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The Shadow Side's Plan And The Purpose Of Light

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 11:18 AM
The one I spoke with, he befriended me, we spoke so often of metaphysics, he had a great interest in 2012, ascension related topics, but would take me down paths in the conversation, too hard to get into, but my senses weren't off there. In any case, what seems to me about these service to self ruthless people, who feel they are in the know, is they are conducting business as usual, this cycle is business as usual and they have little nor no compassion for people. Yet he may be really searching inside, his own soul giving him nudges, as well. Some things would weigh heavily on his conscience for he kept asking for major goals, one of which is to be erased, his memory, to cease to remember any lifetimes, as if something was truly on his conscience.
But at the same time, its like they're safeguarding to see if there is anything worth pursuing to suggest this is the last cycle.

How do you test or turn into empirical data, something that can be shared, that can affect consciousness via the Eschaton or Force, Higher Power, from the Future Point, as Terrence McKenna expressed, that pulls all things from ahead, instead of pushes from behind? This is subjective, so it elludes them. Although I'm pretty sure if you fed in the analysis of the forrest, the collective findings of all the branches of science and social sciences, including the metaphysics, from all sides, into a super computer for probability output, you'd get some amazing results. And I'm pretty sure those in the top echlens have already done that. To me, in some ways this propulsion for negativity is not just to procure a negative harvest in their minds, but out of desperation to halt a process, a planetary evolution, that they will lose all control.

That their computer models and even math and sciences truly have shown that all energies in this ocean of energy universe, this fishbowl universe, progress and transform. What is absurd impiracal data and too subjective to most, is probably evidenced by science already on higher levels.

I'm fairly convinced on a higher level of the shadow side, those in the know, have a strong suspicion of this, but this information and logic would not be handed out to their minions or lower level agents.

And its also possible there is a control on all levels, for roping many idealistic, intelligent, young people with good social skills into this work, would not possible if they were convinced they were working for the metaphorical dark side, they would have to be led down certain paths of mysticism or a false idealism, that would allow them to play their roles by choice and consience. White hat, dark hat, neutral hat. Positive angel, negative angel, neutral angel. Oh, somewhere it was suggested that certain secret societies consider themselves the angels too.

I will even suggest, some are good people in essence, with fine minds and a sense of justice and compassion. I see the light in them and want them to escape this.

And yet, like Terrence says, in the long span of human history, pinpointing a date is very hard, 2012 is a reference point used, but even 500 years after this, would still be nothing in earth history terms. Still for those with this Force guiding, its not a question of If, but only a question of When.

I extend many prayers and unconditional love for the one I speak of, and will continue to do so for him, for the Light to guide him home.
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 11:37 AM

Originally posted by SeeingBlue
I agree, and I have changed and am still changing. This has only begun for me but I feel this urge inside me growing. I don't know if it's coming from me or beyond me, but I know beyond a doubt that we have to change & we will because it's what must happen.

This is in our very souls and many make the process complicated. Its not complicated, very simple one. Faith in Goodness and Love, by any name we choose, or are led to, is a part of the process. For some, agnostics, Higher Self even, Progressed/Future Self. Take away time and understand that if we are the only light, born into a world of darkness, where everyone was searching/seeking/yearning for direction and for the door out of this madhouse. We have within our Infinite Consciousness, that in Progression grows to a much bigger star, but also, in community with a Family of Other Progressed Light/Consciousness, our Infinity is = to the Infinity the infinity in everyone and everything and surrounding everyone and everything. We need to purify ourselves, seek to overcome weaknesses, turn them to strengths, weed the distractions and programs out and soften our hearts to the suffering of others. Of course there are metaphysical tools from meditations, nature, hugs, laughter, humor, sunshine, excercise, eating rainbow foods like organic fruit, clean water, and prayer.

But giving always unblocks us. We need to give more. Its always love that works to connect us.

There are many channels in this Infinite layered school to connect to, and its a frequency match which direction comes through.

The bloodlines have cast out their lines and put pineal in many artifacts as references, and to code the matrix, ie the Catholic Church has the pineal with the egyptian icons under it, as a unripe pincone, immature and not functioning. This is their spellcasting written in stone, to actual code the matrix they believe. Something futile if they truly understand they don't have the power they think they do,and this coding works in other manners really.

It has to do with giving. We by our behaviors primarily, but also mindset, thoughts, polarity, give permissions to the ones overseeing or influencing this planet, and the more Love we shine, the more help and miracles we say yes to and draw in. The opposite is true as well.

