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not waving, just drowning

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posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 12:11 AM
so i have been hanging around here for a while, not really an argumentative sort of person, more of a passivist.
i have a keen interest in what goes on 'behind the scenes', but find most of my comforts well away from what most people would call everyday necesseties.

i have always been interested in the cosmos, who needs television if one can see the stars? i 'm not terribly knowledgable or anything i just like looking at the twinkly things over-head.
then i started to visit this web-site, and i started to read threads about all manner of comets, the elctric universe, nibiru and elenin, that sort of thing.
now just what is a person supposed to believe?

well, what a lucky, lucky person i am. last xmas my dearly beloved bought me a telescope. in fact it was just before xmas, just in time for the lunar eclipse around the solstice.
and what a magnificent sight that was.

so now i am, i guess, an 'amateur astronomer'. one among many who will see any and all approaching threat from the outer reaches?

however, i find that i have been hoist by my own petard, i was of the opinion that if there was something in our universe/solar system that was a threat to us, that surely, with so many amateur astronomers out there, we would hear more about it; surely anybody with a telescope could debunk these wild theories of incoming disaster with a cursory look through their amplified lens?

what absolute toss!

while i realise that i am a complete novice, i had no idea just how vast an undertaking i was approaching.
my first attempt to focus on the moon was mind blowing, i hurried inside to warm myself with mulled wine and persuade my beloved to come and was gone.
no worries, i 'twizzled' the dial thingies. it takes some 'twizzling' to keep up, and that was just the moon!

i guess you could call me naive, or even stupid; and hell, on certain subjects i wouldn't even bother to fight back.
i wanted to understand more about the cosmos, i wanted to see and understand about comets, about the electric universe.
i honestly believed that if there was anything coming towards our planet that there were many ammounts of amateur astronomers out there that would be seeing and reporting,

but this is nonsense.

the night sky is a vast space, even the best of amateur telescope with the best of astronomer will see a very small percentage.
i really do not think it is feasible to suggest that if there was a body/threat to our planet, coming from outer space, that 'surely' someone would see it, it just doesn't make sense.

i thought it would be the case, this was my profound belief...if there was anything out there, somebody would have seen it: there would be no hiding it.

there are some really big telescopes out there, some people seem to understand what they are seeing; but if anyone tries to tell you that there are amateur telescopists out there, that should be seeing stuff (if it were true etc,) then i should dearly love to meet them....possibly through a wardrobe interface.

i really do not know what to believe any more. i have 'looked for myself', and the only conclusion i can come to is that we can not see.

so i have to ask anyone who can answer....are we safe?

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 12:55 AM
reply to post by auraura

Yes, we are safe!

If any danger was coming from space, we can count on the Vatican's space exploring telescope in Antartica will see it all, and the Jesuits will warn us before Jeebus comes to rapture us!

Or not.........

I love to look into the night sky. One of my daughters and one of my sisters have these kool computerized telescopes that can follow preprogrammed objects in the night sky.

They can also see lots of other things that haven't been preprogrammed.

Really, why worry about what might or mignt not be coming in the night or daytime from outer space?

What ya gonna do about it?

Just sit back and enjoy the show!

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 01:09 AM
reply to post by auraura

If somebody says duck, duck! That's my plan.

Your thread title is great.

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 08:55 AM
thanks guys, am attaching perspective now.

i am so much in awe of these ancient civilizations who managed to document our cosmos, without (apparently) the aid of our modern day technologies.
the scale of our world makes me feel so small sometimes.

i took the thread title from an old poem that stuck in my mind: Not waving but drowning

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