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International Republican Institute Behind The Arab Spring Who else is Behind The Arab Spring?

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posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 04:09 PM

According to an April 2011 New York Times article , the IRI, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and other groups were credited for training activists in the Middle East, specifically Egypt and Tunisia, who were advocating for reform in authoritarian regimes.

"The money spent on these programs was minute compared with efforts led by the Pentagon. But as American officials and others look back at the uprisings of the Arab Spring, they are seeing that the United States’ democracy-building campaigns played a bigger role in fomenting protests than was previously known, with key leaders of the movements having been trained by the Americans in campaigning, organizing through new media tools and monitoring elections.

Thats right you heard it with efforts led by the Pentagon.

"A number of the groups and individuals directly involved in the revolts and reforms sweeping the region, including the April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and grass-roots activists like Entsar Qadhi, a youth leader in Yemen, received training and financing from groups like the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and Freedom House, a nonprofit human rights organization based in Washington, according to interviews in recent weeks and American diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks.”

Remember when John McCain came In Egypt looking an action hero? well thats because John McCain is the
Chairman of the International Republican Institute.

U.S. Senator John McCain, Chairman

The goal is the right-wing political parties, just like they did in poland so really its no surpise to see John McCain backing the libyan rebels at all, or the Syrian opposition.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 04:45 PM
It's all Obama's fault. You just know he's the one behind the scenes pushing for this because he's a secret Muslim.


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