They truly arent the powerful magicians they think they are, something behind them, is misdirecting them and acting.

So our job is weed out programs, feel sorry, take responsibility for the problems we have in our life and world, feel compassion and longing for safety for others and a better world, and then pour it out, humbly in meditation, seeking direction.

What work did I come to do, help me to help others.

This gets results.

To bring back the heart of a child, sensitive to pain and suffering of others, and then stay in your heart, not the mind where all the programs.

Simple but hard to do, but brings more conscious awareness, rather than operating on automatic. Its operating manual. And you just keep nudging yourself away from the generalizations and judgments that cross the mind, or negative thoughts, and go into the heart and choose to see it from the positive or other side of the bed, so to speak. Always go to the other side of the bed, to look deeply into things.

That process flourishes then.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 07:07 PM

A reminder of who gets crushed when Greece goes bankrupt in October as estimated. And the idea is to stop all internal payments of wages and pensions (YEAH RIGHT) and pay all debts and interests as usual.

If I was Greece's leaders, then this would be done. I would outlaw all money, all banks and realtors ASAP, and introduce a people run, grass roots counsels, half men and women, with widening circles and shared leadership counsel of citizens at the top, VENUS PROJECT, equality for all, homes and gardens for all.

No forced employment at all, but volunteering greatly encouraged. High education retraining at all ages and levels, but good volunteering social workers and outreach for the handicapped, elderly and single persons with young children. Basically, from childhood on, you'd be trying on career day role playing and exploring tons of careers you could volunteer full time or part time in depending on health and family obligations, no forcing.

All arts, crafts, music, hobbies, spinnig, weaving, inventing, experimetns would have abundant guilds and supplies and tools to set people up.

Abundance and sharing without money, taught the virtues and volunteerism, and taking turns in counsels.

I'd do this to the world.

Shut up, your pyramid is illegal. Join with us the true FREE.

In the short run, renig on payments to the banks and redistribute amongst all citizens, and organzie their counsels to run things with or without moeny.

I'd also disclose all hidden technologies and bring out free energy.

And give Queenie and the world a few more of these:

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 07:21 PM
There is a real way out of this collapsed economy if the internationals force this, but it takes cooperation and volunteerism, and equality.

It takes outreach and training in every community, reshifting balance with those communities in power, and only possibly with high real education, no patents, no lies, no hiding information. Teaching community and abundance paradigm. Also, high tech is needed, for Greece to close its doors and become self sufficient if needed, depending on other countries ability to play ball, and its small land mass, it needs the clean technology out, and even ocean gardens developed, and underground green houses., not to mention rooftop. It needs cooperation and intelligence, with freedom, respect and no forcing.

In reality, money itself ='s slavery, banks create interest which always makes losers, and ='s slavery. Slavery is a crime. Forcing is a crime. We live in a completely illegal system.

No one owes anyone anything, except in terms of harming others, there is real harm that is done.

Keeping humanity like dumbed chickens in pens laying eggs for the gentiles is SLAVERY.

Greece needs to focus on looking after its country and forget the world, and equalizing everyone.

In a survival situation, or a collapsed economy, this is what we all need to do.

Ex-New World Order Banker Tells ALL
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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 11:13 PM
Great thread and fantastic sourcing I applaud you madam
, keep up the good work we are all proud of it.

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 04:18 AM
Nice work Progression. Stars and flags. You have put a lot into this thread, time and thought and probably years of meditation and study. I believe many today, on either a conscious or subconcious level, feel that now is Armageddon. We are fighting the battle of many lifetimes. Can we have our Golden Age of light and love and abundance or will it be more subjection to slavery and darkness? Or will it just be darker before it's dawn? The NWO has horrid plans for all of us. The most evil have pulled many lifestreams unwaringly into their web of destruction and lies.
I have always believed the Higher Power will prevail, but we must accept and revere that Higher Power with Free Will, the Gift that was given to us.
I get pulled into the political aspect of it lately, but that is just being on the front lines of battle. Someone has to fight alongside Archangel Michael.

posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 11:21 AM

Originally posted by SeeingBlue
If I can understand your thread, you are stressing our need for change. Change in the way we treat each other, change in how we allow humanity to be treated by a select few... & like I said above I agree. We can not continue this way for SO MANY reasons....

