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The Shadow Side's Plan And The Purpose Of Light

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posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by awakened1

Thank you for sharing that deep, true and wonderful post here on this thread. It was well worth the read, and this new world is both freedom and equality, not heartless dog eat dog, law of the jungle freedom, for we're here to bring the wonder of eutopia/home/heaven into reality here, in a good reflection at least, though the real increase is something done by the Light Family itself, by Father/Mother, and Family.

The new paradigm is something we need to bring here and now. And the solutions shouldn't be as hard as they make them either. Clean technology. Good wholesome foods, good real truthful education and progress. Technology making room for more family time and more ideas, creativity, which propels us further ahead, while we still excercise our bodies, and spirits and strive to be able to energy and food production in more self sufficient ways as well, so that personal survival is not such a big risk, and we can't be manipulated by others as easily or be vulnerable. A real spiritual growth in soul abilities, inner knowing, insight, communication with nature, connectiveness. Truth and transparency, and a heart that always lends a helping hand. Good health to do this with.

Solutions such as land donations, eco farms and assistance for the homeless. Growing food. Neighborhoods even in cities could group up and act as if they were an eco farm.

Creating open houses for those in need here and overseas in needy countries. Food, showers, food preparation, good chats, connectiveness. Energy solutions, workshops building generators.

Well this relates to a new paradigm here and now in this world, what should be and could be.

Retired or mature engineering, mechanical types openign their garages to workshops for teenagers to learn to build small things, change tires, big things, energy devices, to grow their minds, to volunteer in some aquaponics greenhouses.

Community spirit and counsels of citizens meeting up and discussing/problem solving, with good intent, heart, not excluding those in need.

A willingness to set aside the programming to look up for direction, but to overcome this and start to see the world through the most vulnerable persons eyes and open our hearts to those in need, giving them voices in those community counsels and respecting them intrinscially without forcing or control or criticism, but hearing them.

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 01:35 AM
Its nonstop nuclear war against the citizens of this planet and in particular North America and western Europe, now it seems. In 188 days, Japan, Lake Ontario Canada, several in the US, Los Alamos, Spain and France twice.

Now back to the US.

The Palisades Nuclear Plant in southwestern Michigan has been shut down due to a loss of water in a cooling system. WWMT-TV reports the facility in Covert Township was shut down just before 3 p.m. Friday. The lowest of four emergency classification levels was declared. The classification means plant workers were notified and were resolving the problem. Officials say the shutdown poses no risk to the public and that no radioactive materials were released. A U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspection was held at the Van Buren County plant last month after a water pump component failed. The plant is owned by New Orleans-based Entergy Corp.
Under description.

Another nuclear event is happening. This monitoring site is in Hungary.

Its the nuclear they have planned and poised for any cme's and earth changes, and its nonstop release of toxins going on now.

Why don't people wake up?
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posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 04:38 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Yes, nice work from Canada. And when you say "We" I know you mean the human race and not "We Americans".

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 09:08 AM
Thanks Unity99

We are here to do a job, good to meet others who understand the task at hand

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 12:10 PM

Originally posted by Unity_99
So they knew the time for this new cycle, the season for this to occur, but the actual date, though the 2012, is a good marker for them, its not precise in any way But the technology was sufficient to look out in space, and locate what they were looking for.

In their library of information, listed above, ie. secret documents artifacts, etc, they have many clues to the cosmic nature of the events, and that this causes (in the past) extinctions and evolution too, at least for some of the cycles.

Revelations 9 11 is the best clue we have to what they are serving,and even to the cosmic events themselves.

Their king is the angel from the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is [Abaddon,] and in Greek, [Apollyon]--the Destroyer.

The Destroyer. The Dragon. Wormwood The Shadow.

A known event that NASA has released some documents on would be Fluffy and the mangetic strips that may have pierced into our Solar System's Heliosphere, and this might be what is causing those quakes associated wtih elenin. Another sign, as its blue. The Blue Kachina.

They've been building their bases since at least the 1980's in earnest, but possibly earlier, and ruthlessly planning for the new world.

Logan's Run, is a good depiction of what these Corporates wish.

To eliminate the useless eaters, and to lower IQ, and increase mortality. Radiation has been released that does both of these things, not to mention destruction of environment, and poisons.

