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Russian Plane Crash Was Predicted ?

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posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by WildWorld

This is my BEST attempt to see a future day is the 13/08/2013

Prediction 4. 11 August 2013 (day of the dream)

Dreamt of a shooting. A primary school England (St Ann's - girls school). Attackers 4 white males late thirty's 40's.

Weapons used. A 9mm hand gun. A machine gun. A rifle with a double barrel shot gun taped to the bottom.

Attackers face...1. White male, Ginger hair, narrow temples. sunken eyes dark rings below. Age 40. Height 1.74m. Teeth crooked front.

Attacker 2. Dark brown hair(Short). Height 1.8m. Head and face round. Age 35. White.

Attacker 3 / 4 did not see face.

The shooting started in the afternoon on the side walk out side the school. The shots hit people walking long that side walk. I notice a little girl with fuss hair being hit by a bullet in front of a chaplet / church while walking on the side walk.

(Trees and small shrubs a bench on the side walk.)

The shooting then moved into a fully fenced car park area. No one could get out of the enclosure.
Standard close mesh fence 2 meters high. The ground was rough tar.

Attacker 2 held a hostage as a human shield as he went.

Someone tried to rescue the girl from the attacker.

(I saw the news report of the attack I also saw through someone's eyes.

A man that took cover behind a black SUV in the parking lot and was shot by attacker

Target Primary School with religious association

(I think it was catholic). The name had Saint in the beginning I think the next work was Ann.

Structure was build with standard small red brick. Its front entrance was on to the side walk.
Date: couldn't find a date displayed. There was a plark in stone or concrete on one of the buildings.

Reason: I asked the attacker 1 why are you doing this...He just showed anger & hate and a desire to kill. Nothing seemed to deter him.

Memorial (A projected image of light the victims into the sky...odd)

I've looked at all the saint Anns schools. Parking lot on the right...grey shop in the back ground & church. Overbury Street, Liverpool. Closest match

There is an Asylum in Overbury Street, Liverpool. I recognise the front door. I think the incident is related to the Asylum centre.

I thought of writing an email to the Asylum centre asking if they had someone on file matching the description. But I'm not sure if I should

Judging by the greenery in the dream. This incident would happen before the end of August. Motive...outcast people who are turned down

That's all I have not sure what I should do...

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