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MUFON: Signs of intelligent life detected and a "game-changing" (?) project

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posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 05:45 AM
hi All

As always I enjoy your constructive comments Isaac. Yes we are working on a plethora of projects to improve our online presence and organization information flow. I will try and answer everyone comments.

Eye of Horus : No, we have not been co-oped, We are all volunteers and we are doing our best to improve how we flow information to the public. We have no interest in propaganda or fake stories. We do practice scientific research and are only interested in the facts. I can speak for myself when I work with witnesses I always give them the respect and the benefit of the doubt but always with some healthy skepticism not cynicism. It really hurts many of our volunteers when they hear these accusations. We put so much of our lives into this study and to be spit at and called worse sometimes is very challenging to put up with. At the same time we understand some of the distrust because of mistakes made but sometime the criticism can be irrational. There have been many new appointments with MUFON to help improve many aspects and I am sure many will be satisfied with the outcome.

MainLineThis : The app is not being used to facilitate our database. It is a tool for the public to be able to see the phenomena for them selves if a sighting were to be in there area. Granted it has its challenges but I have confidence that it will fulfill its purpose. We are not loons mainline, sorry you have misinterpreted who makes up MUFON. This will put the option in the users hand to see it for themselves. I can't tell you how many times i have had a sighting report new my residence and wish I could have seen it for myself, to make my own mind up about what was actually there. Yes that's right this MUFON investigator has not see a close up UFO.

Erno86 : I agree, I believe he was genuinely interested in the subject and it was a personal mission of his for the right reason. I do not subscribe to the conspiracy theories about him and BAASS. So you know, MUFON does not have anything to do with that organization anymore. In fact, i not sure if they are even dedicated to researching the subject matter anymore.

applebaum : We are hoping to change that. We want people to get to know our organization and we want to hear from all of you on what you would like to see. The new web development team has a really good idea of what that is but we always like to hear suggestions on how to better promote our work.

OneEleven : "Honestly, MUFON is a big waste of whoever's time and money...The worlds governments realized this and abandoned such programs.... MUFON's investigative approach is very questionable and their staff under qualified...And after all this time and money, their enormous pile of actual findings is about as thick as a thread. "
Sorry OneEleven, I know you are unequivocally and completely wrong. Of course it is your opinion but I am not sure what you are basing that theory on. We have some of the most qualified individuals and members volunteering everyday. My state for instance has a physicists(NASA, AIR FORCE RET), a propulsion engineer, industrial hygiene consultant, ret captain from the Navy, about 3 pilots and some law enforcement personnel within its Field Investigator ranks. Aside from having Dr Who and jumping through wormholes on a daily basis, i think we are doing pretty good with our experience. Our standards are basically forensic standards applied to the UFO field and constructed by people that practiced these standards professional their entire careers. Now if there is a volunteer that is not following the Field Investigators Manual then they are not representing MUFON.

MrAndy : Thanks, yes it hurts a bit but we have learned to have thick skin. Isaac I am sure did not mean anything personally by it but rather as a criticism of how MUFON has carried its self publicly. I can understand his frustrations and that is why I am here today along with many that will be helping make these necessary changes.

Shirak : For the first release it will be HTML 5 for the apple ISO. We are planning to place it on droid next and other platforms as we go. In fact we have someone working on software to convert code easily to other formats. Make take some elbow grease but we will accomplish our goals.

drunkendonuts : I would suggest reading Leaslie Kean's book "UFOs". Our lack of web presence is do to the fact we are not experts on blogging and facebooking. We are mostly book and laboratory nerds who have very little time to explore forums and chat our work. We have been very busy as an organization and its hard enough to keep up with the 100 emails that end up in our mail boxes daily. We have a great balancing challenge to properly and effectively convey our message and knowledge in this field and we will soon.

Keep the questions and concerns coming. Your guys opinions and ideas are very important to us and I apologize to those that feel MUFON has ignored your concerns. Not our intention at all. We are here help.

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 07:10 AM
I got a question for ya, lol. Does it bother you that despite years and years of investigation, thousands of hours and hundreds of MUFON personnel....that in reality, you don't have squat to show for it? Serious question. Sure, you might come back at me and say your group has made leaps and bounds on certain cases, blah, blah, blah......but lets face guys haven't managed to break this subject wide open in the least. One would figure that by now you might have something.....more substantial than the current crap you guys have put out there.

Do you think that is because of the evidence gathering methods and equipment you use, the personnel doing the investigations, or the shear amount of complete ignorant bunk that you guys run into 99.9999999999999% of the time. I know your not sitting on any good evidence whatsoever, otherwise you guys would have touted that from the highest hills you could find. The fact that you can't validate your existence with ANYTHING substantial should tell you a lot about this "ufo phenom". I guess we are in for another 30 years of useless witness reports of lights in the sky, blurry photos and breakdowns on events that can't even be verified. Yeah us!

