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US Entreprenuership and role model for mankind for economic recovery.

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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 12:37 PM
.US Entreprenuership and role model for mankind for economic recovery.

Many had wailed that US corporations had fled to corrupt China to prosper, resulting in the loss of jobs for americans.

1. Remember always that US is still a capitalist nation, despite its obvious flaws in capitalism. When GM fled to China along with thousands of other american biz, there is no need to fear. The truth will set us free. And the truth is that once those corps flee, it woul mean the market is now open to entreprenuers, along with new investors, to set up and prosper conscionably with fair wages paid to workers and progress the nation.

For example: Ford fled. It would now means another entrepising amercian is FREE to set up another carmanufacturing activity for american, this time avoiding mistakes made by Ford, perhaps go into green cars, with slick marketing and Quality production, it will take mankind onto the next level. And that's just car manufacturing, many others yet to be mentioned.

Steve Jobs is a true blue american. He had no academic qualifications and yet through his vision, he progressed and evolved mankind onto the next level with his products. He did it with honesty, integrity, and much more other values that is way beyond greed filled human comprehension. There are many more americans like him to elevate mankind, only waiting for the opportunity to do so, and the opportunity is now.

2. Protectionism is the only solution.

Mankind had embraced FREE TRADE and GLOBALISATION fo a decade in the belief that it would bring about productivity, lower cost of goods and and general alleviation of poverty around the world. The corps, media and the paid/funded traitorious corp funded academic classes had lied to mankind for the past decade.

Look around you today, and you will realized that it had been a total lie. Only the rich got richer and the poor enslaved, a middle class extinct. A coke that cost a buck in the past STILL stays the same in US even if it was produced in China. Globalisation only profitted the rich while enslaving mankind on low wages and long hours.

Therefore, globalisation and free trade must end. Protectionism is the only to help a nation keep its wealth inside and ensure EVERYONE is paid fairly with wealth distributed.

For companies that had fled, or had outsource jobs overseas, MUST be subjected to punitive taxes if they want consumerists americans to buy their products, that will ultimately force those nations to focus on productivity and quality to compete, and thus ensure progress and evolution the way Japan had been forced to and became a trusted economic nation.

I had a friend that proudly displayed his $100 made in USA DocMartins to me. I laughed at him as I bought a $50 copy from China. But within a year I had to keep changing shoes as the orignal china made product broke apart literally at the seams within 3 months. Four times I had to replace them in a year.

In the end, it was my friend who had the last laff, along with china workers and the facist corporations as I paid $200 for a pair of fake DocMaritns over a year.

If US had protect DocMartins corp, it would had taxed those copied versions $200 a pair to enter the american market. At that kind of price, there is NO WAY China could produce such copies, with cheap slave labour, inferior materials and cutting corners productions.

My point is, it will be QUALITY that US entreprenuers must undertake to take on the world while at the same time, protect its economy through protectionism measures such as applying punitive taxes upon cheap but shoddy products from around the world, and protect its easily gulliable citizens from manufacturing scams.

When US progresses and evolve on many conscienable levels, so too will the world play catch up, but as US is an innovative nation, it will have the upper hand to progress and evolve far further and a few steps of manking to maintain its leadership.

It will work for other nations once sovereign debts are called off or compassionately long delayed. In the words of the final scene of Independence day spoken by the President -'Now share and tell the world how to bring it( economic tyranny, facism, domination )down

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 12:50 PM
Financial Darwinism!!!

(tm & c, 2011)


posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 12:51 PM
Nice positive message.

Here's another: Mike Ruppert on Janaia Donaldson's "peak moment" series.I've read Mike Ruppert for years;look past the funny "bald man long hair" and listen to his message.

"post-petroleum human":

more"peak moment" along the same lines:
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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

Personally, I think it's time to eliminate the need for money (and thereby eliminate poverty) by introducing plenum energy (money represents meaningful energy expended), build robots for jobs no One wants to do, and free Humanity from slavery (outright or wage), switch out the "work ethic" (the slaves' ethic) for the Betterment Ethic, and all live freely with abundant choice and abundance in general.

