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Turkey to freeze EU ties if Cyprus gets EU presidency

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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 07:45 AM

Originally posted by CerBeRus666
All Countries of the World that dare call themselves "Democracies" should have cut all relations with Turkey (or do they still see themselves as the Ottoman Empire?) long ago. Only Political/Military hypocrisy has kept this most vile State from answering for it's crimes against humanity:
- The massacre and illegal occupation of Albanian people, and land.
- It's constant imperialistic moves in the Mediterranean sea, specially against Greece.
- Most importantly, it's continued repression, occupation, and genocide of the Kurdish people.

It's time for the "Sick Man Of Europe" to die, and if the EU wants to hammer a couple of nails into the coffin of this most vicious of Nations, good for them (whomever "they" happen to be).

Free Kurdistan! Free occupied Cyprus! Restitution of all occupied Albanian land!

Wow such a hate i feel in you. Hate leads to suffering my boy, hate leads to suffering..

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 10:32 AM

Originally posted by deccal
Before Turkey joins EU, Greece will be kicked out. xaxaxaxa

Well that's irrelevant, and unrealistic.
Worst case scenario is that Greece may abandon the Euro currency but still remain in the union.
Despite the Greek financial issues, Greece is still a geographically important location to the EU.

btw "xaxaxa" makes sense in Greek, but in english it's "hahaha"

posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 11:50 AM

Originally posted by Xcathdra

Originally posted by cerebralassassins
Once upon time, a very close friend had once confided in me and not only "the level of ignorance and how oblivious Europeans are to how it has all been structured and implemented before their very eyes is a representation of how successful we are "

He no longer is in touch with me, but his words do echo and multiply as time goes by.
edit on 19-9-2011 by cerebralassassins because: (no reason given)

how come you guys arent in touch?

Once a time it was posted that Israel is to be the new energy state before any event unfolded, so i guess his or her choice to stop posting was within rational thinking.

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