They wish to have only the most useful able bodied work as their servants/slaves/serfs, and not outlive their usefulness.

Though amping up cosmic energy with HAARP and selectively targeting areas,even nuclear facilities, they are engaging in geophysical warfare, and weather control.

The borderline between what is manmade with advanced technology, and what is cosmic is hard to determine.

But the goal remains to CRASH THE ECONOMY and pull the rug out from beneath everyone, and create mass starvation and illness without pain relief, medicine or food. And throw in natural disasters as well. They may intend to eliminate half or more of the worlds population in the next while.

And I've gleaned alot of this, including conversations recently. I am being led to believe that this is a plan they intend to begin to carry out soon so this is like the lull before the storm.

As an outcome: Problem/Reaction/Solution, Fema Camps and Control/Fascism/Martial Law, which will deliberately starve even more, will become the new atmosphere, one they don't intend to take away.

Tailoring things to appear as if the revelations is coming true is their plan as well, and the Revelations mentions a red banner, which leads me to believe a huge conflict with China that will reduce the population of those fighting by 1/3 may occur as well.

But the massive deliberate crashing and starvation of the vulnerable citizens of this world is their agenda.
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Unity? What can I say? You said it real good there, friend. And you are very knowledgeable in these matters too, I just wish everyone in here was like that. The Rich Elite wish to escape the coming catastrophe with their riches and power completely intact. So, long ago they made deals with those we call various names, the most common being "Reptilians."
Trust me on this, they will not get away with it.

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by autowrench

Yes, but,these are plans of a certain group, and they're not alone. There are others to block and mitigate and even change. Not just on this planet either. I was shown something in a meteor shower, that meant certain things were likely but for the intent of waking up more, seeing through the system more, valuing others more, in order that more will make the grade, the grade being love. But that even this was in our hands.

In fact, its really hard line between seeing through them, and not letting their puffs of smoke or spellcasting as I call it, capture our imagination. We need to cast away what they are planting inside us and work vigorously on our own visions, imaginations, yearnings, insights for an equal world in which changes occur, by people waking up and the leaders stepping down, not through disasters. Through positive means. Changes that are equalizing and very positive, not made to appear that way to sell an even more fascist package.

But more and more, am being guided on a spirtiual level. For example, this urge is so strong within to bust out of these limitations in my own life, the box I'm in with my responsibilities, this inner push is now on to expand somehow, and don't even understand it. To pour out myself somehow. Something is happening here, spiritually that far excedes any material signs. The only thing that is real or important in this material 3d box, are the people, the poor, the overburdened, the children, those in need, and their feelings which count very much. But the box is a box.

Here in this world, if even one of those controllers woke up and felt sorrow, heaven or Beyond would rejoice and each of us if our true memories were restored, would have entered into a dusty old DVD, and endured many hardships including the things that are exaggerated in peoples minds as to what is coming, just to have one of those lost ones, say he's sorry.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 11:18 AM
I'm including my post I made on another thread that was perhaps a little misunderstood by me earlier and now it makes perfect sense. His thread was actually right on, and contained just the right amount of humor as well.

But this post also applies here.

...Any cosmic events that might affect earth, are their own making. Which is why, they publish so much fear and gloom and doom ,but then criticize all the people who follow these things, and ridicule them.

Here is the truth, we're in a school. Love is the lesson. And all that this means: service to others, gentleness, peace, maturity, non-reaction, forgiveness, going the extra mile.

Love wishes to Love, rather than be Loved.
To be peaceful more than to enjoy peace.
To give, more than to receive.
To respect all others, rather than demand respect.

We never have to worry about cosmic events in an interactive universe if we are growing up in Love.

Not only is Love the answer, but we were not left on our own. Aside from daily miracles and discoveries we can make ourselves as to the nature of the Guides/Angels or Good Family watching over, we were also sent Teachers. Yeshua was a very Great Soul, and his lessons were light and easy to bare, based on true understanding and service to others. Even seeing this metaphorically, one can't help but be drawn to the goodness there. And I certainly see this as real.

But this thread, has some good terms really. The poopy diapers are very good indeed.