To see how My solution works, I offer these threads:

The End of Entropy - the foundation - read first

The Ethical Planetarian Party Platform - the structure

Here's a simple schematic for drawing on the plenum ("dark"/Zero Point/"vacuum"/Radiant/Orgone/...) energy:

The Abundance Paradigm:

Though You have a good thought on rectifying matters, I think Mine is a better, long-term solution that removes power over Others in favor of autonomous power over Self within the three Laws.
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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 03:56 PM
One would think that if the big manufacturers left the US that someone would fill the void. The truth is that government regulations are the reason they are leaving and they are the reason no one will be replacing them.

posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 10:22 AM
I do agree that regulations may have something to do with the lack of new companies filling the void. But after witnessing decades of harm done by Corporations to rivers and environment, there will be a need to ensure our environment be protected, perhaps more rationally or otherwise if left unchecked, more will be poisioned like those now in China and Mexico.

Other issues would be corporate liabilities and taxes. Taxes can be resolve speedily today as the gov is pleading for job creation now. Tax breaks can be offered, as long as legislators are not partisan but think of the nation.

Liabilities is a scary issue, but it does entails true corporate conscience and responsibilities. There is no fire without smoke. Very often in the past, guilty corporations loved to lay the blame on its poor corporate social responsibilities by blaming workers as being demanding and frivolous, the way they would blame americans are lazy and so pay them less or fire them, or flee overseas. They even blame lawyers, casted aspersions and jokes on them, some whom were social activists hell bent on making corporations pay for their crimes even though there may be other lawyers just out for a quick buck, but NOT all lawyers are such.

But all these are only civil issues, and there must be faith in the impartial judiciary to give proper judgement, servicing justice to those and for those who deserve it. No doubt Corporate funds are massive and will win over the small guys, but as long as the sovereign people are watchful, even the supreme court will not dare to hide from truth and realities.

Regulations do work to ensure a level and clean playing field. It can be further fine tuned, adjusted and streamline to make it more comprehensible but No american or investor need to fear as long as their hands are clean, and intend to stay that way. Greed had almost done us all in, lets all learn our mistakes and not make it happen again.

Dream big and walk the talk. The capitalist field is WIDE OPEN today. And get your congressman to legislate for PROTECTIONISM, or recovery attempts will only be wasted.

posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 01:39 PM
It had been a lie that only through INTERNATIONAL trade will an entreprenuer make money.

For simplicity sake so that more may understand, lets FOR EXAMPLE show the figures on what an entreprenuer can make if he has a hot product costing $10 that just the nation itself, a target market, EVERY american will buy within just one month.

300M citizens X $10 = $3 Billion in one month alone!

Most economists will claim that 90% of a company's revenues will be overheads, such as labour, property, power utilities, etc. That still leaves the entreprenuer with 10% PURE PROFIT = $300million.

With $300m, the entreprenuer for 3 generations can SAFELY retire from the world without even placing a dime in banks, even with reckless and abandoned spending. You would most certainly would. I would gladly do so, if I had such brains and drive, which I don't. But I am only one, and there are others whom are far, far more capable than me. Steve Jobs had proven you don't need a plethora of PHDs to be successful.

We came onto planet Earth with NOTHING, and will leave with NOTHING anyway. It's what we do in between that makes us either to placed upon humanity's pedestal, or our graves be spat upon for eternity.

Let's look at China's market 1.3 billion. Many presume if the same model is applied, one would be awesomely rich. But how much is ever enough, truly? In truth, that 1.3 chinese citizens may not even be able to fork out $10 for a product, no matter how hot it is, espacially if their salary is kept at only $100 a month, with a family to feed on necessities.

Thus, corrupt and dictatorial China is not and never was a target market. Globalisation and Free Trade had been a hideous lie. It was American and fools that paid for shoddy products and helped enslave further the chinese.

It is only PROTECTIONISM that will alleviate poverty. Notice how the rich in China are buying western QUALITY products and shunning their own far cheaper goods? Not only happening in China, but around the world as well.

Thus it behoves other nation to ensure their products are of QUALITY, SAFE and Technologically advanced to meet needs. And it can only happen under protectionist policies, to groom and grow their entreprenuers.

As each nation becomes protectionist, even with punitive taxes, its citizens will seek for quality and gladly pay for it. Notice how BMWs, Mercz, Audis are preferred over Chery, Nano, hyundai, despite their high IMPORT taxes in China and other 3rd world nations?

WIth such high taxes imposed, those nations CAN then use it for social expenditure - health, infrastructure, and critically -education, to improve and elevate their own masses OUT of poverty.

Let us through this awakening, truth, reality and enlightenment on the errors of national polices, never allow the greed of the few to doom us all again, and collectively, one way or another, make the right and support of choices through further discussions with our families and social networks to agree upon, or only doom awaits us all if we continue on as usual after this cataclysmic event of global meltdown........
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