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Heart Attacks In Children: Fukushima 6 Months On

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 03:41 PM
Professor Chris Busby explains the health risk that the nuclear industry does not even want to acknowledge. Uploaded by radioactivebsr on Sep 11, 2011

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 03:37 AM
reply to post by SL55T0T0

thats pretty sad to hear, and it even saddense me that the media are avoiding this.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 03:59 AM
People who work in the medical field are aware of this problem.

Japanese Medics are "different" but not stupid!

The main problem is that many Japanese Medics
cant speak a 2'th- or 3'th Language, the way from a discovery or study
until realization is a little bit long but the Heart-Problems are well known!

Many Medics here in Japan are Idealists and really want to help,
the payment compare to the West is very, very low!

posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 01:10 AM
Should avoid these.

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