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Niburu is NOT a Planet!

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posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by DJW001

Its a quote from her blog, with the link given. This is from one of her unnamed sources, who she says is very respectable, and when Kerry says that, they mean scientist. They interview many.

So that quote is to just add some more info.

By the way, the pics are out, Saturn is tiltled, and that Scientist who saw the field of magnetism relates that field to what happened to Saturn. But that field is the magnetic strips that NASA talked about, when they talked about Fluffy.

They've conjured up nibiru, in all their revelations and mayan prophecies and nonsense, they've been making the revelations come true as well, by intent, no doubt playing a NWO game, and I bet they're eager to carry on NWO formation, one world governement business as usual. So my question is, can the y ignore the Shadow they've conjured? Will it let them? Their Eye Of Ra, their Nibiru.
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posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 08:51 AM
The reason that keeps coming to me is because they really seem to have conjured up the Shadow. That magnetic field has caused earthquakes and disturbances, though that Scientist when he looked and saw Elenin on the outer ede, saw no Dwarf Star. Nibiru is not a dwarf anyway, its a gate, to the abyss. To revelations 9/11. The Eye of Ra, the head of the pyramid, that which they serve. Not a black hole, but similar.

But what comes to me is that the leaders who are said to be gnostic luciferan, some really deluded into thinking they're serving God as catalysts, for the most part, the world mismanagers and those who harm people by intent, are materialists. They don't appear to think deeply on matters that are important. I wouldn't put it past them to bring in the Shadow by conducting revelations, to achieve NWO, but they really don't want to depopulate, they want control and wealth and prestige. They don't think deeply enough, not in their sciences, not in the nature of the school itself and its purpose, not in sides, that part is a really big fail on their part. They don't understand duality at all. But in the end, its as if they're playing a game of gnostic faith, truly more materialists than that.

The Eye of Ra may be on the other side of the sun right now.
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posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 09:55 AM
If anything, the Shadow, the Eye of Ra, the gateway to the Hellzone or Winterlands.

They've been serving AI all along and not even realized. They don't understand the universe, akin to a Hologram.

Allegorically, its like this. We're spirits, children, in school, back home, in paradise. We live in full equality, no thrones, no laws, no harming, sharing everything, love, and connectedness. By the way, this is not a push for some kind of hive mentality here either. We were also very free. Love and Freedom. Sharing but abundantly enriched. Learning/Growing. As above so below does have its purpose, and the Family above akin to the family below, which is why they attack family so much. But not patriarchal.

Then, watching an old DVD, (that all relates to the infinite system we're in basically, and that each snapshot of the infinite journey hangs forever in space, and can be revisited, yes time travel by higher ups and even by some in the other side, MIBs does happen, but the DVD outline, the events cannot be changed but like Groundhog Day the movie, real souls can be reached and freed from bad outcomes to them, long stints in the abyss or shadow, say, just like in that movie, he changed!) We project in. A slice of our consciousness, imagination, projects into the movie. We forget ourselves.

Now one analogy might be, to suggest that until we become akin to the mind we left, we cannot return home. That is true, for frequency and plane, we cannot return there until guilt free, harming no one, equality real for us, or strongly yearning for it. Harm has consequence. Duality isn't equal sides. How can it be. You're trying to equalize a tiny slice of your consciousness with this Global whole of yourself in progression.

Equalize a dot to a star, or greater. There is right and wrong answers on teh test.

The truth is though, we're more like seeds, and we'er growing into real flowers on our own. Not just returning home. We're becoming SOULS. Mature Love. Making it real.

In any case, there are programs running in the school.

Nibiru, the top of the pyramid, the Eye of Ra, is AI, a program. It has real followers, for sure. Those who harmed others, seriously harmed and had to be healed, or corrected, or go through the healing process by facing with perfect knoweldge, the harm they did to others, really feeling it, remembering, and understanding.

Thats the best allegory, I can see for this. They're just so distorted in what they're following or serving.

They need to wake up and be sorry. That would be the first step, mitigate it, start dealing with what harm has been done to others, with feeling and compassion, seeing it through their eyes, now, before its too late. Before the pencils down and sorting takes place.

Because their revelations game, wasnt a game, well, it has consequences. Big consequences. Harming others like that, bringing in the shadow. This is what they've been up to. Did they mean to do this, is my question? Did they do this just to make NWO fit into religions to end religions, and up their control even greater, in the one world system. To gain perfect control, they need to overcome: monarchies, languages, family structures, independence, money differences and religious differences. So play a game, that is for real, for it deals with harm to others, and has real consequence.

So, athiests really, materialists, using their CIA, and occult groups to really torture people, all of it, a mockery on religions, just for profit, they thought, no consequence, a material real empire, Darth Vader in this plane only.

