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Did i have an OOBE? it was pretty much like Lordgoofus told. Help.

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posted on Aug, 25 2004 @ 05:01 AM
I read Lordgoofus text today because i think i also had, this early morning, an OBE.

I woke around 7.00 am from a strange dream but i couldnīt open my eyes, then i remember i start thinking that i should open my mind and hear the sound of the objects around me (i don't know why i thought about it), and then, at the moment a thought about it, a start to hear strange sounds from my cd case, and a strange buzzzz sound in my hears. At that moment i realized i might be about to expericence an OBE (because i have read something about it posted, i think by TheRiverGoddess), then, at the moment i thought about that, the sound grew stronger and i felt there was something pulling me from the bed, but at the same time my body was pushed against the bed, and i felt my body as if there was nothing there inside. another odd thing was that i felt like if my body was extremly hot, like if it was about to burn, and i also felt there was someone near me, watching me, but i could never leave my head. I think i started to be scared and made an effort to realise what was going on, and when i start to focus on it, the sound vanished, and my body temperature got lower, but i couldnīt open my eyes yet. i t took about 10 min.

any thoughts?

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