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Georgia Wonder - the Made in Nevada Project

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posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 12:32 AM
Georgia Wonder are a band who make and release their own music. They are based in Portsmouth on the South Coast of England. Made up of Julian, who plays all the instruments (Not at the same time! lol) and Stephanie who sings.

Julian is a great musician, and a really good friend of mine. He recently recovered from a heart attack and is back at his desk pushing the Georgia Wonder Project.

Georgia Wonder

Made in Nevada.

Julian wanted to record an album. They coldn't aford a studio. He realised that his local reccord shop Nevada Music, Had everything they needed. Nevada Music is the biggest music shop in the South of England, and has everything you could name in music, and a few more things you couldn't lol. So he asked them if they wouldn't mind.... Naturally they said "Sure!" (Julian has a way with words lol) So they were given free reign to use anything in the entire shop to record their album - the Made in Nevada album by Georgia Wonder. The entire Made in Nevada album will be recorded in the reccord shop, using the instruments and equipment which is set up in it.

Made in Nevada Blog

This is Steph and Julian explaining how they made their first song for the album Made in Nevada:

Their latest release is Unknown Legend, a Neil Dimond cover. Most of their music is original.

Julian plays all the instruments, does all the recorning and mixing. He shoots and mixes the videos, does all their web sites and publicity. He gets some radio play in the UK, but always needs more fans. They are a great band, please like their facebook page!

Here is their latest release from youtube...

And their previous release. An original by Julian and Steph. This is my favourite song of theirs.

I hope you enjoy this great band. I have known Julian for close to 20 years now, he is a great guy, and a brilliant musician.

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