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GOP Post-Debate Thoughts (9/12)

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 01:06 AM
Dr. Paul did well...except for the 9/11 question. It was his 'gotcha' monent of the evening. No question concerning the Federal Reserve!?! Blitzer oughta be more ashamed of that than his dismal Jeopardy performance a few years back.

Rep. Bachmann does the heavy lifting against the "pretty boys" of Perry/Myth. Perry will be back down amongst the mortals (he admitted meing wron on Gardacil; yet his instate tuition for illegals was/is wrong on steroids). Intoning my inner Michellle Bach$ann 'what part of illegal don't you understand?' Myth criticizes Perry on the instate tuition, yet RomneyCare gives illegals free care...

Huntsman is odd at best. Maybe he should change party afiliations and primary against Dear Leader.

Gingrich carries a lot of personal baggage; but seems to be able to refocus back to the question topic--a policy wonk (which isn't necassarily bad) but a mess of personal life history.

Santorum, IMO, is running for Vice President.

Which leads me to my tied for third--(w/Paul and Bachamann) but coming up (in my rankings really fast-Herman Cain. He has been overlooked at the debates (Blitzer, Brian Williams 'did we give that guy over there any questions?') And if you read this thread, overlooked here as well. His answers are impressive; his mastery of what makes a business successful is outstanding; his record beyond impressive. And he has launched rockets (well at least been a mathmetician) for NASA. Cain would serve Dear Leader a pizza in a one to one debate. I just question WHY (when he has plans like his 9-9-9) is he overlooked (its lie Paul and the Federal Reserve-ithey steer way from the 'second tier' candidates KNOWN strength in an effort to keep them down (and conversely Romney or Perry up).

I really like Cain; I like Paul; and I like Bachmann. Either of the three I would be happy with. Any of them capable of undoing the Obama mess. And I still hope Palin runs...

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by Old77

I was ok with most of Perry's responses till they got to the immigration issue. He clearly is for the Dream Act though he didn't say it by name. I have heard he is pro trans-corridor (NAU), and that is where he comes off as Establishment GOP.
Paul is the only one willing to really take the Fed to task, the others just flirting with the issue, and Romney was the most Establishment of all of them, and is that any surprise...

Cain has experience with the Fed(which makes him knowledgeable) and hes talking about some reform. He is strong on defense, seems honest and straightforward, sincere and serious but humorous too, and business knowledge(he ran the National Restaurant assoc) and is in touch with the "workers".

Michelle came out strong on the issue of forced Vax and very strong on repealing Obamacare.

Paul mentioned cutting the Dept of Ed and Im all for that. Dept of Ed is corrupt and ruining our kids.He also talked about competition in healthcare and getting out of the mindset of govt taking care of all our stuff.
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by Glinda

Cain worked for the Federal Reserve. Need I say more?
Bachman voted for the patriot act. Need I say more?
Santorum... just lol. Who is he trying to impress with his pro war crap? Obviously he missed the memo that shows 80+% of Americans dont want to be in war.
Newt... just look at his history. I can actually agree with some of what the man says while he talks in these debates, but his history is just too much to overlook. Its obviously an act.
Perry? Yea forcing 6th graders to take shots while accepting bribe money should have landed this guy in prison.
Romney. Obvious puppet.
Ron Paul? Wants to end the wars day one, wants to audit the Fed, wants to return the country to its roots via the constitution. Yep, this guy gets my vote.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 01:23 AM
reply to post by TupacShakur

However...Bachmann does pick her issues and stays with them. I get her letters in email and she has been consistent with the Obamacare and some other issues.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 01:29 AM
reply to post by ThirdEyeofHorus

She voted for the patriot act and literally ran away from a homosexual man simply because of his sexual oritentaion. She bought almost every single vote she got in the iowa strawpoll most of which werent even from her state. But most of all she voted for the patriot act. Anyone that would vote for the patriot act doesnt have a clue about what we need to be doing as a country and should not be taken seriously.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 01:32 AM
My thoughts on the debate.
Newt is the smartest of the bunch, he will not win, but he is expanding his career path greatly.
Bachman appeals to many middle class uppity Repubs except the ambiguous husband.
Perry will definitely be the nominee. He looks the part.
Romney is dead.
RP, well let's just hope you have spawned a real movement that one day can bring freedom back to the US.
Huntsman, seems like a nice guy. Nice guys finish last.
Cain, we all know your bid is an attempt to stealth implement the fair tax. Neal Boortz as your press sec would be truly entertaining.
Santorum I bet this guy cries himself to sleep each night.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 04:08 AM

Originally posted by e11888
Ron Paul is not a career politian...

You're telling me that a man who has spent nearly half of his 70+ years of life in politics isn't a career politician? Really?!

As for the debate I was sickened. I wanted to destroy my TV. It was one of the most infuriating things to sit through. Granted, I could've just turned it off, but it was like a car wreck.

It probably has something to do with me being diametrically opposed to nearly every one of their stances and the audiences reactions.

What I took away from the debate: Let the uninsured die, bomb the arabs into oblivion, indefinently detain anyone we suspect of illegal immigration, completely ignore the causes of the Great Depression and the Great Recession by exacerbating the problems.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by RoswellCityLimits

Your right.,..heavens me! thats not a UFO in your avatar! Thats just a rotating umbrella with a string above it. Why I bet your just trying to show people your ready for bad weather or a sunny day aren't you? Right on man! Plus 1 for you!

Do you know if the Galactic Federation is going to be arriving in the morning or afternoon this October? Do you think they are into Halloween too? Perhaps a trick and a treat is just what they need after such a long journey.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 09:21 AM
My opinion will no doubt be unpopular, but here it is. I watched hoping I would find some merit in someone.

I did not. I found it frightening, disturbing, and distressing. If this is where the country and humanity is headed, we are in trouble in more ways than just the economy.

The candidates appeared to be self-centered, power hungry curs, with out any signs of the evolution of mankind which I had so hoped for. They lie readily, are self-serving, and continue to support only the wealthy. Let the sick die. "For mine own good, all causes shall give way". (Shakespeare). Read between the lines.

The audience made me shiver with disdain every time they applauded these misguided fools and fools they are.
Cheering on the animal mentality.

The only person I could muster even a grain of respect for was Ron Paul, because he clearly wants these wars and occupations to end, but it seemed to me Wolf did not give him as much time to speak, as he did the others.

This is my opinion. Don't like it? I don't care. Really, I don't.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 10:10 AM
I believe if we allow anyone else in other Ron Paul, it will be more of the same. Whether Obama wins again, which I hope not more than anything, or another Republican wins, it it's not Ron Paul, it will be a continuance of more of the same.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by Old77

Why, yes! That is a 'UFO' in my avatar!!! Well I'll be!!! I'm glad you pointed that out!!!

It's good to see that you can identify basic shapes!!! Can you dress yourself also?

Judging by the images on a dollar bill, we all live in eye-topped pyramids, and are ruled by an eagle!!!

...mighty fine cover judging, there!!! lolz.

People like you will be/ are causing the death of America.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 10:38 AM
All politicians lie. Period.

Romney and Perry are lying are ALL POLITICIANS

...and that's the truth.

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