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I know no one will read this.....

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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 07:45 AM
I wouldn't want to be in WW2,I prefere living and being proud of the people who resisted the Nazis for us to live today. if there be a WW3 in my life time i'd fight then but wishing to go back to a war we already won is a bit pointless. honour the heros but dont wish to die with them.
serving today in our world means invading other countries for our economic prosperity. not worth it.
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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by Campy61

You are speaking of serving others by suffering in a war. This is only one way of many to suffer work for others. The way to waste your life is to take reward (like drinking). Taking reward leads to suffering. Suffering work for others leads to reward that lasts a lifetime.

If you smoke, you take a reward that leads to cancer. If you suffer a job, you get a paycheck that lasts a month for your family. If you suffer a car loan, you can drive to work instead of walk. Take drugs and you will suffer addiction. There are no exceptions to the direction of suffering and reward. Choose the reward first and suffering follows. Choose to work and suffer for others and reward follows. When suffering work is the choice, this reward not only comes to you, it also extends to those around you. This type or reward lasts forever.

You do not need to serve in the military to be a hero to those you love.

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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 11:29 AM
What is the point?

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by Campy61

You don't need the military, find a Commercial Truck Driving School and get your CDL through them, most of them can guarantee you employment up to 95% or better if you go through a licensed CDL school. It is what I am doing in a month or so. The work is long and requires you to tolerate driving a big rig, but the pay is decent, usually minimum of 45k starting all the way up to 65k starting, sometimes better depending on the company/location.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 01:31 PM

Originally posted by Campy61
reply to post by MuchTooSerious

I would much rather die for my country serving a purpose then work some stupid job that means nothing.

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People learn once in the military they are not necessarily fighting and dying for the purpose they thought. They must obey orders even when they are doing things actually detrimental to their country.

Why can't people love people as much as they love their countries, seems the patriotic type need something bigger to go mushy over then individuals.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 01:34 PM

Originally posted by Campy61
Never lay down when you can sleep. Lets start this out by admitting im drunk and i use firefox with spell check. I really wish i had been alive during world war 2. I would have give anything for this country at one time. Forgive me for being southern and patriotic.
I have an enlarged heart so I cant serve this country, it is very frustrating. I played sports in high school, college and "minor league" sports, why cant I serve this country by joining the Marines, I tried the army as well.I wish I had been alive during world war 2 so my life wasent a waste.

Why dont u try to serve your country by becoming politician,and try change something? U dont need lot os muscle use for it

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 01:59 PM
Well I think one thing is obvious- entitling a thread "I know no one will read this.." is the best way to get an audience. It's like flypaper for people like us. We all just had to read it, didn't we, as we were told we probably wouldn't.

But seriously, I think I understand what the OP meant here- it's the sense of one having been born in the wrong era. I think it's quite common (I've felt a strong affinity for other points in history to the point where I wish I could "go back" there)

Good news for OP though-- the warrior spirit might have its chance in this lifetime yet- SHTF scenarios. Hang in there, OP we may need you yet.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by Campy61

wishing to be alive during that time is daft.

War is vile.

to be honest i think this generation will see hell on earth so be careful what you wish for.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 03:25 PM

Originally posted by Campy61
reply to post by Frankenchrist

Not dreaming at all. You live in a fantasy world and I live in real life. I played sports you played . Why is it that i can play "minor league"" arena league" sports but i cant serve this country? I'm really sorry that the only thing you ever did was on a nintendo.

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Because the doctors are certifying your health and readiness; making judgements and predictions (based on statistics). In the military you are an integral part of a team and if your heart explodes from too much adrenalin at the worst possible time the other guys in your unit could all be killed. Or at least have to drag you back
In th "everyday civilian world"(mindset) you are thinking in; the worst that can happen is a "delay of game" while they send the gurney out to you in left field.

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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 04:44 PM

Originally posted by tombangelta
reply to post by Campy61

wishing to be alive during that time is daft.

War is vile.

to be honest i think this generation will see hell on earth so be careful what you wish for.

define hell on earth, some say we are there now, we fight and kill for paper, ideas, we are becoming less human, at this rate hell on earth will be an improvment

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 04:46 PM
I can't believe that people feel they have not made anything of their lives unless they have served their country and put their life on the line.

Whilst I love my country, I do not love my establishment.

How many of their children or kin would feel or do the same?

We are treated as pawns, and that is all we will ever be. If my country was ever attacked or there was a threat of invasion, sure I would stand up and be counted. But to risk my life fighting in some God foresaken dust bowl of an excuse of a country. No thanks, the establishment can do one. Unless I'm fighting next to their children.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by Campy61

I have a suggestion for something constructive you could do......if you are a Ron Paul to get him elected.

posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by Campy61

And if you made it through alive?

