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Mont Blanc Tunnel: Deadly accident March 24th, 1999 and Underground Cave System ?!?

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 10:12 AM
The reason I am posting this thread is because there was mention of Deep Underground Cave networks which surfaced near the Mont Blanc tunnel in books or articles about DUMBS and Inner Earth accesses.

Also the incident which occured is very mysterious given that the tunnel is usually very well policed and under constant surveillance and the story fed to the media and to victims' families is that a Belgian refrigerated tractor trailer truck loaded with margarine and flour allegedly sponteneously ignited when inside the tunnel 7 kilometers from the French border and inflamed thousands of feet of the tunnel killing 39 people with gasses in combustion. The ensuing fire was alleged to have lasted a full 53 hours and destroyed 24 trucks, 9 passenger cars and 1 motorcycle, as well as 2 safety vehicles which were blocked in the tunnel unable to intervene. This sounds very very hard to believe. For those who speak French here is the Ministry of the Interior report dated the 13th of the following month:

Official Report 2 weeks later (in French)

If you don't want to use Babelfish or another translator here is the English Wikipedia page that discusses it briefly as well as another website which shows pictures:

Wikipedia page about the Mont Blanc Tunnel

Rail System summary report about the fire

It is additionally interesting that the President of the Mont Blanc Tunnel operating company was none other than the former Prime Minister of France, Edouard Balladur who gave Nicholas Sarkozy a booster seat in his government under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior which produced the above report on the incident. While it is generally conceded that this is an honorary position where the boss gets kickbacks under the form of juicy revenue from the very profitable tunnel tolls, it might also be argued that this position is a key one given only to those with higher security clearances and the ability to cover up anything which might happen as related to an alleged underground system with either military operations going on or maybe even with inner earth occupants who might emerge in the tunnel?

What is also very interesting is that this most important logistical passageway between Italy and France was not only closed for a short time after the incident, which in no way damaged the actual physical structures of the tunnel. but the tunnel remained "Closed for Investigative and rehabilitation purposes" for 3 FULL YEARS !!!

In a final assessment it took the French and Italian authorities three years to install 120 video cameras, 116 small dugouts on the roadside each with a fire alarm and a fire hydrant (one every 300 feet), plus another 78 for fireman access only, 4 water tanks each with 120 cubic meters of water, a new higher capacity ventilation blower, 2 safety stations, new road signs and two way intervention vehicles similar to those in the Chunnel.

Given the Italians being arguably the best tunnelers in the world with thousands of tunnels in their road and rail system throughout their country dominated by the Alps, and France's expertise in building highly sophisticated tunneling machines such as those used to build the tunnel under the English Channel, we can only wonder why it would take such an inordinate amount of time to make minor adjustments to an already existing operative tunnel. This came at an inordinate cost of rerouting much of truck traffic through the overloaded Frejus tunnel or by much greater distances through the southern toll highways in the South of France. Beyond the many billions of greater costs for the trucking industry this also brought to a screeching halt the revenues for both the Italian company and the French company running the very lucrative tunnel tolls. It makes no logistical or economic sense at all.

My contention is that the incident is NOT what was told the media, and that possibly something happened in the tunnel to which we are not privy. Was it an explosion from an inner cave that blew up part of the tunnel? Was it underground combat that affected traffic? Were there subterrannean "entities" which came up into the tunnel and possibly caused a pileup? Were the eyewitnesses attacked? Were they simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and disposed of with flame throwers to silence them? Not that I hope or wish for such a turn of events to be true, but when the authorities blatantly lie to you one must come up with an alternative credible version since the official scenario is filled with as many holes as Swiss cheese. By the way, the reports about DUMBS place this tunnel in Switzerland, which is indeed very close by only some twenty miles away but it is actually split between France and Italy.

Is this tunnel near an underground cave system? If it is, might there be a relation of cause to effect between that cave system and this regrettable incident? Were the victims killed by an unexplained fire or explosion, or worse yet, were they "disposed of" by fire to eradicate their testimony of what they might have witnessed? These are legitimate questions given that the families are far from satisfied by the government investigations and the official cover story about this event. They were still bringing motions to the French appeals courts 8 years after the incident.

If anyone here knows anything about these DUMBS and the possibility of either a Military or Inner Earth explanation for what might have happened there, thanks for giving your opinion. Of course, once again, the official version might be the truth, just like the story about the French airliner which crashed mysteriously after leaving Rio de Janiero a few years ago. But more likely than not, the mainstream media isn't being told the truth, any more than are the families of the victims. Welcome to a society controlled by secret governments covering up yet more secrets.


posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 10:20 AM
What the # are you yabbing on about lmao

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 10:50 AM
Oh great, a French/English/Swiss, and Italian version of a Dulce Fire Fight... I wouldn't put to much thought into these events. Even though it's fun reading we'll never know/hear anything Different from a credible source so it's all just a waste of time. I think I've even heard people refer to this tunnel in the same sentence as Dulce

Edit: I loved GetSmart reruns on Nick at Night when I was a avatar
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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 02:25 PM
The first time I hear about this tunnel and never heard of any underground facilities near it. At least Dulce has a list of people who talk about the same thing and who show there is such a base.