At the same time I feel like we aren't really in control of the cycle. We are just here to experience said cycle. So do we sit back & just observe what's already going to happen per cycle we are experiencing, or is there a fruit to be had by getting involved? I am pulled by this...

So does what we do really matter in the grand scheme of existence?

I got a little busy, and overlooked your post here. I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention.

This is part of the school, we're not passive witnesses to any cycle taking place.

Earth is mirrored from our homes in the heavenly beyond, outside this universe. The sun is akin to a mirror of the Family's endless eternal light, and this makes earth akin to a shadow of our home. Or an apple seed. We also could be likened to a seed that must bear fruit.

This creation, world, school, was made in that point between the opposite elements of darkness and light, in complete innocence, beauty, and highly interactive. That it became a testing ground, lowered in its frequency from whence it came was an outcome or consequence out of choices made.

When we strive for our goodness, to keep the distractions and weeds weeded in our hearts, to keep renewing the heart of the child and keep our love alive, (faith is a very important help. Its connected to our minds wiring, the right and left hemispheres, the pineal, with its crystalline structure, as a trasmitter, which can be related to the Christus, or the forming of a Christ, or one who truly passes the tests here with the highest grades, or is not in the test having come to assist, for the Christ to me really is of that nature. But we were called to walk in his footsteps and he did say, that we could do all he did and greater. Faith is the great support line, and doorway to our Guidance and Help. But its not 100% necessary. Those without faith who strive to be good are doing so without any sense of reward and are literally being Good for the Sake of Being Good.).

When we strive for our goodness, and keep our love alive, we are giving permission, for those serving Love and Goodness to assist and act in our lives and the world. Miracles and direction, healings and quite big things can be done.

The opposite is true as well.

Our own body suits, are coded with the ying/yang, or oppositions, and our minds are plugged into both sides, so we can have many thoughts we should not choose to embrace or impulses we should strive to be aware aren't necessarily the right thing to do. Choosing to be the fish that struggles upstream and trying to remain conscious daily, in the moment instead of on overdrive is a part of the work here.

This is a big test, especially relating to cycles. Kind of like final exam.

The school is highly interactive.

You have to understand, the basis of whats occurring has to do with what we're allowing ourselves to become, and due to the starvation, slavery, poisoned harmed environment and wars, we're attracting a consequence.

Does that mean we cannot humbly pour out our regrets, yearn for change within and help, and ask for this, and work at overcoming? Does the bad have to come in with a vengeance in any case, no matter how we strive to change? Its a mirror, and also very interactive to our frequency and work we're doing. God/Goodness/Family is not doing this to harm anyone, and if our frequency is higher, if we're fully dealing with the shadows within with deep regrets, humility, and appreciative for all the graces and daily miracles, then we're able to Stand in Their Presence when they arrive, depending on the severity at least of what kind of harm we've carried out Some more serious harm takes greater work to heal it and for some this will extend beyond this lifetime.

Interactive. Frequency match. Collective human frequency. Individual frequency.

A simple analogy would be this. A grade 7 teacher, does not give to the classroom a final exam written for those in grade 1. The lessons are love and service to others, and all those things that equate family, growth in consciousness, learning, sharing, discovery, making use of the tools in front of us to create in this world, something that won't harm others, but be good. Growing consciousness, not shrinking. Gaining Love and intelligence, and awareness, not allowing someone to overpower us and dumb us down. More sensitivity to others and caring, not less.

Progression/regression. The two laned highway.

Higher level students in love and awareness do not go through harsh cycles. Cycles are like Mirrors.

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 11:43 AM
Depending on the cycle itself.

Because all things are designed within creation to upgrade. They have a Teleos design. All energies, not just intelligences/spirits. Earth/cosmos energy too. All evolve. Even the elements themselves, the chemical components and their arrangements such as atmosphere, water. Water upgrades. To those standing outside, on a more advanced level, the fabric of space itself is more akin to water, with its energy waves and things that mirror marine life in space and even our atmosphere. The ocean of space, or akin to a fishbowl, with little student fish and bigger fish, some assisting, some bullies.

Wasn't it interesting that within candle flames science has just released that there are millions/possibly billions of nano diamonds. Light has a relation to crytals? Interesting.

What the one that was an agent said, was that they are conducting business as usual regarding the cycles. They don't have impirical data to prove ascension/transformation/transfiguration/progression or that this sector of space, or the galaxy, or the universe, is going up a level yet or if at all.

