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Can anyone tell me otherwise, when i explain it like this? Please! There is logic in chaos?

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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 06:09 PM
OMG it all makes sense now.

By the way whoever pointed out the shelf life of thermite..

Well in Loose Change docu they found the thermite crystals to be of military grade and of an unusual chemistry. So perhaps the additives were preservatives.

I don't see how you nay sayers toss away my easy theory the more plausible theory, and still choose to believe an unusual occurrance of not only thousands of people, military, senators, president, vice president, and media all conspiring with not only themselves, the people they constantly back stab and step on over to get ahead, with people from another culture, who are the same and back stab each other to get ahead...

And not only that but with way different moralities, religions, philosophies, yet a ton of you seem to believe that they would somehow find the magical key to agreeing in the light, is to plan some super event. Sure an event like that could be planned, I mean we live in the age of hollywood. But, no way all those people would keep quiet when they knew this story would make them rich beyond their beliefs.

A hero to mankind

And possibly buy there ticket to heaven if they believe in it, then they would believe a consenquence for staying silent of a conspiracy type event is a sin.

Instead most people who had access to information are silent, nobody disagrees on either side, no branch of gov is accusing the other.

Maybe the only conspiracy is conspiracy theorists trying to sell fiction books.

My theory is based off human psychology, and the political trends which shows all politicians are ego maniacs, all rich people are greedy, it would just take one of the hundreds of people to conspire to collapse the house of cards, look at mafia, one defector ruins them. Yet you people think a conspiracy of massive proportions exists, sure it could, but logic and reality doesn''t give conspiracies a shelf life of more than a decade.

And if they could do that, then wouldnt they make something else happen since we are all calling cow manure on them, and marching, and economy is bad.

We need to end the wars, focus on that, not proving something that really we wouldnt believe nobody if we had video evidence. Let's bring our economy back. Focus on things that politicians will listen to the people on, cause those are things we can accomplish.

Lets bring the troops home, sole the economy issue and things at home now, cause we have a voice and it's based not on secrets, but things in front of us. Maybe we an conspire with the politicians, we wont bring up insane conspiracy theories and book sales driven questions, if they promise to stay on track.

Bringing troops home , ending wars, ending drug war is way more doable than proving either side of this argument, it happened a decade ago. TO be honest, I rather everything just end. The whole world has been paying for this one event, even them, they, and us. Lets choose the simplest of all theories and move along. The further removed we are from event the further away it should be from impacting the now.

Stop 911 from harassing our thoughts for eternity.

posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 11:28 PM
By the way there is an excellent amount of information on the 911 towers rigged with explosives thread mentioned above. Mine is more of an essay that thread is way more of an evidence extractor!

posted on Sep, 25 2011 @ 07:27 AM

lil video for yall disproving the conspiracy people...

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