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Life, changes, and how a world can crumble and give rise to a new one. Part 1

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posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 08:30 PM
Great ! So I got kicked out of my parents house. Now what ?

This is what happened to me, barely 2 weeks ago...

I'm not here to cry and wine about my current situation. I'm here to write away my thoughts so I can better coop with this bump in the road, I've seem to have taken way over the maximum speed limit... I just feel like writing right now...

You can laugh or whatever, better yet ! Don't read my story if you think you can't take it as just a normal story.


A little less then two weeks ago, I've had a little chat ( on request ) with my mom... Nothing really could have surprised me more then what what I was about to be told.

Basically she asked me to seek out a new place to live, and it would be best if I found it the day before yesterday.

Go figure...

Well she gave me a couple of nights though before she stressed me out so much... I just needed to leave, or go mental. So I left, without the intention of returning that night or any night in the not so distant future.

After my "chat" with my mom, well things kind of passed right by me, but they didn't really leave that big of an impression at first. I didn't really respond at all to her words and I let them hit me without understanding what this "chat" was gonna mean for me. I told my friends who responded just as surprised as I did, and I did ask for a place to sleep in case she ( my mom ) was for real.

So three days passed, and my normal routine didn't really change at all. Well normal routine... Ha ha.

Last July the stress of two years of work all got together in a massive explosive kettle of ever decreasing satisfaction and physical discomfort. Well... The fuse was lit, and the whole thing just exploded.

( A whole other story. One that I might or might not share sometime in the future. )

The aftermath kinda looked like this ...

I... Yours truly quit my job. Yeah just like that, with the health of me, and my co-workers in the back of my mind.
Ever since the first of August I was out of a job. Not that big of a dumb decision, since the lady from the work and welfare bureau told me that the story I told her showed all the signs of a burn out. Go figure...
I really was loosing my mind !

So... that brings me back to my daily routine.

I got up at 13:00 to 16:00 in the afternoon only to leave and get back late at night. Wait ! Let me rephrase that.. Early in the morning. I did have some savings, which should get me along for a couple of months and I make a buck or two doing stuff I really not gonna tell anyone about.. Ever !

Then I left...

Now what ? Well I'm 29 years old... It's about freaking time I found something for myself to build up my life... Or ruin it for all that matter. (The future will tell....)
So I spend a night with some family, and some friends, and even some vague acquaintances.

I found out I really got more friends then I thought. Which really boosted my ego...

Now the whole drama thing gets started... Somewhere it all sinks in and it's starting to eat me... Stupid stuff...
I've been told emotional stuff... Go figure... The first time you actually discover you got them ( emotions ) they mess with my head. Whatever reason there was to evolve emotions is beyond me... I don't get that...
How can you be the best fit, to survive any situation with melodramatic thoughts and ideas continuously attacking you ? Making you weak and helpless all the time.

In the mean time an old colleague called me to say I could walk along for a day or two with him doing maintenance work on bungalow park cabins... He spread some good stuff about me and now his new boss is very interested.
I could have a new job in less the two weeks from now ! Awesome right ?

Well through the misery and self petty, I finally got some hope. I found a friend willing to partake in my new venture and be my roommate in renting a huge house with a garden and everything...

I don't wanna do it right I wanna have it all and I'm obligated to myself to find a place I can call home. a huge place and I might have found one. Having a meeting about it tomorrow
.... I hope it happens right at that first try...

I would be so lucky... Maybe it's Karma. I happen to find myself in a place where things always happen as if they were presented to me on a silver platter I don't get it...

But that will be on a role for tomorrow, so I can't really finish up now

I will post part 2 when I learn from the next two weeks.

I'd be happy to answer questions where I left you with little or not much at all.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write about my life, and most of all thanks for actually take the time and read it

This alone is a huge stress re-leave for me. Thanks !

I hope until next time.
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posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 08:39 PM
29 and living at home with not surprised she kicked you out lol.

Life is a lot harder when you dont have mommy to do everything for you, but we all have to jump the good ship....not as late as you might i add
but it happens to us all.

You sounded kinda bitter towards your parents....just like my 28 year old brother when my mum told him to pack his bags and move out lol....hes the same...very bitter.

Start small...a massive house with a massive garden is a massive load of stress and work.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by loves a conspiricy

Nope ! You totally missed my point.

I love my mom.

I've not been home except for the night and a couple of hours any given day. I really don't have a mom that would do stuff I can perfectly easy do mys self.

The garden or yard whatever...

It's to grow my own fruit and vegetables something I really am wanting to do for a long time.
I'm also a hard worker who doesn't mind working a 16 hour day there is a difference though.

I work to live. I don't ever live to work again.

I 've been going in circles, but I never expected this to happen. It could be the best thing that happen to me in a long time.

You negative selfish person.

I told you not to read it

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 12:23 AM
Thank you for sharing your story. It seems from the way you have presented it, that you are already learning by leaps and bounds from this challenging experience.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to continue looking at your emotions - there is a lot of wisdom there.

I will share one thing with you that resonated for me with your story - because it was/is one of my biggest lessons. Know that you deserve the absolute best. For many of us, very deeply seeded beliefs of unworthiness can hide and show themselves in the circumstances we create around ourselves unconsciously. Catch any habitual thoughts of limitation and unworthiness, explore where they come from, and dissolve them, one thought at a time.

It sounds like you are making great progress in your journey, and I wish you well.

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