Deep thinking on the school itself, and when doing that, you need to pull in the information from the trees to see the forrest, all branches of science and social science studies, including spirituality, for the Force works on consciosuness as well, in many diverse races, and cultures, and the cosmology. And the point of ignoring DATA, because it doesnt fit, is very lax indeed.

They have DATA that suggests the hologram. They've picked up the 2d pigments, in space, and the Light that shines and erects into 3D the images around us. The energy its composed of exists and is eternal, but the "Creation" is changeable, probably able to be reformed, reshaped. In laboratories, its Lasers that erect Holograms. They're always Creations, and have Creators/Designers.

Earth itself is a Living Library of information and clues in everything. The fish that swims up water. The pregnant mosquito that needs to be nourished by others to look after herself and others. Do we see God intended social darwinism when we watch dog eat dog in nature? Bloodlines do, this is natural assumption of universal law to them. They are more genetically designed to be predators and do reshape God in their image as neutral. They're in harder lessons, and need to really seek hard to overcome these in themselves. That is why need to do what we can to really send them awareness and attempt to talk with them, communicate, show how aware we are, and encourage them to work with us and overcome themselves as well.

Or, on the exam with mulitiple choices, is that only one frequency choice or grade of maturity.

Do we see examples of higher culture flourishing with cooperation?

How mature are we?

If we examine carefully, evolution itself is rather mystifying. It seems to take leaps and bounds at certain times, and the dna is channeled down paths as if guided, not chaotic.

Why would only one infinite energy do this? Why not all?

What cycle are we in?

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 12:23 PM
I'm leaving information out, even some questions out. But hinted. Though in meditations was brought to a crystal city on a seashore in pleiades. We're a part of pleiades too. Did you know you're pleiadian? Ple'o'sha'n? If our star is orbitting Alycone, how could you not be? And there are many who make this supposition. This sector of space.....

Again, one doesnt even need to reach for the stars, to extend their mind beyond the world and its Living Library, and the nudges within our heart to not harden it or allow distractions, to grow our consciousness, or make this real. Because its all about making it real. We certainly don't need to believe we're pleiadian. But opening ones mind to possibilities should actually the normal state of consciousness.

The two Pleiadian brothers who fought, Enki/Enlil. That is a part of not only myths and legend but mystery school as well.

Whatever we want to call it, we've been inundated with Bullies trying to control the kindergarden. But there still are elements of free will, even in prisons, we can choose not to harm others.

Choose to be harmed rather than harm even.

Prayer of St. Francis by Sarah MacLachlan

Choose to Love, over being Loved. Undertand others and walk in their moccasins, rather than be Understood. Give, rather than receive. Show respect for others, rather than demand respect. Empower others, rather than seek Power.

However, there are very interesting thoughts. Especially on crystals.
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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 12:58 PM
Keeping an open mind, not closing the doors and pushing all information into the cookie cutters of our religions or fixtures, reshaping to them to fit at times. Progression is not like that, so I'm free to say anything interesting on my thread. I can't put my thoughts into boxes. Who allows that to happen to them?

Religions are an example. Yet here is something one must be very careful with as well. This Force has acted upon consciousness and did not leave us without Teachers, and a great Teacher amongst them even. Some have very strong faith in their religions and live by faith. So, what is truly important is the Eye We See With, the Positive or Negative frequency, the Heart Of A Child. We need to be Discerning. Only the most loving, forgiving, caring, compassionate, giving, humble, non- reactionary, non punitive passages are worthy of incorporating. The ones that push our Childlike Love, the Innocent Tender Love, not cap it, or suppress it.

If you were young when you read the bible, and found your heart troubled by certain passages, that seemed harsh like that isn't God to you, surely not doing that. Please, keep that heart. Thats the heart you need. In fact, if you didnt have that reaction, then, you must have incorporated wounds, and programming already.

A small child who is raised in a loving family, naturally assumes they will be forgiven, and naturally assumes they count and are loved instrinsically, and naturally assumes any problem greater than they can handle will be shared and they will only need to ask for help.

Keep that heart. And know what Love is.

I am a Christian. But metaphor, mythology, history and codes are mingles with very Loving Direction. All spiritual bodies are like that.

