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What are these strange lines on the sea bed off Japan?

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posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 07:56 AM
reply to post by ckitch

OK... final attempt...

Go to Google Earth. Type in 'Barbor Seamount' - Then focus out to Eye Alt 205.67 miles (bottom right of image)
and the lines are clearly visible to the left of the seamount.

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posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by Mianeye

I agree... some areas are blurred, and others not, thus creating a form of line, but if you look at my google map link, you'll see these are line on the sea floor and in clearly focused areas.

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 08:05 AM
This is the image

Its the way the bed has been scanned....look at this other pic...shows more clearly its the way the sonar scanner scanned it

Sorry dude...its not something of importance

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 08:07 AM
reply to post by John0Doe

Thanks for agreeing they are odd... The one shown on google earth runs north to south and just stops, or is eroded.
They are not natural formations, because the are straight sided. They travel over the various peaks and troughs and even have peaks sited on them??

They aren't shipping lines, map defects, or anything obvious. They are on the seabed and blend in with the terrain.

Do you know what they are, or does anyone for that matter?

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by loves a conspiricy

Thanks for posting the image for me.

However, I find it hard to agree that these are just anomalies caused in mapping. They seem to be part of the ocean floor. They deviate with the peaks and troughs and just fade away. They look like old walls or roads, but I guess they are too large for that. They're a bit similar to the Nazcar lines.

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