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 03:26 PM
Nobody has shown a base exists at Dulce. Zip. Nada.

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 04:58 PM
And nobody will show. Or it wont be secret at all. I'm willing to believe those former employees, locals say they have seen vents and researchers of the Dulce say there is. And Phil schneider isn't the first one to talk about it.It will never be known as this is more hidden than Area 51. I do not fall for 'ATS members debunked it' because I dont care about what ATS members show unless they have been there. Needs more proof.
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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 05:35 PM
I don't want to hijack the thread, but Dulce is hardly hidden.

So these people forgot where the vents were located? Doh!

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 08:48 AM
I've traveled to Dulce and did see a lot of very odd facilities and structures above empty fields with heavy construction equipment alongside the Mesa to the direct East of the town. The local indians are very suspicious of outsiders and they have a fancy shopping supermarket that doesn't match any of those at any other indian towns I've visited in the region. Plus they all live in fairly modern prim and proper mobile homes which don't look anything like the adobe homes or beat up housing in other nearby towns. All in all there is something odd about Dulce even when just passing through as a tourist, and it doesn't make sense without some form of government, military or black ops funding.

Regarding the Mont Blanc tunnel I've spoken with many locals and cannot gather from either side any stories from the ancient past or from the more recent times of the tunnel having any connection whatsoever with any underground networks of caves or deeper tunnels or underground cities. This is only conjecture brought forth by the combination of two unexplained phenomena. The first is the mention in books about underground networks of this tunnel location being at the same spot as an entrance to underground facilities. Whether these would be military, inner earth or even extra or ultra terrestrial is not clear. The other phenomenon is the hard to understand spontaneous fire and its ensuing innordinately long closure of the tunnel itself. Did they need to seal off any entrances to the tunnel from underground occupants? One can legitimately wonder. FWIW


posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 03:28 PM
The trouble with Dulce is that every odd building that has been investigated has turned out to be quite normal.

There is no there there.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by gariac

What is not normal is not on the surface. That's the idea of being (one of) the most secret facility, to make sure nothing is seen. One of the Dulce investigators (or more than one) has pictures of Helicopters flying over the Mesa then disappearing behind the hills.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by Imtor

I'm at a coffee shop, but maybe I only think it is a coffee shop. The girl behind the counter could be FSB. If only I knew the secret handshake.

Look at the history of various skunkworks, front offices, etc. There were always clues. The CIA ran the u2 program from an office over a Ford dealership (H street IIRC). But the security glass and guard behind it was a good clue something good was going on there.

Hiding in plain sight is a worthy goal, but difficult to achieve. And the stories have to get wilder to keep the myth going. For instance, the lack of vehicular traffic to support the secret underground base requires the use of a secret underground train system. I'm at a coffee shop, but maybe I only think it is a coffee shop. The girl behind the counter could be FSB. If only I knew the secret handshake.

Look at the history of various skunkworks, front offices, etc. There were always clues. The CIA ran the u2 program from an office over a Ford dealership (H street IIRC). But the security glass and guard behind it was a good clue something good was going on there.

Hiding in plain sight is a worthy goal, but difficult to achieve. And the stories have to get wilder to keep the myth going. For instance, the lack of vehicular traffic to support the secret underground base requires the use of a secret underground train system.

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by gariac

Yes but saying everyone who has been engaged with this base in one way or another is a lier doesn't seem true. Even people like Phil may have made up some things of the story like Corbomite or others but what is said by former employees points that ast least the base is likely to exist, even if some things said may not be all true. And there could be very much other employees who dont even want to bother talking about it. There are underground facilities, I don't see what is so impossible that there is one there too?

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 09:50 AM
Well guys I don't disagree with either of you, there might be or might not be something going on under our feet. But I did see a full size Reptilian humanoid, although he sure seemed more dinosaur than human - if you had been there you'd know what I mean! So I must henceforth compose with the likelihood that such beings do live somewhere beyond the sphere of human imagination, as their physical reality is no longer something which I can doubt. Are they from above arriving in spaceships or from below dwelling in deep underground passages, heck if I know. Only it is this latest hypothesis I am submitting to the worldwide forum of ATS members who might have a clue about this. If it was true that such entities live underfoot, as is mentioned in scripture through tales of HELL inhabited by ghastly creatures which certainly do resemble such beings, then it might be possible that they would have been encountered during deep tunneling such as in this instance of an 8 mile long one going 4 miles deep into either side of the mountain?