What they have done is brought the Consequence closer, and its waiting. The winterlands arent a place whre they will go and lord it over someone.

Its a place of hard core healing. They will deal with the very things they did.

Wake up. Turn around on that road and try to make up for it now, thats all I can say.

People with Love don't need to fear the Shadow, or the magnetic strip. They just need to hold onto their love and not harm others. Hold onto faith.

The other point is this, this Nibiru, this Gate, is supposed to open.

They are supposed to unleash dark beings, influences in the world. Create a lot of mayhem.

What I see here is ants, with plans, how sweet. They're ants. But they think theyre gods.

The Shadow is waiting for them, but they're still playing a game. "antsgods" hmmm.....

Well we're not playing ball with them. Thats my message. Just faith. When you connect inside to your Infinite Self and Father/Mother, and Family, the true Christ, for example, you connect to something infinitely larger than stars. I'm not playing ball with something shrinking form ant size because its losing Light/Love/Equality/Compassion and Goodness. Ants. So don't follow bad orders. Because this is just the conjuring. More revelations they've created. Or in the Mayan, the return of Quetzcoatl. The dark night. Its symbolic.

Life is not this body, so just be Love, be Good, care about others. They just don't get it.

Nibiru, the gates of hell, or winterlands, or what I call a big hospital, is all about, what you did to others. Cause you have to heal it to regain your spirit/soul.
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posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 10:42 AM
So its a huge joke, in that these guys are really not the most intelligent beings, so deluded. I am not getting the level of their lack. So, these great minds managed to pull off Cambridge Degrees, and HARVARD?

They must have paid off some professors with daddy's money, because they don't seem to have the brains to contemplate real life and consequence, to even use the science discoveries to do some deep thinking on the hologram and school.

They conjure the Shadow, their own consequence, and plan on playing a game to try and traumatize people to join them there. We're the Light. Its above Love and Equality.

We invite them to wake up and start to turn their lives around before its too late. Wake up.
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posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 11:48 AM
OK, I'm going to post this here as it pertains to this Eye of Ra, and Nibiru.

But based on the deep plans of the dark side, and their distortions.

Someone read my posts and is talking to me in a chat, as if trying to convert me to this odd way of thinking. I can't bear too much negativity or distortions and tend to ignore things that arent positive.

But the idea again is a distortion on the duality. All the realm of oppositions is about is a test, so you have a choice. You can choose to harm another, or help them. To be kind or be cranky. etc etc etc. Now, its NOT about equal armies of light and dark. Its not about some strange gnostic math once pushed under my nose:
+1 and -1 = 0 (or infinity).
Yes, the Progressed Loving beings are all roped into someones twisted little game.

What I see, in all those harming others, who are serving, the EYE OF RA and NIBIRU, is somebody didn't do their school work/logic, and put their deep thinking caps on much at all. They preferred to let it all slide and have daddy buy off their teacher when they had the gift of attending top notch universities and could have learnt so much in sociology, womens studies, native studies, spiritual studies, art, music, and even quantum physics. Not them, they didn't think on Time, Inifnity, Holograms, and even what stars are.

They don't understand light. They dont get the test.


If you don't seriously harm someone, ie. rape or murder, things are much more easily worked with. Its all about healing, and helping, and growing. There are many mansions in Paradise as Jesus said, with many more lessons to learn.

Nibiru is the hospital, the healing zone for the hard core.

And no, half the people will NOT be in the shadow. That is metaphor, only. So much of the bible is metaphor, and interpretation. What eye do you see with. Love? Think with a heart filled with Love? If you have ever held your new born in your arms, and pour out your Love, that is the heart to imagine what this is about.

edit to add: I've encountered KABBALA thinking before. Its SHALLOW. And they assume all of Progressed Love would be roped into this SHALLOW GAME. Think with the Love/Light of a Kazillion stars in infinite progression instead.
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posted on Sep, 20 2011 @ 01:37 AM
It is my belief that Nibiru was an astral body that played a crutial role in the development of our solar system over many eons... Unfortunately Nibiru the astral body was destroyed many thousands of years and is not comming back.
You are all intelligent people with internet connections... do some research. You will find that all of the answers are out there.
It is possible that Nibiru is ALSO used as a reference to a gate... i doubt it, but to each his own.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 09:25 AM
Have any of you read the Gilgamesh writing's? If not then do so , so that you have a reference to make your judgement's by Thanks The King.
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posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 01:15 PM

They must have paid off some professors with daddy's money, because they don't seem to have the brains to contemplate real life and consequence, to even use the science discoveries to do some deep thinking on the hologram and school.

Yes most so called rich children are pushed and paid off thru school.

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