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Stop being a Gashole!

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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 05:02 PM
Loved the thread on. S/F

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 06:20 PM

Originally posted by Janky Red

THIS YEAR - 2011

National average for gasoline this week is $3.66 (9/12/2011)


The same product 10 years ago in 2001 $1.46 (2001- date unknown)

Read more:


The same product 20 years ago in 1991 $1.14 (1991 - date unknown)

Read more:


The same product 30 years ago in 1981 was $1.38 (1981- date unknown)

"What is the point Janky, you moron?"

The point is my friends, you are getting gouged at the pump here in America, to the tune
of Hundreds of Billions of dollars a year.

"Well Janky, you don't understand, you are promoting communism suggesting such
an idea!"

Why no I'm not Chip, and here's why... I work for my money on the level, I put in my time
and I am honest, frankly I am sick of being sucked dry thank you very much! The truth of
the matter has nothing to do with hating capitalism or secretly trying to turn the U.S

"Well Janky, you Commie devil spawn, you must think you're Karl Marx, burn in eternal hell!"

NO!!! I will kick the devil in the nuts repeatedly, got it? I am not Commie, I am not a Marxist,
I am American as any of you and I'm sick and tired of other Americans telling me that I can't
question the system around me. I am just sick and tired of being milked like a tit, it is pretty
simple -

"So Karl... I mean Janky, where's your proof?"

The Price of gas in 1981 was $1.38

The price dropped to $1.14 in 1991

A 28% decrease in ten years

The Price of gas in 1991 was $1.14

This price Jumped to $1.46 in 2001

A 28% increase in ten years

The price of gas in 2001 was $1.46

The price of gas today in 2011 is $3.66

A 250% increase in ten years

"Well Janky, this ain't mother Russia, things get more expensiver!"

Why yes they do, I know this, however the real kicker is when you realize the
difference between the three eras.

If you wanted to know the disparity between the three decades and the sheer insanity of
a 250% fluctuation, you need to look at the decade deflationary rate -28%* (81-91)
Which is conveniently canceled out by a movement in the opposite direction +28%(91-01).

Then you find the percentage of increase of this last decade 250%(01-11)

The difference between the inflationary figure of + 28% and + 250% is


That means that the rate of gas increased nearly 9 times as much

As opposed to the decade prior...

That my friends is not free market or natural or odd, that is intent, and that is Criminal.

I want you to stop being a Gashole and start getting mad for a change!!!

Stop sticking up for the schemes and players that are here to bankrupt you and
your neighbors.

This business practice is not on the level, square or even remotely righteous

Thank You

*inflation not included as it is fixed due to its relationship to the gas prices and the inflation of
the base price as it correlates from decade to decade.

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it's true, it's a scam

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