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Why i love Jesus. Why Jesus is love.

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posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 02:55 PM
WTF is grok anyways?

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 06:12 PM
reply to post by Akragon

Ah, it's a "word" coined or invented by the science fiction writer Robert Heinlein in the book "A Stranger in a Strange Land" employed by the main character Michael Smith, having returned to Earth from Mars a messianic type figure after being raised his whole life by unusual and enlightened Martians. It means, to take in fully, to eat and drink an idea so much, that it becomes an integral part of your very being. To "grok" something is not only to understand it, but to become one with it - it's a take on some of the sayings of Jesus surely, and it implies that understanding and awareness is formative and transformative in the life of a person. Usually, the "grokking" is of a very rich and deep, fundamental truth, which resonates or is congruent with our own inner "felt experience" to use a term now of Terrance McKenna.

Have you ever "eaten" a book? I know I've consumed a few in my time.

That's "grok".

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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 08:03 PM
From Nothing - to Everything.

Even a finite, particularized nothing which might create something or anything at all, no matter how big it may grow as a possibility, remains nothing in particular, and as nothing, it cannot remain indefinitely..
Everything therefore is already everything always, from which and into which any number of finite nothings may give rise to any particular thing, no matter how big or small. Everything as everything already cannot however, have sprung from a finite nothing (no thing), which, once again, being nothing in particular, is really nothing at all, not even a pointless nothing. There is nothing that "is not".

The unconditioned ground of all being and becoming isn't nothing.

Being everything already, the only desire, is the desire to love, as a first/last cause, and when we stand in the space or domain of unconditioned liberation, where there is nothing we can do or be to in any way earn or deserve our inclusion, and nothing required of us - then we know ourselves within as we are and the fount of inspiration, we find, after enough nothings, is always and forever, to love. In fact, there is nothing else going on really, of any consquence whatsoever! This has been my experience anyway, whenever I have been able to get present to the present, and to the space of nothing that isn't nothing and therefore everything already always. You're there, at the end of time, so to speak, and you ask yourself - what shall I do? Love, is the only answer, the only thing that's fun and enjoyable. It's wierd, as if the answer to nothing is always love, as everything already, as it's natural state, as it's condition. I therefore do not make any distinction between the love of Jesus Christ as a personal felt experience, and love as the first/last cause in eternity as an eternal expression of the infinite Godhead, what in Hindu mystical tradition might be called the love of "Bhakti".

There is no such thing as love, however, unless it is free - radically free. Free to express itself, authentically, free to freely give and freely recieve, and to give again in the very same spirit by which it was first given and first expressed ad infinitum. It preserves and sustains itself as a self reinforcing dynamic (wellspring of eternal life) of love meeting love in eternity, because it is formative, and transformative, and regenerative, inspirational and a catalyst to creative action, but, lo and behold, this can ONLY be known by our own qualia of unique personal spiritual and psychological experience, but that it CAN be known is the real marvel here..

Furthermore, love to BE love, must not only be completely and radically free for it's free expression, it must also be expressed within a relationship of mutuality between a lover and a beloved other, or between two. ("I was with you from before the very foundation of the world."). It must be made REAL - made manifest - actualized right here, adn right now, since the eternally unfolding NOW is all there ever was, is and will be. This is IT!

Baptism (Initiation)

In this river, this flow of life, for all who will, I therefore offer to baptise you, now, in the holy spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ as well as the First Father, not in the role of creator creating something from nothing but even moreso and INFINITELY moreso, as the Absolute Godhead, within which we are ALREADY emersed and already always enveloped, in, by and for the sake of, his Great Love! What a MARVEL! : )

Welcome to your true condition in eternity.

Welcome to the kingdom of heaven!

"Come unto me all who are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you repose."

Worthy is the lamb, trustworthy and true his love - reliable, like a rock of ages.

Jesus I love you. People I love you all.

God Bless,


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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 08:54 PM
Interior Design of the Heart

I think another reason that "Jesus is love", for me anyway, is the notion, the intuition and the awareness, even the understanding or knowledge, in the human heart (depth of being), or the innermost subjective "interiority", in technical terms, the distinct and unique "qualia" of personal experience (consciousness) - that nothing else and no other love truly satisfies the heart and soul of a person, at least that's what I've discovered, as have many others, from Ecclesiastes to Joe Smith American. I am convinced that we were made for nothing less than this love.

All, or most, human love, is at some level, conditional but not this love, the love of God in the spirit and person of the love of Christ as a model of what the human heart is capable, where what by human resources alone (self will) is utterly impossible, is not only possible, but actual, made real by God, through him.