If we really allow immature, selfish primitive dog eat dog, social darwinism tots, in diapers, to run this world into the ground we're going to be dealing with some very big messes soon.

Ie. we're not situated to survive even minor cosmic events. A series of CME's and perhaps small impact items, could insure that only cockroaches and grass inherit earth.

We've allowed those still wearing diapers, to build nuclear facilities all over this planet, because Queenie owns most of the uranium rights and makes a lot of money on this.

We've allowed humanity to be sacrificed children, to sacrificed to their god of dirty energy, fossil fuels and dark side technology, which makes these diaper tots alot of money.

If we're not going to grow out of these diapers, or wake up more, Earth doesnt have a snowballs chance in hell of surviving modest cosmic events even.

We need to move on in our understanding that Love is service and good works. Its mature and takes the blinders off. It doesnt reward those in diapers, those primitive and selfish ones, to control this world and conjure its destruction.

This was actually a very good thread. Even the language that seemed too biblical, seen in the right light, was right on!

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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 11:40 AM
Relating to the poopy diaper scenario, of which this planet seems riddled. I have a hard time considering kindergarden analogies, when we're tallking about these big shots who think they're serving a side of catalysts/mirrors who are somehow on equal footing with LIGHT/LOVE. That they're NOT seems obvious to some. Immature, childish and short sighted, shallow interpretations is all I see.

Picture a universe, one plane. Well, its not really one plane, because Time is non existant. In fact, Time has to be a program, based on orbits around stars, and some program in our dna body suit brains. Why? Because their science has already discovered such enormous Infinity exists within the fabric of space, not Infinite Void, but Infinite Energy. And infinity is oddly enough, one of those things you can't measure. No measurements apply.

You can put a dot anywhere on an infinite line, only to discover you havnt gotten any closer to the center, you can't estimate a fraction, its simply endlessness of the same = endless mass, on all sides, in every direction of that dot wherever you place it.

No, bigger/smaller, up/down, backwards/forwards and NO TIME. These things are perceptional even in the Beyond.

So even this one plane universe is really a collage, a collage of infinite layers of space time and density. And there are infinite planes.

We certainly don't exist in something boring.

So lets examine where the choices to follow negativity are confined to, and they certainly are confined.

Our universe plane, school, where the choices and Free Will exist, and lower levels of density. Regressive levels of Light and Intellect. Shrinking levels of Light and Intellect.

For example, lets look at infinity again. You could take a star, or a "tiny" grain of sand, and if you had the technology, you could continue to half this item, OR, double it, forever. But it would never disappear.

Think deeply on this one.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 12:02 PM
There are not too equal sides here.

The duality, the black and white checkerboard floor, or the ying/yang, OR the hexagram, two interlocking triangles one meaning power to the few, and one meaning infinite family, equality, empowerment of the many and LOVE.

This in their short sightedness implies equal sides. Alas this is an error.

This opposition choices, only relates to one thing, this testing ground universe.. It relates to multiple choices on the test.

We already existed in some form or other, though it may be Creation of infinite intelligent energy, rearrangement, we may as ourselves have a starting point, but the essence of our intellect also is infinite, as is all energy, and all types of energy, and in those infinite types, there is also infinite varieties.

Somewhere, spirits themselves were created, given bodies, identities, upgrades, and in this Freedom. And different choices may have been made, such as harming, probably not done deliberately at all, probably tricked into thinking they were helping Because its an infinite system so pinpointing when this negativity got going is kind of hard to do, it seems those choices always existed.

But they're not equal. One is regressed and confined to lower levels and lower abilities. Though the ones who became negative in spirit form, we call by many names, fallen angels or jinns, are bigger fish in this fishbowl universe than we are in the tests, thats because this is us interacting with the body suits, as if we're watching a movie and leaping in with our imagination to play out the role, the job is to Love and overcome, metaphorically.

So there were always beings caught up in bad choices, for an infinity.

Though, I see cycles and time periods where the revolving door exists and U-Turns may be made, because I do not believe that anyone comes into any form of free will choices WITHOUT BUNGEE CORDS. When one bottoms out, in the misery of harming others and losing Light and Consciousness, one really strives within to gain happiness again at a certain point.