Sure there's no evidence and no armed guard behind a bullet proof window at the local Ford dealership, and the toll booth employees offer no FSB handshakes, should such a thing exist which it assuredly does not. However that doesn't make it impossible or necessarily untrue just because it seems unlikely or because some folks like to poke fun at whatever hasn't already been validated by TPTB. Something awfully strange happened in that tunnel and the official explanation is a standing joke. For years trucks with margarine or flour were in that tunnel and never did anything like that happen. At least they didn't tell us it was laden with Belgian French Fries which spontaneously ignited with the traditional horse fat. Believe what you wish, but the official story is a lot more ludicrous than any tales of FSB secret handshakes. lol


posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 05:49 PM
[Sorry but there is nothing to talk about Mont Blanc here - I dont see a single clue, sorry OP]

If I continue talking about it here, this topic will turn into Dulce base, not Mont Blanc, so I just continue here:
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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 01:39 PM
Hi Imtor,

Thanks for your taking steps to respect the topic, there's nothing wrong about speaking about Dulce or any other underground facility here as long as the post somehow also addresses the Mont Blanc event. I am very curious as to why the Mont Blanc tunnel was specifically mentioned by authors listing the underground Inner Earth entrances years before the incident, yet no mention was made anywhere connecting the two. There is an alleged underground cave system inhabited by Reptoids going between the Island of Malta near Sicily and the Vatican, which used to be a site for demonic human sacrifice much like Malta where the catacombs still contain thousands of sacrificial remains. There are even alleged eyewitness accounts of such sacrifical practices being performed under St Peter's cathedral by a Satanic Pope in person, and the former Nazi Youth Ratzinger is a likely candidate for such a dark role...

Is the Mont Blanc tunnel one which comes near a tunnel between that Roman network and one in France or even the Black Forest of Bavaria? For that is the general direction it would take. One can justly wonder what lies beneath, and had I lost a loved one in that fire there's no way I'd believe the story about a Belgian truck hauling waffle supplies. LOL

Here is an audio tape of an interview of Benjamin Fulford who says that the recent "earthquake events" in Virginia near Washington D.C. as well as in Colorado near the Denver underground airport dugout were in fact nuclear attacks on those refuge cities for the New World Order. It could be possible that the tunnel under the Mont Blanc mountain was affected by such an underground explosion which broke through to the civilian transport road?

Recent attacks on US underground cities


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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 07:30 PM
Here is a link to a very important post in another thread talking about DUMBs which are Deep Underground Military Bases. It also refers to a number of publications including one called "Reality of the Serpent Race and the Subterranean Origin of UFOs".

DUMBS and what lies beneath our feet

That trhead also concords with a theory according to which the Secret Societies which are dominant in the USA, France, Germany, England and Italy are currently being opposed by "white hats" who are waging a secret war against them and might be mounting military attacks against their DUMBs as can be heard in this interview of Benjamin Fulford:

Benjamin Fulford on nuking of American DUMBs in August, 2011

Let me know your thoughts on this and how it might concur with the potential underground attack which may have 'surfaced' into the Mont Blanc tunnel in the spring of 1999?

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posted on Sep, 19 2011 @ 12:07 PM
Here is a quote from the very interesting book edited by a collective of truth seeking researches under the pen name of Branton. This is a work called "The Dulce Book" which happens at the end of its Chapter 19 to offer a plan to take back the Underground Cities and networks which were built at the expense of the enslavement of humanity and the spoliation of our hard earned resources by theft, appropriation and unjust confiscatory taxation.

Many alien forces, especially the draconian-interventionist-collectivists who DO NOT respect individual sovereignty, have VIOLATED this universal law and as a result their territories MUST inevitably be INVADED by those cultures whom they are abusing or violating in order to preserve their national security. And it also goes without saying that the 'Dulce empire' has EARNED the WRATH of Americans due to the UNSPEAKABLE atrocities being carried out there against OUR OWN PEOPLE. I absolutely recommend that a full-scale Congressionally-backed invasion and take-over of the Dulce base and its peripheral facilities would be FULLY JUSTIFIED, and the SOONER THE BETTER! After all, DIDN'T WE AS AMERICAN CITIZENS PAY FOR THE 'UNDERGROUND EMPIRE' WITH OUR OWN TAX DOLLARS?

Once all resistance within the Dulce facility is SMASHED and its captives are LIBERATED, and after all activities there are brought under FULL Congressional oversight, those agents operating within this facility should be tried and prosecuted by due process of law, be they human or alien, and if not executed or imprisoned they should be banished from the planet until they can PROVE that they are able to respect human individuality and freedom. We ourselves must learn the same lesson, since it was in most cases men who violated our trust and Constitutional sovereignty as U.S. citizens -- and in fact as world citizens -- who have 'betrayed' us to these alien parasites by opening up the door for them to come in, in many cases in order to facilitate their own desires to DOMINATE their fellow human beings.

When the Dulce base is conquered and subdued, we should commence to liberate other oppressed areas within the underground network. Let us remember however that, aside from assisting in their 'liberation', we as Americans or world citizens should not [in our retaliatory actions against invasive subterranean centers] violate the territories or sovereignty of other interior dwellers who have NOT participated in the draconian-backed abductions and attacks against the citizens of America and of the World.

The Dulce Book

This publication is very rich indeed in information about who or what might be lurking beneath our feet and which may well have surfaced inside the Mont Blanc tunnel in 1999. If os then it seems to be logical that those in power, especially as they apparently collaborate with said Reptiloid entities and their hive control matrix, would have tried to mask as they may this underground presence from the sheeple which they consider to be the general public they are sworn to serve. Said politicians and administrative personnel are clearly not dedicated to fight such a presence among us, and by burying its visibility they do more to preserve it and enhance its chance at survival than to oppose it or defend humanity.


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