We need to keep our Love real, not cap it. Its never OK to harm others, or judge them. There but for the Grace of God/Goodness, go I? Keep that in your heart always. Even with those in mismanagement positions, the ones wearing the HATS. The so called White Hats, Grey Hats, or Dark Hats. Compared to us with our sun touched hair.
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posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 03:19 PM
Some of the information that has been released on Elenin is very contradictory. Was following this topic on another forum, from a researcher relating to its size. This researcher said that NASA's videos on it showed, Gravitational Microlensing, in the NASA stereo behind video's throughout August to the 20th. That this term relates to the background star temporarily brightening up when Elenin passed by it, in front of it.

Apparently this would make Elenin larger than thought. OR, whatever is behind Elening. Now the research indicated big events were possible.

What I suspect with this entire Elenin and/or what is behind it to begin with, is this almost like their occult wishes, their druid stuff, as Steven Greer said, they deal in Weird Science and Fricken Magick. So a certain dominating dark hat faction seems to want to pull this in, and with everything that is coded in the revelations in our scriptures, they've managed to capture enough people into the expectation of events.

This seriously has to stop.

When you read Doom and Gloom scenarios, and possible outcomes, to me, its simply a glimpse into the minds of the dark hats and shows what they would like to bring about, OR fear us into inaction and disability.

Even something big, could have intervention. Even something big could have a world wide effort of a spiritual solution, joining hands in peace and love and seeking pardon, purity, miracles, safety.

So, don't know what is really out there, but we do know some corrupt individuals are leading all the countries, the corporations, and hidden angendas.

The mystery to this world/nature/cosmos is that everything is spiritual. Though spiritual isn't boring, its wonderful homes, universes, systems, progression, and its tangible, real, beyond our expectation. Its wonderful. Its not clouds and haarps. Star Wars could be translated to Angel wars by some. And then they could in turn call that Star Wars again. But one thing, that wasn't Higher Frequency events.

Its all spiritual, meaning true life to me, the real eutopian existences many yearn for, in the progressive way.

Darkness has no power over Light. The only reason it does here is because we've been compromised here. The job is to dust off the heart of a child and renew our kind and tender hearted response to others and to the world.

So setting aside fear itself is the big answer, and gaining unity . Gaining united hopes and expectations in peace and love and miracles.

Anything from the cosmos could be seen as either a wake up call, a strong nudge, tests, or part of the transformation. We couldnt' do anything about that. But here we have some fairly strong negative output, that is harming so many people, starving so many, exploiting so many, and ruining the earth and all of nature.

All along, for the past century we've had clean energy solutions, and solution after solution in farming, aquaponics, plastics and resins that could be made of nontoxic plants and biodegradable substances. Every solution has been buried. So its not a problem, the problems have been solved, and never employed. Instead of a problem, they've all been crimes.

But we're not responsible for the dark plotting and the actual crimes/behaviors of others, unless we can see and continue to endorse the system, which many of us don't. We're responsible for loving more and seeing a world of equality. For the ones in our lives, our families and as we can, circles of influence without the inner sphere of family.

So, the solutions arent going to come from the top down. They're going to come from us, from the bottom up.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 03:36 PM
There is a thread on Nibiru, more into what it means. Is it a planet as Sitchin suggests, home of the annanuki? Is it Elenin, on the outer orbit of this magnetic field that was spotted? A gateway as was suggested? To what?

For some reason Nibiru and its real meaning is a carefully guarded secret.

As a gateway, do they mean to the Gates of the Abyss, as in Revelations 9 11? Or do they mean to the Gates of their New Jerusalem? Or is that truly the same thing in their minds?

When they say God, who are they referring to? What God do they mean as opposed to the Truth and the Highest Love and Goodness in existence and the Progression of all elements, energies and intellects?

I am not quite convinced its the same thing. Try to search for answers and more riddles come. If you think you've solved it, you're told it was all interpretation.

Angel Wars/Star Wars = World War 3? Or their real plan for something more cosmic in battle?

However it seems to translate its a if They are Doing It, its Their War Wish, and we need to ensure No Wars ever lift off. That means Say No To Them.

In Wriitng. On the Phone. In Person. By NOT enlisting, even if they arrange a terrible event that harms us. Still Say No, that is only their Problem/Reaction/Solution. Plus, you never ever bomb a stadium of 5000 people to capture a dangerous lunatic that is hiding in the crowds who just blew up one of your buildings. You don't bomb someones home town or city, because a nut came over and hurt your neighborhood. You don't retaliate against innocents. Love Never Does That!