Its built in. All my life I've known this and brought that up to priests.

They're not equal choices, one is regression of consciousness, and sickness, and lack of good thoughts coming. They may be crafty and highly ciminally insane, but they lack true Enlightenment and Knowledge.

And there is Nothing negative on the layers above earths layer, where consciousness continually expands, evolves and progresses to Infinite Levels. You can't even begin to compare what I mean by progression, and regression. To call this equal is absurd.

Your infinity is equal to the inifnity around you. Your infinity expands and encompasses the entire infinite universe, in space, plane and dimensions/proportions. You're equal to the task of connecting to the Love inside and shining it forth.

Now I want to share something my 15 year old said when he was 4.

Having struggled hard with diaper training, and training late, due to the cold seat, I finally disovered and solved quickly, when he could communicate better as he had a speech impediment, he would call everyone,
"Poopie Diaper Dumbie!"

One day, we went to pick up his brothers, at the school for a summer program, and the whole grounds were chewed up by workers, sidewalk non existant.

He ran up to the worker drinking his coffee and said loudly, "Whatcha doing, poopie diaper dumbie? I've come to pick up my brother!"

Sometimes what kids say can be taken in different ways too.

We can come in and help get people out as well.

In infinity there is no movement, but with change, pictures/snapshots, disappear and reappear. These snapshots are infinite. So what I was shown by Higher Self, of the big red movie curtains pulled back on the movie of our lives, with each snapshot infinitely there, applies.

By the way, some other odd things brought up, shredders and soul erases, if possible this would be temporary at best, because those snapshots exist eternally. So why play games.

The DVD always is there on the shelf, and while the major outlines can't be changed, there is no reason rescuses don't take place, time travel from Higher Ups and those who need to assist in getting others out.

There is a lot to think of.

Only primitive regressives harm others, espeically in large deliberate ways. They're still in diapers. But if we don't take our blinders off, we're going to be dealing some messes in this interactive school.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 12:39 PM
Since I'm an experiencer, and very interested in cosmic citizens, defining ET has always been a big topic and interest to me, and have sought long and hard on this one.

For one thing, this sector of space, and especially around earth, seems to have a lot of negativity around and interested in it.

But there would have to be, kazillions of planets similiar to earth, testing grounds, with many of them fairing alot better than we are in the polarity department, and technology department. There is Drake's formula to consider.
So ET, would also be concrete and real by our standards of energy body suits. Then there would be the Time factor too, so that ET would also be all that was around earth, past, present and future. Then there is the density factor as well, higher planes in of ET in our solar system for example, ie. those who have already passed the tests, no longer on a level of risk, for fail and regression, such as the testing ground, but who didn't graduate beyond to the next level yet, and are working through the levels of service and love??? A possibility. Strong one. They are still corporal, have cultures, and societies, and learning, and missions, and often offspring through some form or other.

I don't consider anythign negative ET. Except for our cosmic school unviverse, but then that would be a mixture, no separation of elements would have occurred. So again, negative as an element is NOT ET. Not to me. Period. Not by my definition of what ET is. I don't care about the literal meaning, but the whole meaning of it, the implied meaning, which relates to people and cosmic citizens.

That would also explain a few experiences I'd had with those who seemed expanded consciousness, clear, helpers, sort of angel/ets. But had federations or organizations and one of the messages given was that earth is symbolized by the most vulnerable here. ie. Africa was the symbol for earth. ie. The biggest karma we are facing if one sees any consequence to action, is first the inequality and starvation, then the wars.

Another thing was being told what true disclosure would look like , and there is no guarantee disclosure of ET was going to happen, but the issue was being debated a great deal online, and so the message was about paying attention and observing, because the Tree would bear Good Fruit. I'm paraphrasing but considering that the only words that came was "The symbol for earth is Africa", but the rest was his mind/energy meeting mine and in inflow of ideas that had to be put into my words, then I'm free to upgrade my language to express the concept. Which to wait and see.

Anything based on elitism, on control by elites, government, banks, corporates and scientists, anything that made laws or controlled people and kept them in inequality, or fleeced them for money, WAS NOT ET.

Again, only some beings can even be called ET by me.

