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Janet Jackson blames Bush for Nipplegate.

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posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 06:24 AM
Yep thats right. Janet says that Bush is the reason for the wardrobe malfunction during the super bowl. Bush was planning on using the event as a way to remove attention from the war in Iraq.

Quote taken from the magazine Genre

"I truly feel in my heart that the President wanted to take the focus off of him at that time, and I was the perfect vehicle to do so at that moment.

"I mean, it's a bunch of bulls***. When you see Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, it just confirms it.

"I shouldn't have apologised. You don't apologise for an accident. It just makes you look guilty."

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posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 03:06 PM
Nipplegate? Why s everything Gate? Why do they use gate?

Also, on topic, maybe it was done by Bush&Co. But she does make a point of not apologizing, if it was an accident why would you apologize?

posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 03:13 PM
oh yes, justin timberlake removing a piece of fabric covering her floppy saggy little boob is an "accident".

does anyone believe this bull#? am i suppose believe him reach for that fabric and ripping it away while she had a pasty covering her areola was a god damn accident? him doing it was a very deliberate act, i watched it live, not on the news and it was done deliberately.

is she #ting me?

get a life janet "floppy" jackson.

raise of hands....who really believes this bull# claim of hers???

apparently she thinks were as dumb as she is.

posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 05:04 PM
"apparently she thinks were as dumb as she is." that is we're, not were.

But yes, I saw it live and don't think it was an accident, but if she apologizes then she just confirms it wasn't. Also, she has a point, the media covered it more than it probably should/would have.

posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 05:10 PM
What is wrong with a breast or a nipple every woman has them and also men have them too so what is the big deal.

I bet bush and his cronies were watching and salivating at the event.

And by the way she does not have sagging breast either.

posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 05:12 PM
It's so damn easy to blame others..........

Nothing new people, people do it all the time...

Move along, move along....

posted on Aug, 25 2004 @ 02:25 AM
Why is Janets' boob still being discussed? First she says it was an accident, now she saying Bush was responsible? Yeah, it wasn't done for publicity, that's why she brings it up at every possible opportunity. I mean come on Janet, most of the country has moved past it, stop using a "wardrobe malfunction" as a means of staying in the public eye. Did her album even come out? Didn't it tank? That's right honey, don't talk about the horrible album, you've got another reason to be famous. As long as you make it the centerpiece of every discussion you have 'til the end of the world. Oh, and just to make it bigger, start claiming that it was a vast Govt. conspiracy designed to take the public eye off of a war. Geez, I've heard of people being full of themselves, but this is ridiculous. I mean really, if they were going to use someone like that, they would have used someone who's still famous(like Beyonce), not some washed up has-been.

posted on Aug, 25 2004 @ 12:49 PM
Marg, there is nothing wrong with a nipple or breast, just that the FCC will go after you if you show one, or two. But there is nothing wrong with them, but in todays society showing a breast or two is considered, not rude, but indecent. In a nudist colony they grow up naked and do not find the naked person erotic or inticing, but just the way they live.

There was a topic earlier about a nudist camp for teens. People had problems with it because they thought that the camp would be just one giant orgy. But they were looking at nudity as they saw it, nudity is bad, it leads to sex. But one has to realize that nudity to a nudist is nothing new, it isn't sexual, it just is life. There is nothing wrong with nudity, just depends on the person and how they were taught about nudity.

posted on Aug, 25 2004 @ 12:57 PM
The first question anyone should ask about this event.

If it was by accident and/or the dress wasn't supposed to be able to get ripped to pieces like that, why oh why would a person wear the detachable and HUGE niple jewelery she was wearing?

In Xtine Aguilera's case, the niple rings are piercings trough her niples, not just some extremely attention attracting glitering stars that are put around the niples. So its obvious Janet was wearing those things intentionaly and specificaly to show her (nasty and ugly looking) breasts.

Ok, Janet supposedly watched F9/11 and is one of the people now aware that there are things going on.

But on the other hand, isn't she blamming this obvious selfexecuted incident on Bush to redicule the people that say certain things that have gone on over the last few years are tied to the BushCo agenda?

Info or Disinformation? Propaganda to show the truth, or propaganda to take power away from the people that actualy are talking about real events that are caused and executed in line with the agenda BushCo have in store for the world?

posted on Aug, 25 2004 @ 12:59 PM
james...perhaps its because janet whipped her boob out during hat was considered a family oriented program?

just a hunch!

i dont care that she did but no warning? wrong. did it even though a # storm would result, also wrong. did it during a live broadcast, incredibly wrong.

maybe if she did this on a program that wasnt no family oriented i probably wouldnt care. heck if it was on basic cable i wouldnt give a damn but it was on a big three network, live, without approval, to get attention for herself.

but all this aside she chose to whip it out for everyone to see and now wants to blame someone else for her own decisions. yeah she's right bush ripped the fabric off! he put the pasty on her areola as well and put the thought into her head to whip her boob out during the superbowl halftime show. lets blame everyone but the person who actually caused this, brilliant idea.

i dont like an uptight society but lets be real here, she chose to do it and should be blame for the #storm she created. when you do something outrageous and sensational as this was she had to expect a reaction...too bad she didnt put more forethought into how harsh of a reaction it would be and could have spared the entire nation this FCC nightmare by simply not whipping her boob out.

good job janet! what a winner! and your cd still tanked!

posted on Aug, 25 2004 @ 01:09 PM
Who cares about Football anymore. Super rich thugs playing a kid's game. The Super Bowl is 90% hype, 10% game. Formula 1, now that's a sport with athletes you can admire. Football?

[edit on 04/8/25 by GradyPhilpott]

posted on Aug, 25 2004 @ 02:43 PM
I cannot believe Janet would think people could be so stupid! I'm no fan of Bush, but how could they have known that in the dance routine, Timberlake would grab her breast, and "pretend" to rip off the cup? Was one of the back-up dancers CIA? Geez, you'd think they would use our intelligence agencies to be tracking terrorists and such, not sabotaging dance routines to divert attention from the administrations actions. Not even Karl Rove could come up with such a ridiculous idea!

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