Why stop at WWII? Why not the civil war?

Since it was so great back then, and you hop on that wonderful time machine, let me know what it is like having your leg removed with nothing but a saw and a swig of whiskey.

Have fun in those good ol days!

posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 11:08 PM

Good, I'd rather be speaking Japanese than having a conversation with some of these uneducated rednecks we have now in our oh so wonderful country
The kids out here can barely type a sentence without "LOLZUZ" or some # like that. I'll take the Japanese culture over what us Americans got any day, it's respectful and nobody bothers anybody and dropping a bomb on Japan did what ? Just started America on it's growing list of enemies.


You’d rather speak Japanese…why?
Every country has its uneducated peoples. America does not have that particular market cornered.
Did you know that multiple studies have shown that the kids you speak of, the ones you claim “can barely type a sentence without “LOLZUZ” or some # like that” have markedly better grasps on the English language; vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension.
Yes, it’s counter-intuitive, but none-the-less true. You can search it out yourself.
Perhaps there are “rednecks” where you live… Kentucky, right? Did you know that there are “rednecks” all over the world? Sure, they are called different things; perhaps have different cultural beliefs or behaviors. But the theme is ignorance. Ignorant people abound.
I’m not one of those that will say that the general populace is ignorant, call them “sheeple” or “rednecks”, even. Why should I resort to that sort of name-calling? Who am I? Who are you?
What is it about the Japanese culture that makes it superior to American culture?
I believe you are referring to American popular culture. If so, I will agree that it is, at best, uninspired. Though the same could be said for any country’s popular culture. If you speak of a country’s actual, true culture then I guess I fail to see what it is that makes Japan’s, or any country’s, better than America’s.
I, for one, am proud of my country, its history, and its culture.
America is often called “The Great Melting Pot”, and for good reason.
Never before, in the history of this world, has there been a country like the United States of America. We are made up of every other race, religion and culture that exists and we have “melted” them together to form one great country and one great culture. The beauty is in its diversity. We are greater than the sum of our parts. We take in people from all parts of the world and they become American.
Is America very old? No. But is that the measuring stick for the “greatness” of a culture? No, I think not. Most countries that we know today aren’t truly very old either, relatively speaking.
Take England. England has a great culture and heritage. But what America has is people. People who came here from England, and with them comes their culture and it is added to the mix. Come from Ethiopia? Ethiopian culture is brought into the fold. You name a country and by the very act of its people immigrating to the U.S. they take a piece of what made their culture and add it to our own…
What about Japan makes you say it’s respectful and nobody bothers anybody?
That is laughable. Every country has its problems. Do you think there is no crime in Japan? No rape? No murder? Are you mistaking an image fed to you by the media for reality? You must be. While true, most people there are decent, respectful, hardworking folks, one cannot make a blanket statement like that. It’s asinine.
I hate to break it to the America bashers out there but, in general, people are good. Why the need to deride an entire country and culture because of the “bad” ones in the bunch? Seems awfully presumptuous to me.
To me it shows a sort of prejudice and bigotry toward, not only Americans, but people in general. I’m not sure where this self-hatred comes from. Yes, self-hatred, because you, just like me, are an American. You are not above the fray, so to speak. There exists, in your writing, this idea that you are somehow not a part of the whole. And, if you truly think that, then you are proving my point in a way.
I don’t blame you for hating ignorance, but don’t think you are not ignorant yourself. Of course you are. We all are, in our own ways. It’s a natural human failing. Perhaps you run into more than your fair share of ignorant people. For that I am sorry.
Though, it is ignorant to start calling out America as being so awful, and saying other places would be preferable to it, based on nothing more than anecdotal evidence and hearsay. If this was a court your “case” wouldn’t hold water. I can freely admit that b ad things happen, there are bad people out there, the government does shady things from time to time, but you cannot have things both ways. You enjoy the fruits of American labor, meaning, modern culture; cars, planes, lights, telephones, computers, the internet, movies, television, music…
Let’s all face facts. American culture has given the world so many things. They are all products of our growth, both as a country and a culture. Without America being here the world would be a vastly different and arguably much worse place than it is today. We, as Americans, are lucky to live here.
Times are tough right now; there is no doubt of that. Our politicians are failing us at every turn and corporations are raking in the money at our expense, but this can be said of every single country on this green earth. Obviously some countries are far worse offenders than America is or could be. Don’t think for a minute that America is the worst place to live.
We don’t live in a perfect society. No one does and no one ever has… in fact, no one ever will. That’s the nature of humanity. We will never live in a utopia. There will always be ignorance despite what Science Fiction tells us. There will always be violence. There will always be disparity. Those are facts of life. Unfortunate facts, but facts none-the-less.
Let’s not pretend it’s otherwise. Then you are just lying to yourself.
Feel free to go live in Japan. It’s your right to live how you see fit, but you’ll find that you can’t escape humanity. That is the real issue. Please stop bashing America, that sounds ignorant.
You ask why America dropped the A-Bomb on Japan and what it did? It prevented the war from being prolonged and costing many, many more lives than were extinguished by said bomb. But we don’t need a history lesson. But what do you mean it made our list of enemies grow? Have you forgotten Pearl Harbor? Or the nearly 4 years of war against Japan… A war they started with us? Again, I’m not going to play history teacher here. But you should know this. If you don’t already know this then the ignorance runs deeper than I would’ve imagined.