So alot of my experiences were on the next level? That station by the sun I saw. For example when earth evolves, will it be in this universe in the higher planes, or another? Will we see we were never alone? Will we be angel/et or Guides, or are they one and the same?

However, negative is NOT ET. So the leaders who are meeting with what Alex Jones calls the clock work elves, and have been meeting with entities for eons, have to realize meeting with anything is a frequency match or a mirror/match to their own, or perhaps even worse. I don't call what they met with ET.

Which brings us to another problem. Never mind their greed and hording technology. There is another reason they have a very hard time bringing ET out of the closet. They're not strictly meeting with what most people would call ET.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 01:09 PM
Having experiences is not something to seek. But at the same time, this has been put out around the world, and captured the imagination of many, so that there has to be something and its important. There is a real movement to suppress ufology going on, to suppress moon missions, and the artifacts discovered, to suppress information and set us back. So speaking up here is very important.

My wake up call came through ufology and was witnessed by family. One of my sons is aware of experiences, though memories are not in abundance. He does have some. He is the one who is the most selfless, and serving others, he's like the angel of the family, and a deep thinker.

The ETs they've been meeting with, even working co-op with in their bases, to some extent, fall into two categories, the ones I don't call ET, and the ones that I might call ET, but they are serving the same non ET entity Shadow side group, in much the same fashion as the bloodlines here, but on a larger rank level I guess if you want to call it that.

Then there are the ones I won't say too much on but if the military think they're on their sides, surprise surprise is all I will say. They're dealing with people who don't approve of anything they're doing and this group is serving Goodness/Love/God, and they're here as well. They witness some terrible abuses in this world, and it breaks their hearts, because its not things we don't see or can't see, really. Even with all the hype, spins, and lies in our media, we still see the starving and poor. That alone being addressed by all the people would make a huge difference in the frequency of this planet. Its like, issue number one. Then there is the dirty fuels, destruction of environment (that is being done by a small elite group and forced on us but we still need to stop it, to speak up and start to do some tough love negotiations with counsels of citizens who don't go away, and don't shut up), and WAR.

This group due to a kind of upgrade that is going on, is forced to deal in a co-op manner with these criminals, and yet, are way over their heads. If they only knew the difference they'd understand but can't seem to wrap their brains around how the pryamid system works. They and the empire are following a pyramid of power. The Light side workers, including ET are following the inverted infintie progression, equality and Growth side, they don't compare.

My experiences involved some of this as well, but was never allowed to remember the trauma. There is a connection to the moon, and bases, and some of what we may think is negative, because there are negatives there that keep to their squares. ie. in a duality system where more understand whats going on than we do, the idea of balance does not = a person balancing the good and bad inside of themselves.

You're job is not to balance good and bad inside of yourself.

The balance means, if the dark side, tries to force all Light away, and take over more dark squares than permitted thus elmininating altogether free will, the school would be taken back.

Though equal numbers of squares don't seem to be needed. ie earth was created in a state of innocence but due to frequency and choices (and choices are even apathy and inaction) we can tip over to one side freely. As long as free will exists to some extent or other the school is still a school. Even in a concentration camp, we still have choices to, Not harm others, or to harm others. To not follow bad orders for example. There are many mitigating circumstances however and they're still the balancing factor, ie. if it all had to mitigated because no one could overcome the depression or negative mindset when harmed by circumstances, this school would be taken back by those who DO have the higher ability and technology to do so, AS PROGRESSIVE CONSCIOUSNESS MEANS PROGRESSIVE EVERYTHING GOOD.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 01:37 PM
Part 2 on ETs:

So there is a group of positives that also operate out of the moon and are tolerated by those serving different stripes.

I would equate the group I'm talking about as from Alpha Centauri. Don't really know why at all. They didnt identify from there. I did have one identification for a system when I was protected from negative experiences, ie more harvesting ones. Though not strictly negative memories, because I wasn't allowed those, but was aware of things occurring to me, and obviously the kids too then. That identification was from someone 65 light years away, Taurus constellation, and here on earth Telos, or Mount Shasta, but there may be many channels there. I would never recommend searching out what is probably a US base with biochemicals or nuclear, maybe even transhuman things going on. But I was protected there. Those 3 X a week things ended. Those were similar to tall whites but the man was very muscled. And agian, with Time non existant, who knows. I would love to have the bible/manual of lands and people and realms. It is very confusing.