Oh wait, lemme guess......your new recent overhaul and renewed concerted effort is going to get you -that- much closer to the truth, lol? If I was going to be alive in 30 years, I could cut, copy and paste this post and it would be just as true 30 years in the future as it was 30 years in the past. Sad. I wonder why that is?

It is my opinion that it is not your fault. It is MUFONs fault for thinking they are actually doing any good, but it is not their fault they have terrible results. The simple fact is the phenom you are "investigating" exists mainly in the eye of the beholder so to speak.
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posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by MainLineThis

I understand your skepticism and agree with part of your frustration with the UFO subject but its hard to ignore the police officer that witnessed a, what appeared to be, a mile long craft go over his car and a another law enforcement officer 20 miles away witness the same thing. Its hard to ignore the fighter pilot that nearly was destroyed by an unknown object that chased him during a dog fight; its hard to ignore the Governor of Arizona after he came out and admitted what he saw could not have been ours; its hard to ignore the countless credible witnesses both outside and inside the circle of know. I had a retired fighter pilot get so upset about what he saw back in 1964 off a beach in Florida that he wept. Its hard to escape the testimony of a man who witnessed many events of UFOs and missing time and had a independent witness for each event, oh and he builds modules for the ISS and holds several break through patents for chemicals designed for some of the largest chemical manufactures in the world. Am I supposed to put my head in the sand?..go along with what is socially my guest friend, I will walk right past you and continue to objectively pursue and explore what is ahead. Your entitled to your opinion.

No comebacks here.

posted on Sep, 22 2011 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by IsaacKoi

still cumbersome, members should be enabled to issue a heads up alert wherever they may be on the planet and alert other members especially those in the same area preferrably also by text message

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 03:13 PM
It looks like MUFON is planning on charging for several of the apps they are developing:

Morgan Beall has one thankless job as MUFON section director for southwest Florida. ... as MUFON’s director of technology, he and his colleagues are looking to unveil a mobile app they hope could be a game-changer. It’s called UFO Connect, and its official unveiling is Nov. 12.

UFO Connect is one component of a MUFON overhaul, which includes an imminent website upgrade. That’s a good thing. The mobile app offers three modules, including limited access to MUFON’s database for free. A more refined search engine is going for $2.99. But its flagship feature is the $3.99 Skywatch Alert, which is being touted as the fusion of Amber Alert bulletins to the old Ground Observer Corps that recruited volunteers to keep an eye open for enemy aircraft during WWII and the Cold War. Skywatch Alert will enable people to report sightings via text, still images or videos as they occur in real time, from any location.

“We’ve had a ton of large object sightings in southwest Florida lately,” Beall says. “Unfortunately, most people who are interested in this stuff don’t find out about it until later. But with Skywatch Alert, you can be sitting at home and an alarm goes off that lets you know there’s a triangle-shaped object in your neighborhood. Then you could run out and try to see it or upload your own photos.”

It’s doubtful Skywatch Alert could build a 1.5 million citizen-sentinel network the way the GOC did. But the potential for triangulating even a small-scale event with photos or videos could prove revolutionary. Or, if nothing else, it could make Beall’s job easier. What appears to be a legitimate UFO mystery to one set of eyes might turn out to be a chain of sky lanterns to someone two miles closer.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 04:27 PM
If you are still around mufon morgan...

Originally posted by MorganFloridaMUFON

its hard to ignore the police officer that witnessed a, what appeared to be, a mile long craft go over his car and a another law enforcement officer 20 miles away witness the same thing.

That one east of St Louis was very close by to me, you are right it would have been nice if a witness to this event had that app and broadcasted it. Good job.

Have y'all thought about the possible loss of radio transmissions during UFO events? This would nullify all of your efforts, after all anything with the ability to construct an advanced craft like what we think of UFOs surely has the ability to jam Earthly radio communications. Just a thought, I still think its a cool idea and very interesting if it catches on with people and someone happens to record a UFO for everyone to see real time.

The fact that the police officers were contacting the dispatchers would seem to say that no radio jamming stuff was being used though, unless it was for a narrow range or something.

Originally posted by IsaacKoi

It looks like MUFON is planning on charging for several of the apps they are developing

Won't be forking up any dough for a cell phone app though. Eh... sorry, gotta make a livin.
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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by MorganFloridaMUFON

can you address any of the claims being made in the original article? from what im getting is he believes mufon has been co-opted by a shady deal with possible government connections in trade for funding. is that right?

posted on Mar, 8 2012 @ 03:35 AM
reply to post by MorganFloridaMUFON

Hi Morgan, I've had a look at the new app and while the idea is noble I think the execution might need some revision. I had a similar idea which led me to this moment in time. Anyway, if you're interested maybe we can develop something more beneficial to the cause.
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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 06:39 AM
For anyone (like me) that is curious as to what happened to MUFON's app that was announced last year, I thought I'd post the following link:

We are in redevelopment. We will be making changes to the app and concentrating on the SkyWatch function. Simplicity will make this a better app. `We will have a update soon. Sorry for the delay.
FloridaMUFON in reply to skal203 1 month ago

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