9/11 should not have led to the abuses and murder of over 1 million civlians in the middle east whether or not the perps were Middle Eastern, or Zionists.
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posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 03:53 PM
The Universe is NOT what we think, not at all. We're all allowing ourselves to get distracted here, and not really see through it.

An excercise that should show what its truly like is one we all can do and make these discoveries on our own. Assuming our heart is in the right place, and we're yearning for answers, awareness, more love and understanding, to help others more, we can pour out our hearts to the Highest Love and Goodness, and ask for help, ask for our sight to be healed and thank Them, Dad/Mom, and all that serve Love and Goodness for all the help and nudges and work they are doing nonstop, if only we'd paid attention more, in our lives to help us, and this world. We're surrounded by Light Workers, Angels, Family, whatever we wish to call it. And the influence of the negative sides too. Gratitude, awe, joy, humility, gratefulness, awareness of the daily miracles in our lives is something to pour out to them, to Dad/Mom, to all that is the Highest Love and Goodness, definition counts here, not terminology. I would add to Yeshua/Jesus.

Just simply gratitude, asking for help in seeing more clearly and asking to make a difference in this world, to be able to help.

Then let your wishes shine too, ie. the universe is not what you think.

Do you suddenly yearn for birdsong, while outside enjoying the sun? Well send forth that yearning and ask for the bird song?

Why is it that if you do this, the birds will show up and sing for you? That doesnt make any sense, not in the materialistic universe of science. Try it. Write it down in your journal.

How often does the sunshine cut through heavy clouds and flood into your room and your car when you suddenly start to have Good Positive thoughts?

Why does the Sun flood your room and come out of hiding behind thick clouds just to do that for you, when you have Good thoughts? This happens so often, its such a beautiful, overlooked, daily miracle that implies something requiring deep contemplation. Write it down in the journal and take this into meditation.

There is no reason to be caught up in the fear or propaganda of the dark side. We need to reawaken to the Love and hold that frequency. And with gratitude, joy, humility, just the awe of the Love and Help that surrounds us, and search in every event, even the hard ones for the lessons or meanigns to be found. Turn them around, attempt to turn negative thoughts into something positive.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 04:17 PM
I had some signs/visions relating to what is coming I believe. I sought for others who had had a similar one last December.

Years ago, my mother who has been ill, and even my grandfather and I had seen signs in the sun one summer, and he had tried to photograph them. That was in the 1980's.

In meditation I often pictured the sun, and a beautiful peaceful garden in the sun, surrounded by gardens and black birches/water birches like my garndparents lakefront property. My favorite trees.

Then suddenly Yeshua/Jesus appeared wearing a robe that was more brilliant a white than can be described. It was whiter than white, purity, selflessness, service to others. He led me to the side, and unlocked a gate.

There was a beautiful long valley, at the end of it a large city. This is why I wonder what they think Nibiru means.

Then he added a waterfall to my pond/pool. And suddenly I was surronded by levitating monks. It was such a strange vision, but beautiful too. The waterfall relates to purifying, perfecting love, cleansing The levitation, to light as a feather, angels wings, the opposite of gravity.

A short time later, perhaps a few weeks. Late December of last year, the moon was in an ecipse and was blood red.

All of my children stayed up with me to witness this, as the clouds had cleared out. We had solid rain since September so this was spontaneous, as the weather was not expected to oblige.

I kept asking, what are you seeing? They saw the moon. For over an hour, this is not what I saw. At least it was a long time.

Instead, there were arches, or the arcs, as if the curved tops of the moon, arching backwards like a slinky. Whiter than white, glowing gleaming transdescent wonderful white. That formed into a dove to me, and a man.

That whole event was remarkable, and it was a gift. A real miracle. That immediately translated to Jesus and the purity of his robe, the Lamb. It also related to a friends thread on the 7th seal, as if a forewarning of this.

Now up until then, when posting Love and that there is a right and wrong, we need to choose to not harm others, there were many Law Of One and gnostic type posts debating heavily the whole concept of right and wrong, as if both were distoritons, and a kind of HH message, which is a very slipperly slope to go down. Being harmed for your own good, by higher dimensionals who think they can be higher dimensionals and harm at all. Those were very insightful posts really, for the first time was able to see what was going on there.