All I know is that when I went to research Taurus I discovered Aldebaran is 65.1 light years away and seemed connected to Nazi's and Nordics, which is sort of what he looked like. But at the same time, he showed me snapshots of good simple life, family being the core, children, and then the other things stopped. I can't call them postive but I don't call them negative. Anyway, I love everyone and pray for all. Everyone is Family really.

But the group of ETs that seem connected to the Co-op program and yet are way over their heads that I thought were from alpha centauri, my son also said that he thought that name was related to these huge flashes we both saw that went on for an hour or so, then after wards we both witnessed a craft. I was in contact. Was told I would be taken that night but don't remember.

The reason being is on or around May 22 2010. More memories had stirred, relating to childhood abductions, and they were upsetting me. For one thing, the moon wasnt just Nazi's and greys. I also recalled the NAVY, the US Navy is involved the black op secretive space program. This created a huge dump of trauma and I did not wish to remember anything. Nothing. It was like post traumatic stress syndrome.

That morning for some reason, this contact started, and this contact seemed related to Alpha Centauri that was what I thought it was, just kept in my head. A blond couple, sharing information about upgrading and helping and comparing planets to nations, run or controlled even by different groups, some quite primitive, run by bullies, like this one. And inter planetary think tank groups akin to federations, doing work, upgrading areas, readying populations for changes that would come (dont even know if this was our plane upgraded or the upgrade into the next). I was shown something akin to a Canadian doctor/scientists going into a third world mafia run country, with black ops conducting horrible experiments and upgrading the hospitals. Witnessing many bad events, speaking up, but not starting a cosmic war or dispute, but continuing the work.

Now that kind of contact is really hard to explain, its like a vision. I tend to shake them off. It took a long time to equate that as communication but quite a few times when I shook them off a craft would show up to be witnessed by my son as well, so after a time, I've stopped wondering why.

That evening , when I opened the sliding doors, there was a "grey" at the door, though not quite like a grey and not negative charged. He was deep dusty, rose colored. He was the same height that my then 8 year old was, over 4 5", long narrow head shape, similar to my sons, gently buldging head, eye lenses as if sunglass lenses but not too huge. Very very delicate face, and nearly twig body. Not quite a twig body, slightly fleshed out twig body. He leapt to the side and twisted and vanished, in the most surreal way. His limbs elongated and flowed into the turns like liquid mercury or fluid like.

That night I had an abduction dream and my son said it felt like he was dropped off........

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posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 02:03 PM
ET part 3.........

There are many experiences, but this one was the last big abduction thing I can remember. There have been checkups, and things suspected under the memory, due to seeing odd things out back such as shapes identical with elongated limbs. Which caused me to try and stay up all night to avoid, though suspecting that they can access you anywhere, and its a frequency thing, a mirror, a match. So being of high unconditional love and trying to work through our flaws here are important.

Thats why recommending people seek for contact is not something to do really, because people don't understand what is going on and how many negatives are around as well.

But there remains Goodness guiding, watching over, both ET and Family, angel/et, guides. And they're showing up, causign people to realize more and more they're not alone, and to question all those lights, all those sitings. So pouring out ones heart under the stars about the world, its great inequalities and abuses, and all the children suffering and starving and the corrupt leaders running it and asking for help for humanity, mircales and to assist, to work for Love is something I do recommend. Because I'm not afraid of anything in wearing diapers. I don't care who is monitoring or hearing me, the other side needs a lot of prayers too.

So this event, when it happened, my son was aware of being dropped off at 1 11 am. At one 1 17 am roughly I came down the stairs, and heard his account, and then shared my dream.

It was very masked, surreal. In other words I realized more had happened and this was the cover story they wished me to have.

But it also answered my question.

All day, I'd gone around asking Is There Time, basically to do what had been shown for waking others up, using creative talents that would take a while to dust off. I mean 2012 stuff is everywhere, and surely there wasn't time?

During this dream, my father, brother and my son, who had felt he was dropped off, were abducted. My other children were having a sleep over with friends on the front lawn. So I noticed my youngest was off to the side, and put him on the blanket and covered him up.

