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Turkey does firing drills with warships in the area where Cyprus will drill for oil soon

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posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 06:42 PM
Total coincidence uh?

Translated using google translate... (if anyone speaks greek, it would be awesome if they could do a more accurate translation)
Great Turkish naval power between Rhodes and Kastelorizo, now

A large number of Turkish surface vessels (frigates OHPerry, MEKO 200TN-and ballistic missile Kilic) and Type 209/1400 submarines sailed a few hours ago by naval port of Marmaris (Aksaz) and at this moment between Rhodes and Kastelorizo, where operating ban and sea exercises anti-submarine warfare using real ammunition.

So basically the Turkish navy is doing drills with live ammunition between the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kastelorizo... If you look at a map, you'll see how close Kastelorizo is from the Turkish coast (2km from Turkey, 125 km from Rhodes and 570 km from Athens).

The area pursued the same area which is to start prospecting for oil, by Turkish oil companies in early 2012. Currently Kastelorizo ​​is strategic for Greece, as Ankara has pulled a disproportionately large number of vessels for a simple regular exercise.

Certainly the timing chosen by the Turks to make such large forces (estimated at more than ten Turkish military carried out at the moment) is far from random.


Next week passes in the Cypriot shelf Homer Ferrigton of Noble Energy, but we that this is more related to any attempt to demonstrate that the crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean reflexes directly affect Kastelorizo.

Doesn't make much sense
but it basically says that Noble Energy, will start looking for oil and gas in that region.. and start drilling in early October.

But there is another element that might have "irritated" Ankara. Two vessels, according to the Italian "Explora" had halt the Turkish Navy, cable-laying work out exactly the same area activated by the Italian vessel before an abrupt interruption of research it.

Two vessels (of an unamed country (probably Greece or Cyprus)) have stopped the Turkish navy from putting cables at the bottom of the sea (which they can do under the Exclusive economic zone) which might have pissed them off to do this drill in this area.

Anyway, Turkey is trying to say it is not bluffing.

And earlier this week :
Noble Energy to ignore Turkish threats on Cyprus

Cypriot Energy Service head Solon Kassinis expects exploratory drilling of Block 12 to start before October 1.

Noble Energy Inc. (NYSE: NBL) says that it will push ahead with its Cypriot offshore exploratory well at Block 12, in spite of warnings from Turkey not to do so.

If President Demetris Christofias chooses to push ahead with drilling, he is essentially calling Turkey’s bluff. Failure to do so effectively acknowledges Turkey’s dominion over the island.

So yeah the president is pretty much screwed whatever he does... hopefully Turkey's move is just a bluff.

And as always, the US is there to say ``go ahead, don't care about Turkey``...

Kassinis added that any fears from Noble Energy have been assuaged by the US Embassy in Nicosia which has told the company to go ahead and expedite the exploration process.

Behind the curtain diplomacy is going on between Ankara and Washington?
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posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 07:24 PM
Turkey seems eager to pick a fight with someone; they act really strange lately.
Are they showing their true colors, or the smell of oil is driving people crazy?
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