The other arguments where more traditional Christian as if you are a false prophet, (no sharing and speaking up from what nudges strongly within is not prophecy in the least, its being human), if you were not into the whole smiting God and revelations. That is NOT the real test. We are supposed to dust off the heart of innocent, tender love of a child within us and then Use Discernment and Understanding. The bible is metaphor, codes, with history and myths, with some really positive Spiritual Guidance too. Discernment tells you not to harm others, not to war with others not to murder all their women and children down to the nursing babe in arms. That is not from God. The heart of a tender and loivng child is what we are required to keep and dust off.

So, with the above miracle in the moon eclipse, that was given to me. This apparent revelation related vision, end time type vision was not given to someone who thinks revelations should come to pass, and thinks there ever can be a holy war. It was given to someone who has prayed all her life for no reveltations, for miracles and everyone saved, and a good world. No one harmed, not even someones feelings hurt would be preferable.

That Lamb was perfect Love, tender, beautiful, pure, gentle, peaceful, compassionate, sensitive, exquisite, LOVE. And he broke the seal in my vision.

So how we see things, what we envision coming, whether we belive in miracles and Love and things getting better is the real test.

See with the eyes of Love. Be a friend and care about the world. Never go to war. I would wish we could find a way to stop paying taxes that support war. For counsels of citizens to form think tanks of how to outhink these guys.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 04:27 PM
We all have a choice in the ending of this play,or even if it is an ending until of course whatever date is hidden from everyone in the cosmos as to when the cosmos will upgrade. We're not passive victims in this, not at all. We're here for a reason to be Love.

This world is like a seed, and we're seeds too, this shadow world, this reflection. We're here to be Family and the Love and Goodness They Are, and bring this planet back home, or grow into a beautiful Tree/Flower in its own right.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 07:24 PM
There are a lot of bigshots in Colorado, currently. On another forum they were recommending people keep an eye on their children. Even NASA is probably heading there now to join others.

And on a side note, David Rockefeller and all his clan took off for India just prior to Fukushima. I don't recall them coming back yet either.

The biggest worry I have is not a cosmic event, but them. Because of all the nuclear plants, even if the cosmic event was relatively minor, the CME's that might result could dry the reactors out.

If they really think those CME's are coming they need to shut them down now, all of them, or they really have destroyed the world, barring miracles and cosmic intervention.

That is the biggest worry there is on this planet right now. The ones running it, their deliberate destruction of human life and environment and the cards they've set up.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 08:09 PM
Good post...

What is occurring in this "reality" we find ourselves in above all else is a War on Consciousness by those who have figured out how to manipulate this frequency

We are not too far off from the Storm that is coming, in the end the Light will Prevail


posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 08:12 PM
I posted this in its own thread earlier today but this applies here I think as well....

This is the opening to a treatise I wrote on Esoteric Philosophy, Economics / Politics / Spirutuality

Truth is something that is ridiculed, mocked and feared in these strange days. We find ourselves in this 21st century, a digital dream, unaware for the most part of reality, of Truth in its highest form.

I do not speak merely of subjective truths, or of true and false mundane trivia, or of what is paraded as truth by so called experts in the fields of modern Academia (which is deeply flawed and has omitted, lost or completely forgotten the ancient knowledge), the Mainstream Media (The modern mouth of Propaganda in place to manipulate and mold public opinion to produce a certain product) or by those who sit in their powerful seats of influence, in their Ivory Towers of Governments, Religion, Science and Economics.

For if the veil is lifted and actual truth, about history, spirituality, and humanity is taught these will all be proven as frauds, as illusions in place to limit the freedom of the individual and of true knowledge. Thus, the illusion perpetuated for so long by those in power is vital to the continuation of a world built on manipulation, with power and profit being the pillars of empires. The result of this type of action is constant struggle (problem, reaction, solution) in both the individual and on the world stage.

If we are to solve the issues facing humanity at this point in history, this juncture, we must educate and awaken the inner most faculties residing within each human being and awaken the senses to true reality that is locked away, asleep deep within each person.

It is truly the stuff of legends, of the mystics of a time long forgotten. It is the enlightenment and attainment of knowledge, of wisdom, that in turn will awaken the divine creative spark to understanding and truth. The key to awakening and the emergence from the shadows that mask reality. To illuminate reality as it truly is, and not as we would like to believe, wish or think it to be. To provide solutions to the struggles of humanity, which in reality are more simple than one can imagine, as most solutions offered by the so called experts in all fields always appear complicated, one sided and only benefit a small group in the outcome.