My oldest son, a skeptic who had moved back home, missing the crafts and sightings, but always trying to put his brother down for believing his own eyes, was in the dream. We stood outside under the stars.

I was shaking my fist at the skies, saying, Bring Back My Family NOW!!!!

He was shaking his head and refusing to believe the sky was filled with so many crafts.

One of them flew close, and was more surreal than anything, but his eyes widened, and he knew this was ET.

So this craft landed, it had a see through top. My oldest son ran aboard and disappeared from sight.

I was quite alarmed. I was wondering how to get all of my family back without going into that craft.

4 very tall blond female clones or identical twins, were at the craft and one said in a spock like manner, "You might as well come on board and fill out the questionaire. It will only take about 15 minutes."

I relutantly went on board and sat at this very round table with the 4 women on both sides, and my son across the table from me.

At that moment, 3 family members fell from the sky wearing dark blue navy uniforms, as if mechanical or technicians, and were dusting off a lot of orangey rust powder off themselves. For some reason I ignored this but could see it outside the craft.

The first question was related to when was the first "time" you saw a craft and knew it was a craft?

I looked at my son and said, this must be the first time for you. He said, what date is it?

I looked at the woman to my left and she cooly shrugged as if to say, "We don't do time"

Then she said, "But I will tell you this, this DAY took 9 DAYS to complete."

Then I was waking up with the words, Write This Down, in my head. And I ran down to check on my son.

posted on Sep, 18 2011 @ 04:06 PM
So what is time?

What does it mean, this day took 9 days to complete?

Just wait a second here, are we all in the same DVD experienceing the same people and occurrences at the same moments?

Well I think its the same DVD, but is everyone around us, there at the same moment? Did some get ahead fast and learn their lessons faster and others linger? Are some people and events perceptions?

Are we occasionally in our own rooms in hotel earth?

Wait a second, that is so odd!

And here so many materialists are arguing for concreteness, this accidental real 3d plane with forms, and nothing else existing.

Well, they're way off the mark. Its way beyond that kind of idea. It goes beyond thinking of layers or channels too.

And its very much controlled, overseen by those who have the intention of working over"time" with you to help you reach the right levels. Its as if you have to get your toe on the platform, and then more info might come.

But even if one is content to see or think in simple terms about life, and they spread alot of love, learn from mistakes as best they can and compassionate others, I think its all good.

posted on Sep, 21 2011 @ 12:05 AM

White race is genetically the weakest - By UFO/Alien Contactee.

This video blew his cover wide open and put him on the black op payroll to me, or working for them.
I don't consider the dark side to be ET or ufology.

This video is very alarming. That he actually spread these lies outright when the human dna was brought to project earth from other planets, and every race is cosmic, as a so called advanced experiencer, someone who has been given a lot of answers. Well he was not given them by ETs.

And there is alot of agenda revealed in just this short little video.

They obviously don't see this as any closure cycle, just another cycle and a wish for an overt world government.
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posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 05:53 PM

Vatican Prepares for Annunaki Disclosure

A year old but still pertinent. What kind of disclosure is planned. It won't be truth, not from them. The ET wants a united world, one world government and this is how they solved their problems is not the same thing at all as the kind of disclosure we want.

I take it Alex is working on this kind of false disclosure. And not only one world government with happy microchipped workers, but whites (you know the race that is dominated by corrupt bloodlines but has a semblance of democracy and equality for women, and services to the poor not to mention middle class ideology) is the bottom of the heap.

I know this can be misconstrued as a race issue, but there are limits to politically correct, and I won't ever lie about things.

In my own small city, in the past 2 years, security guards have popped up all over, in service offices, in malls, and in supermarkets. They are all, or mostly, tall non whites. Something a littel skewed in the hiring? And why security guards at all in some of these places. Mall usually do have, but several out front of a supermarket. 80-90% non white, since when ?

