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Techno-crimes and Beyond: Understanding the Larger Picture

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posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 01:56 AM

Techno-crimes and Beyond: Understand the Larger Picture

Things you probably didn't know, but should, about internet and financial privacy and more. I want to start by addressing things that might hit you in the everyday life, like internet security, financial security and the likes. Toward the end of the thread, I want to start to draw a bigger picture, and a much scarier picture. I am not here to fear monger, I have worked with many of these systems in the military, and I want to warn you that it is coming, and you are the target.

1) Geotagging:

Every modern cellphone and most cameras record at least an 8 digit grid location (4 digit latitude and longitude) and up to a 10 digit grid location (accurate to a few meters). With Google Earth, and Mapquest, it is very easy to create a location plotter for any target. Such targets can include children, women, and whether your entire family is at your house or not. Don't just tell your children or family, make sure you inform your friends... especially if they are attractive.

Learn more at :

2) Debit/Credit Alert – RFID, Tracking, Skimming, Scamming and more.

Protecting Yourself:

DISCLAIMER : Alter your cards at your OWN risk.

3) Facial Recognition Software:

Think only the government has this type of tracking software? Wrong, the second video shows a college student who developed an impressive system that learns as part of his thesis. Didn't even know the government had this type of software? Isn't it cute how in the last video the women laugh at the loser who is banned from the pub because of facial recognition software detecting he is a disliked customer? It's so great to be part of a database and denied entry into mundane places, isn't it? I love the fact they openly admit they will readily share this information with authorities. I can't wait.

4) The Biometric Matrix, “You can't HIIDE from the BAT”

(Personal Disclosure : It was implemented before March, sir. It was implemented in 2006.)

Just to give you an idea of the gravity behind this very issue, I have already in the past posted a thread with the same title as [url=] The Biometric Matrix, “You can't HIIDE from the BAT.” Aside from my research in the thread, the last video is taking the info from terrorists, white American terrorists. Mission Accomplished.

5) Data Mining Websites
Check it out for yourself. Remember, any intel is still intel. Even if the information is wrong, it could hurt you in the future. If your employer is using these websites to gather information about you and it's wrong, they could be making employment, career advancement, and other decisions that are based on bad intel.

Think your information isn't important, or that it's safe? Think again. Even if you're 'off the grid', your family probably isn't. Your friends also likely aren't privy to laying low on the internet. Always remember, a cardinal rule to staying low is making sure the people you know down share their knowledge, either knowingly or unknowingly, with others. What's the worst part about these sites? You can only 'opt out' if you know what sites are tracking you. What happens to that information after you 'opt out'? Well, it doesn't disappear. It doesn't stop getting sold, bought, or traded. However, it does stop showing on that page only. Uphill battle? Yep.

6) Cell Phone Spying / Tracking – CONUS and OCONUS

Whether it's on or off, you can be listened to. Everything you say and do on a phone is monitored. Even without evidence, probable cause, and consent of civil liberties LEO's and judges are routinely granting access to cell phone data. Think you can take the battery out and it's OK? Well, you were crazy if you thought they were listening to begin with, remember? Let's just say you're not crazy anymore, even if you think it's always on. Think you're safe getting a disposable phone? You'll find out the truth soon enough. Just know that if you have a prepaid cellphone, you are a terrorist. In fact, cell phone tracking is a common method for routing out suspects in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can't discuss the specifics, do your own research.

7) Surveillance Blimps

8) Echelon – Think it's a farce? Think again.

Take everything you've seen here relating to privacy, multiply it by a million, and you have the basic parameters of the original Echelon. Nowadays, it has evolved, and the capabilities aren't even worth discussing because I can only speak of what I can prove through OSI (Open Source Intel). I am not going to discuss the matter openly, through PM's or otherwise, so don't ask anymore please. I still have obligations to the USG, so let's just leave it at that and use your imagination.

Don't be swayed by corny movies, and gimmicky explanations.

If you think what you see is high tech, think again. Some food for thought:

I could go further down the rabbit hole, but that would be ill advised. Enjoy this info, ATS. Do well with it and be well.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by sbctinfantry
I really don't know what to say except this is beyond frighting it's not that I was unaware of the surveillance I just didn't know to what degree....I do want to know one thing though can somebody tell me why it took so long for Bin Laden to be caught?

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by sbctinfantry

thats a lot of


i'll get back to you later

thanks for the valuable intel.

now all one needs to do is assume TCOTBIP have tech
2 or 3 generations beyond all this and proceed accordingly.

S&F and a bump

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 05:23 PM
I've complied information in the past, but let's be honest. The majority of the human race would rather watch a condensed summary in the easiest to interpret format from a believable and/or respectable source. Are we dumber than our ancestors? I don't think so, though I feel it's very telling of our societies that information is less believable in video format. Everyone lies, learn to stay skeptical, use critical thinking and even your dreams, fantasies and imagination can be legitimate sources of information.

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 01:06 PM
It is a lot of videos, but they were picked well judging from the ones I've watched so far. Important information and utterly fascinating.

Maddening too. I find the whole facial recognition/biometric ID system offensive. Someone needs a fanny spanking for that crap. War whores are a blight on humanity and the foe of personal freedom.

I have some more of the vids singled out to watch. Again, nice job of picking some that are very relevant and illuminating in regards to your thesis. This OP is probably the scariest scenario on ATS.

Earth-shaking ELE meteorites got nothing on this. Governments are flawed--most always--and are incapable of properly using technology like this ergo it should probably not be used anywhere even war zone.

Had to vent on that particular issue, but all the technologies here are deserving of attention S&F.

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 02:09 PM
Just so we are all 100% clear, the government (DARPA) just openly admitted it created the internet as a tool to monitor the users. The internet is a global weapon in the hands of the right software.

You and I are being watched, no surprise. We have always been watched, big surprise? No, but it's still hard to swallow, isn't it?

Your iphone, computer, apple or pc what are you? A slave to the propaganda machine.

You want disclosure? You want aliens? You want the matrix? You want the NWO rollout? This is it. Congratulations, ATS you just found out the truth.

DARPA has recently disclosed that it will research the use of the internet and social media to fabricate legitimate appearing stories for political gain through propaganda.
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