We find ourselves, as individuals and as a whole facing the most challenging times in human history. We must, for the betterment of all nations, for all people, unite as One to solve the problems now facing humanity. To seek solutions that benefit all, while maintaining the sovereignty of nations and personal liberty for all people.

We must seek to understand the interconnectedness to which all things are part of, a higher divine consciousness, the NATURAL order of all things. Humanity must learn to respect the beliefs and traditions of others, while finding common ground needed to repair centuries old wounds, an end to war and disease of body, mind, spirit and nature. A consciousness of awareness, revealing of Truth, of Philosophy and knowledge.

However, the distinction must be made clear, without doubt, between those who currently seek control through a malevolent agenda, a New World Order or World Government built on corruption, deceit and power.

Those who choose to pervert and control what was and is meant to be the New order of the Ages, long prophesied by many civilizations. These destructive and manipulative forces that have polluted the political, religious, and socioeconomic paradigms for centuries must give way to truth, to light, to liberty. There is no place for this type of greed oriented mindset any longer if we are to restore the balance needed for harmony and equality among all men of earth. To restore the equilibrium needed to maintain all life in Nature, as a whole, the sum of all its parts, of which humanity is an integral part of. To emerge from the darkness there must be humility and compassion in place of arrogance and indifference.

Those who claim to know what is best, who choose to wield power of control over the souls of men on earth for personal gain and pleasure, in all Governments and institutions, must step down and accept that the laws of nature, of the universe, of God (which ever label one wishes to give to the higher force of creation) can not be broken or manipulated.

Cause and effect (as ye sow, so shall ye reap) are one of the many laws of Nature and one way or another balance will be restored. Liberty and freedom to humanity is a right, it is not a privilege to be decided by other men in positions of power.

Anything to the contrary is against the free will not only of individuals but of nations. To impose control over others as if personally ordained by deity, by royal blood, or any other faction of elitest contrived control is unacceptable. The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God are one in the same and must be obeyed. The di

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 10:49 PM
reply to post by StandingTall

Thanks. Warm wishes to you, and lots of happiness.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 11:06 PM

Originally posted by ThirdEyeofHorus
Nice work Progression. Stars and flags. You have put a lot into this thread, time and thought and probably years of meditation and study. I believe many today, on either a conscious or subconcious level, feel that now is Armageddon. We are fighting the battle of many lifetimes. Can we have our Golden Age of light and love and abundance or will it be more subjection to slavery and darkness? Or will it just be darker before it's dawn? The NWO has horrid plans for all of us. The most evil have pulled many lifestreams unwaringly into their web of destruction and lies.
I have always believed the Higher Power will prevail, but we must accept and revere that Higher Power with Free Will, the Gift that was given to us.
I get pulled into the political aspect of it lately, but that is just being on the front lines of battle. Someone has to fight alongside Archangel Michael.

A lot of prayers and journal writing, seeking over the years ,but the real wake up call and pushes have been since 2008, had some really unusual wakeups. That started a journey. I'm being pushed inside, it never stops, and I look at my life and family and limitations not sure how to negotiate what is felt inside, something waiting to do. Something wants to push past everything and leap into action, but what is this action I'm being called to leap into.? Freedom lies at the end of this and a huge increase in consciousness, exponentially.

Metaphorically, like watching the DVD, a small sliver of our consciousness, call it a fraction of our imagination, leaps into the movie and we're participating, forgetting self, becoming the character for real. Another metaphor, like a seed, that needs to grow into the plant itself form whence it came, to flower forth assisting others. So we're like a portion of self that can connect more to our whole, to the Family above our Father/Mother and Love. But we can't rejoin ourselves until we're a match of the Love/Light frequency, or on our own, Grow to that Love/Light frequency to become our own Flowering plant that bears fruit.

So they may have terrible plans for us, but I'm awaiting a flowering forth and growth that will be an expansion of consciousness, a Loving Aware Consciousness, hundreds of thousands, even millions of times beyond this, this spiritual evolution, a huge leap. So one by one, with those I'm aware of in the top echlens, trying to send love, prayers, if they could truly begin to feel sorry, I wouldn't care what was coming. It would be a flash in the pan, like having a baby, it hurts, then the babies born. But if they can start to wake themselves, and begin to turn back home, to Sensitivity, Love and Empowerment of others, that would be a celebration amongst so many, rejoicing.
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