It's testible in other words, for it's efficacy, it's worthiness, it's worthwhileness and it's trustworthiness. "Worthy is the lamb."

Reliable. I can rest my head on him (and no, I'm not gay).

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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 09:06 PM
From Inner to Outer

Interior Castle to Heavenly Household

I am also rather enamored with the notion and impression of having an I-thou relationship, through Jesus Christ, making of man friends of God, with the Absolute, from the innerance of felt experience, to inscrutible transcendance, of the type sure to make anyone's head spin, until it comes to rest and at rest in the unknowable, and the unfathomable mystery we may and do find ourselves already emersed within, while at the sme time framed within the context of an unconditionally loving family, or a household as a domain both of freedom and love, to be fully self expressed, and to love as we are loved.

That is a real marvel to me, to be at once both lost AND found by God in eternity - and to have a return path home.

"Home is where the heart is, and where your heart is, there will your treasure be also."

And don't get me wrong here. I've "run away from home" on more than a few occasions, like we all have I'm sure, but I've seen and felt the presence inside the care, comfort and kindness, and familial love of "the house" (as the prodigal son), and soon enough, I shall have no more reason to go fly out the door yet again!

This is what Christianity, not as a "belief in" or a "religion" or a doctrine, has taught me well, that we are not only framed as children made in the image of God, we are also invited to enter into (in spite of ourselves) the full inheritance of God (eternal life), and welcomed as part of the family no less. It is a home where love and laughter abounds in celebration, with we ourselves and our return being the very cause of the party!

There is no nothing about it, it's everything already with nothing missing, not even we ourselves.

"Be still and know that I am God."

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posted on Sep, 30 2011 @ 09:44 PM
The Rock of Ages

I am of the impression, that in the fullness of time and history, life and love eventually re-focuses and re-centers itself, like a strange attractor from above, within the sphere of influence of a guiding first principal of it's own reflection as a first/last cause, the Alpha and Omega referenced at the end of the Bible in Revelations.

It's like the unconditioned ground of being, as a new, ever fresh realm or domain of infinite possibility (holy of holies?) is itself conditioned because by it's very nature, to be "unconditional", must be radically free to love and therefore the only true, creative life worth living. It's condition is love and the freedom to freely love as we are loved, or there's no possibility for love, and God being God always begins with the end and every new beginning in mind. So this love as a first/last cause, is the fundamental condition of the unconditioned ground of all being and becoming.. It is the only life or way of life (as righteousness) worth living. In other words, and forgive me if I'm repeating again something I've already said - while standing in the eternal space of everything already always, wherein there is nothing (no thing) in particular that we MUST do (unconditioned ground of being), nevertheless, for reaons we can hardly put into words, our first impulse, on the other side of all our misgivings, sorrows and fears - is the desire to love, even in the face of a complete breakdown, in love.

This is the loving arm of God who comforts us in our mourning, and the loving hand of laughter and love, the familial hand, which pulls us directly out of the pit of ignorance we WERE in, and then wipes the tears from our eyes until we laugh again, gleefully, as children of God, who although once lost, even dead (outside the domain of truth and life), are now found again, and therefore live again, reborn and resurrected, come to life - reanimated, inspired!

Busting forth from the depths through the surface of the water, the dove of hope and freedom alights on us from above, and then at last we can smile authentically and laugh out loud at our own prior ignorance, formed by everything we thought we knew with certainty, including ourselves and our own true nature! Well we were wrong. We are so much more, and God has so much more in store for us who love him, or who love love, since it is the love, not the ego-self, who is eternal, but if that's who we really are, then we both get to have our cake and eat it too you could say. This is another marvel of Christianity, as compared with say Buddhism. We still get to be ourselves without any loss of personal integrity, whatsoever!

For some, the tears that are shed are over the lost life to date, for other's it's a great mourning over the death of their sinful self, the "old man", but if we would but see that nothing can really be eliminated, we would recognize that it simply falls away of its own accord, or is transformed when we allow our "old man" to become the source of much humor in a new field of awareness and understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love and acceptance. There is no more tree of the duality of good and evil here, no should or should not. No, instead what we're eating is the tree of life, where we are set free to love, and do as we will, with will under love as the highest will and as our own innermost heart's desire. This is true happiness, true life, and the opportunity for real love.

So in my experience, the Rock of Ages promises not only eternal life, but even better yet (greater than life), the opportunioty to be restored and regnerated, with our sense of humor and personal self expression in tact, so we can be both humble AND charming both at the same time, as ourselves and as we REALLY are, authentic, and real (like a child).

Welcome again, my name's Rob I'm your doorman.

Best Regards,


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