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The Experiential 4th Dimension.

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posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 09:43 PM
From the relative perspective of the individual observer, there is no such thing as backwards. There is no such thing as up or down. These dimensions are meaningless conceptualizations and relative interpretations of the one and only true direction that is always only forward.

However, we create references that allow us to determine a forward and backwards in relation to that reference. Nevertheless, when the observer is the reference (as it always truly is), then the only direction there is is forward.

By creating reference points, we are able to construct three dimensions of forward. There is length, width, and height.

There is a fourth, and possibly even more. We are all subject to this fourth dimension. It is the greater forward observation. This is the dimension of the forward looking experiencer of oneness.

The experiencer of oneness who, looking forward, sees that everything that it sees is its self, is given access to the experience of a greater forward observation.

Of course, we all experience the fourth dimension of time, and we are all one, but as many people do not observe oneness, neither do they partake in the 4th dimensional observation of time. What I mean is, for the non-observers, time is something that you are, for the most part, unconsciously subject to. For the non-observer, time is not a new direction of observation, but it is a progression of existence.

For the observer of oneness, time can be seen as a higher form of forward-looking observation.

For the relative perspective of the individual observer, the only direction of observation is forward.

Time is the greater forward. It is the direction that the greater being observes when its eyes are open. Oneness.
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posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 09:48 PM
Please refrain from starting multiple threads on what is essentially the same topic. Please continue your conversation in your previous thread:

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