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2011 memorial articles

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posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 06:05 AM
Hi all, this year I noticed far more focus being placed on 'jumpers'. I've watched and read the articles offered over previous years and noted the great delicacy with which this aspect was reported on, if at all.

This year though (forgive the laziness/lack of references offered, feel free to go check yourselves) there appears far more focus on this particular aspect. I realise because of it's nature, (such a personal decision) it may be the most unpalatable/tragic/private aspect and the delicacy which that would demand. Also I am aware there may be other reasons why some find the broaching of the topic undesirable.

I must admit here that although I had a notion that focus was from a slightly different angle this year it was an article from a usually easily dismissible right wing, middle England UK tabloid which appeared heading the search results Google offered, that suggested this apparent increased coverage I had noted either did not exist or was an aspect recalled in defiance of 'American' wishes... and I'm paranoid enough to believe the US would have influence to colo(u)r any story it desired in the media outlets where I have noted the story and to note that particular source linked above, at the very time I appeared to have noted increased focus on an angle in news coverage to suggest the exact opposite, that there was a particular lack of attention here... well it stinks.

This year though in the coverage I've seen, it does seem an aspect embraced with as much attention as any other, if not more and, as mentioned, not that it's never been referenced before but now markedly more than offered previously in memorial/remembrance articles of the day. As mentioned, I noticed this pattern of increased inclusion this year and wonder why this might be so. Skimming the surface of a few ideas I saw a few firemen (high amongst, if not atop all those portrayed as the ultimate heroes of the day and so frequently offered in interviews or referenced as the ideal of noble American defiance) on news programmes being interviewed and repeatedly warning over cuts to the service and wondered if it was difficult to balance out the role of hero dealt that day with the dismissal of current concerns; perhaps it's politically astute to focus attention elsewhere. Then again, this post isn't in particular reference to coverage in the US but western European (English, German and French) articles and so such disputes, which may be considered internal to the US, may not have any relevance to the story.

Perhaps it's just a reflection (somehow) of a current mood, perhaps it's just lazy copycat reporting, perhaps zeitgeist I don't know but it appears to be there.

(This topic is about possible collusion in mainstream media in regards to the reporting or focusing on a particular aspect in a particular way at a particular time, if the observation offered here has anything to it then please let's try to stay focused.)

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