I wanted to be on the battlefield with my gun, the good battle days that one of my grandfathers taught me. When they didn't torment women and children, now war is trash and the people fighting it really aren't heroes.
Have you seen the reports on American soldiers raping Iraqi girls and that really makes sense to you ?

I was raised and taught about two cultures, British culture and American culture so I know what I'm talking about.

“The good battle days?” What were those? You’ve been contradicting yourself and I think, are unsure of your own position.
When, in war, were women and children not tormented? Though that statement is misleading. Do you know nothing about history, particularly the history of war? You must not. Violence is nothing new. That statement is incredibly ignorant.
“Now war is trash”? If anything war has become more humane than ever, relatively speaking of course. War, in any incarnation, is a terrible thing. It always has been and always will be. There never was a “golden age” of war, when it was fought by gentlemen… That is some sort of fairytale.
By far the worst thing you’ve said is “people fighting aren’t heroes”. Being a hero, in war, is a difficult thing. A person willing to go out and put their life on the line for their brothers-in-arms is a hero. I will say that wars are, generally, fought for reasons that run from idiotic to horrid. But the men and women fighting them are heroes. There are no two ways about it. But you go on to reference the ubiquitous “American soldiers” raping Iraqi girls.
This sort of statement is the most ignorant of all. Did American soldiers rape Iraqi women? Yes. But don’t confuse the actions of a disturbed individual for those of an army or a country. That behavior is not the norm. It’s not institutionalized or encouraged. A rapist is a rapist. Period. When a black man rapes a woman in a park do you say “have you seen reports of blacks raping women in parks?” No, of course not. You would never ascribe the actions of an individual to the entire group, so why do so with a soldier? But, to those who oppose American military action or who hate America, it is a perfect opportunity for “confirmation bias”. You look for “evidence” to back up your idea but ignore anything that contradicts your position. Why not talk about all of the good American soldiers do in places like Iraq and Afghanistan? Or have you chosen to ignore those aspects of being a modern American soldier? The information is out there, you could look it up right this very minute. Just Google “soldiers doing good”. But I highly doubt you will because it flies in the face of everything you believe. It might be good if you took a few moments to get a more well rounded picture of the world. Take the blinders off, ignore you prejudice and learn something.
I’m so glad you learned a whole two cultures. British and American so you are the absolute authority on the subject. Again, you’ve let your own ignorance get the better of you. I’m happy for you that you experienced and upbringing that is so multi-cultural. By being an American I have been raised being aware of many different cultures. Not only aware but learning from them, meeting people, having friends of different racial and socio-economic spheres. The trick is to be open… not only in name but in practice. So many of us claim to be non-judgmental and open-minded but precious few of us truly are. With statements like yours you’ve done more to show your ignorance than anything else. I hope you do open up and appreciate that which is already around you. That you might someday understand what this country is and why it is so great… The greatest country in the world.

Sorry but I really have to correct you there.. And I mean no offense to my ats brothers but america is not the greatest country in history..
In fact how can you even compare a country that has only existed a few hundred years to civilizations that have helped mould the human species.. What an ignorant statement! (either that or you know very little about human history)

No need for an apology because you didn’t do anything, including correct me.
I can easily compare America, despite its age, to any civilization on earth now or in the past. In the relatively short time America has existed it has done more to change the world than any other country in the history of mankind. If you don’t see that then you are being willfully ignorant.
You claim my statement is ignorant? Look in the mirror, friend.
I know plenty about human history, thank you very much.
And you’re welcome for not having had to post that in German, Mein Freund.

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