problems? Greed, lack of empathy, lack of compassion.

Harm None

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 11:53 AM

Originally posted by blocula
the native americans lived across the north american continent for a helluva lot longer that we've been here. the united states has been a country for about 230 years,thats it! and look what we've done to it! the indians were here for thousands of years and they "lived in harmony with nature","not at war with nature" like we are and the indians had, "no jail" ! "no poor house" ! "no money" ! "no bible"! they did'nt even have a word for stealing! and we all know what happened to them when they got in the way of our "so called progress" < sad is'nt the word for it, its a complete and utter disgrace!

Folks that quote this tripe have done ZERO research.

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