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Future Presidents and life in general.

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posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 01:12 AM
(Mods, this started out just Presidential but then I kind of went on a tangent which still sticks to the subject. But if you feel it would belong better in another category, feel free to move it. As long as it gets read, it matters not what forum topic home it holds)

I was talking with my neighbor last night and we were chatting about how the majority of kids today are brought up so lax; no punishments really, no spanking, no soap in the mouth, no morals etc etc. We talked about how kids are more focused on games, some don't want to fight with fists but would rather brings guns and such to solve problems or threaten with knives. The list goes on and on. Sure the 40's and 50's were just as rough in their own ways - but kids knew to respect their elders and be polite (if they meant it or not. You'd get dads belt or soap if you were rude) (I'm only 38 and my neighbor is 55 for reference).

What sobered our discussion even more was the fact that some of the kids will be running for the Presidency, government and so on. They'll be teachers, police officers, judges, etc. That really freaks me out and makes me feel bad for my son's future kids, their kids, THEIR kids, their kids and so on down the line. Really sad and frightening. In a generation where each subsequent one turns more and more in to the 'It's all about me and who cares about others' way of rationalizing, the future stands little hope. That's sad. I shiver when I think about how life as a whole will be in another quarter century, half century, a hundred years.

Figured I'd post this here - not saying I'm the first to talk of this but man. What is everyone's opinions on this? It's really hard to think of a positive future - unless everyone drops all morals, dignity, respect, love, giving and sharing and so on and becomes all for themselves. Yuck. That's a world i never want to live in.

I'm having money problems big time and a few days past I was invited to a woman's group on facebook. It's a group to share, vent, etc. Well, I vented about my money issues - and they started up a status for those who could to come up wtih a minimum of 5 dollars to send to me. I never even hinted at this. I was just venting. THIS is the kind of world we should live in; where people help out others, strangers or not. I believe in the 'what comes around, goes around' and the 'pay it forward' kind of thing. I wish everyone did. When you help others, THAT is what life is about. Give what you can, if it's an ear, a hug, kind words, prayers, white light, happy thoughts, a dollar, a ride, extra food, clothing. Too bad a lot take and take instead of accepting and then giving when they're situation turns around.

It's so ridiculously simple in my mind. Share, love, smile, hug.
but nope. Too easy I guess for the world to grasp and do.

I shiver in fear of our future, not just in the USA but the world over. We're all suffering.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 01:48 AM
Good people are out in the world. Just a VERY small percent these days. I know its hard times right now but I Hope things get better for you..

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 01:51 AM
not every kid in america is an assh-le. believe it or not there are kids that are raised right. unfortunately most of them are raised in rural areas and small towns for people in big cities to see.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 01:53 AM
Thank you, Green
Things are getting more on a mend now thank Gods.

Random, that's true as well. Seems the MSM also likes to focus more on the bad than good so even those who DO care (if it's not Christmas time of course) aren't acknowledged.

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