I don't endorse this and won't stand for it. In this country, employment had better reflect percentages, and equalize sexes, that I endorse. But I don't endorse this, nor do I endorse FASCISM. And I won't shut up.
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posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 06:22 PM
I have no dislike for whites, no shame like they would make of my own race, and no prejudice against any other nationality. I do renounce and denounce the leaders of ALL COUNTRIES, the agendas of ALL CORPORATIONs, and the Religous leaders as well, in any capacity in which they harm anyone, not by appearances but in truth. They are the ones I put 100% of the blame on. Period! And they think they're above the tests.
I'm very sorry but thats NOT true.

But here are a few cultural values that I very much have preferences for in terms of what is right somewhat, not going anywhere near far enough in humane treatment of other, services to all people, equalizing, great health care, including dental, and counseling, and beauty and good homes and food for every single citizen, no forced employment, reduced hours of employment, job sharing, incredible advanced eductations. I have far higher standards than even Norway say, and so far in this little corrupt world, and despite its own corrupt leaders, its the BEST OF THE CROP.

I value: Equality and Substantive equalizing Equality. Work of equal value, ie mothers are doing the first most important job, after that comes farming, and house building. Then equally health care, including dental and eduction for they're equal in value. All the rest is just fringe, and requires no slaves for anothers dream of profit.

I value Freedom including religous and self expression and equality/caring/compassion/extreme civilized services to people equally, both are needed.

But these other nations, while I intrinsically respect the equality and beauty and right to the same high standards of socieity, civilization and freedom that I would want for us, our own systems are still better than most of theirs by a long long long shot.

So, they can take their NWO agenda and shove it. Its not happening. And they can take their security guards away. ASAP.

The only exception amongst the free world that is not necessarily the greatest civilization for its not very civilized in its treatment of others and services to its citizens and is the bottom of the heap, is the US. They are getting more and more closer to India and a caste system. Social darwinism and macho survival of the dominant male, is a caste system. Feminism equalizes.
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posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 09:31 PM

The Senate on Friday rejected a House spending bill to keep the government funded and made plans to return to Washington next week.

In a 59-36 vote, the Senate tabled the House legislation approved early Friday morning. The continuing resolution would keep the government funded through Nov. 18; without a new funding measure, the government would shut down after next Thursday.

I can certainly see how starvation of elderly, disabled, and poor families could result from this. Is this what they mean to do, starve the poor?

posted on Sep, 29 2011 @ 02:24 PM

Sunlight At The Edge Of The Roof.

The sun and light is truly miraculous, and crystaline.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 03:52 PM
I'm going to bring into this topic some ufology, because as an experiencer I've had some moments when I was able to speak up. Most of the time when you're taken, physically or pulled astrally, and this is done in a variety of ways, its not the same each time even for the same person. When this occurs, if you can remember its small glimpses, there may be signs knowledge before the experience, and there may be physical indications afterwards, and this may coincide with other family members, missing time and other indicators. When its like that, what I would call a physical state abduction, with wounds, you don't remember alot,its in an altered state.

In fact some of what you are left to remember, is a cover report, an altered memory. Thats what they let you keep, but so much more happened than you can recall. Some of it starts to come back in small glimpses that can make the room start to spin and its not easy. Even a so called positive one, is not really easy on the psyche.

I've had some experiences that were dream like state of being pulled, something they were trying to show me, where I was able to speak up, and tell them what I thought of anything negative. Those were confirmed by further things that occurred, ie flashes in the sky, radio saying Sirius twice and a craft that night later on. Other times, during some kind of checkup, very involved took many hours, started as a meditation and then sensed the craft. I was on my soft bed, under many layers of blankets in a warm robe, and suddenly was freezing, on a hard cold slab with some kind of altered state and programs running to I believe elevate hormones, needed for what they were doing. I was asked if I wanted a daughter.

Again I was able to speak up, and nonstop, refuse to cooperate with their mind programs, and they could not force me, it was more a state of suggestion, where your will was being overpowered, but I resisted and spent that time, though unable to get up and leave, for some reason no matter what, for 4 hours that was impossible. But, those 4 hours were spent giving them tar papers for treating any living being the way we were being treated and a kind of concerned for their well being, lecture on what Love and Light means, and how we are to treat others. I was actually told to cooperate but wouldn't.

Now, this relates to another aspect of the Shadow side, and those who are allowing themselves, tricked into working for them, and who are willingly working for negative agendas in the cosmos, including our school here.

to be continued.......

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