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True Blue...Just Another Dying Race...did John W..make the ultimate Prophecy for Australians?

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 08:40 AM

Originally posted by Dr Expired
John Williamson...perhaps the most underated singer/songwriter of modern times released this song at least twenty years ago.
Australia is now seeing its iconical outback infested with fracking method Gas wells , mainly owned by overseas companies, they have the right to take over the land of an Australian land holder, to potentially forever compromise the Great Australian fresh water reserves by introducing cancer causing chemicals into the aquafers and bores of Aussie landowners.
The pro- maoist/stalinist Australian Labour (sic with two fingers) party has turned a blind eye to the concerns of the true blue Aussie on this issue.
Why? 180 billion dollar contract for gas with guessed it China ...the masters of true blue crushing across the world..ok they learnt it from Stalin.

John Williamson wrote a song about the dying of the true blue Aussie, it has become true, including our true blue land.he wrote the song a couple of decades ago, perhaps as he saw the supposed defunct stalinists infiltrate his nation , with complete support of universuty educated career politicians?

We now in Australia have no pristine outback or place to escape to .

Over 90% of Australia is now under foreign mineral exploration rights/leases/ownership.

Just another dying race.
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I hope this doesn't come across as nasty...really...

Williamson...son of William...Scottish origin.
In fact, along with all the other 'true blue' Aussies, you'll find hundreds of other surnames that dont actually sound aboriginal!
A little history...
...err...British mariners came and virtually wiped out the native population. Established rule by the Queen of England (crown land)...Infested the native population with western european diseases, alcoholism, and abject poverty, raped and pillaged the native population, split native families (to create a 'stolen generations' scenario) to 'forever compromise' the claim that it is YOUR LAND...

Right about now, you gotta be've had it good, blue...don't ya think?

Now...just over 2 centuries are complaining of the same thing, in a modern setting?

I hope you're also involved in aboriginal land rights and native title...etc...

Apologies, in advance of offence...


posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 03:50 PM

Originally posted by Seagle

Originally posted by Misterlondon
no pristine outback? Have you actually been out there?

I have travelled extensively around Australia and I can assure you there is plenty of pristine outback, where you can drive for 2 days and not see another soul..

I think you have slightly exaggerated the extent of the mining in the outback.. And as pointed out already this practise is a huge part of your economy, in exports, jobs and industry (to name but a few)

I hope you enjoyed it because it won't be there for long. The entire country has been sold off piece by piece including all the land that already privately owned by Australian Citizens. Nobody is allowed to get in the way of this Mining Resource Boom juggernaught. We are apparently so lucky to have so many of these bloodsucking global corporations fighting for the rights to suck the life out of our country. Step right up and get your slice of the mining tenure pie!!! We're giving it all away for next to nothing, WooHoo!!!

Below is a link to the Queensland Governments interactive mining resource map. Anyone who doubts the extent of this needs to see this map. What you need to do is click on the drop down menus on the left hand side and choose all the options available. Before long you will notice that you can't see any of queensland under all the mine sites, exploration sites, sites where licenses have been sold, mining infrastructure etc etc etc

Its a disgrace.

The Interactive Queensland Mining and Resource Map .

Great reply to deny ignorance

Great anyone denying reality....visits this disturbing site...and meditates on the sell out.

Again thanks for the reasoned reply.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by akushla99

Yes the Aboroginies lived in Australia , before the English , at threat from france,spain, the ottoman empire,the germans,the Prussians ect ect bravely colonised the nation to ensure the survival of their race .

Wrongs were perpertrated against the original native peoples, they were weaker than the English , ie they had no organised well equipped armies.
But they didn't just hand it over..their home.
As time has passed and even back then ...many tried to prevent the mental and physical disintegration of the original dwellers.

As with any colonisation the colonised suffer, and the modern Aussie will now suffer, as their land is colonised by stealth and treason.

I once felt a spirit when bushwalking near an old Aboriginal site, I told it I meant the land no harm, and respected the bush, it left me in peace.

That is what 'True Blue" means in the context of this thread.

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