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Yesterday, it happened, prediction/vision from 21 years ago.

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posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 02:20 PM
i have only had one view of the future via a dream and it was in 2005. Believe it or not i stood and watched as a new formula one driver who i knew nothing about except his name became the world champion. My dream was showing this too me, its the only time in my life this has happened, i remembering following f1 and the career of the now world champion, the feeling though i can still remember, kinda like a confidence feeling that is special, but there you go, as i said only had one view of the future, and it was a nice one. question how did i know, well beleive it or not there was a voice telling me, it was like watching a movie with a voice talking over smoothly and calmly, saying he will be a world champion, and that was 6 years ago when he was driving for the lower teams and no body really knew anything much about him. anyways there u go.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by sailormon

welll.. the bottom line is that you recognize that , in this paarticulr instance, you are interpeting your dream/vision with clarity.... your logical mind is not getting into the way as per usual

now your goal is to establish this avenue of communication so that it & you are 'in sync'...
unlike many previous experiences where you might have been 80-90-95% correct instead of 100% right-on

i have recently become what is considered an 'elder'... what is your position within the native peoples spirituality?

glad to hear you (& wife) are becoming stronger with insights etc.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by sailormon

This is Great Thread! I had no idea so many people were having the same dreams I have been having since I was just a child. I have had so many dreams come true that I've stopped telling my family and friends because it scares them. I will not highlight ALL of them because it would be boring for you all. Most of them have been in regards to personal events, except for Katrina and a blimp accident that came true. I've learned to accept them as checkpoints or like road signs for my journey through life. I have had only one time I was able to change the future when I dreamed of my son falling down the stairs. I still don't know a traveled the distance to catch him from falling. I was able to move like the vampires in TRUE BLOOD. (i'm not a vampire) When I stopped him from falling, I actually felt a wave go out from our point. I told my wife to keep an eye on him because time was going try to balance back on track. I don't know how I knew this but sure enough, a couple of hours later, he fell into a coffe table and need stitches on his forehead.

Anyway, I'm at work, (which I dreamed about getting years ago and being fired) so I better get off here. I will conclude my story later.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 09:15 PM

Originally posted by JackHill
OP how old are you? What do you think is the time frame until these events happen?

Sorry, been away and now returned. I am 72, with wide range of skills and education. Taking my age into consideration, if I am there, then it will be soon if this is real, I don't claim it will be though. In another similar dream which was local, I walked into town to see how things were going, which seemed in the moment, or close future, no cars were working.

I will add, if I have not already, my wife whom is scary in this told me one morning of all things stopping, grown men were crying as nothing worked. She does not watch tv nor is educated in science. She told me it had something to do with the sun, spots on the sun. Thus, it starts there which we have researched as I am sure you have, it will lead to mass starvation etc.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by St Udio

I know my lineage in general, but have a colorful history, of kidnapping when a kid, raised an orphan etc. So I can only say my heart is native, no connection to any people. I have always been spiritual, but the last two years I have been driven to change and a lot of things are happening. Major connections to others which seem not of this earth, messages, OBE's, Tk etc. I recently was rent within my body, leaving me bruised inside with a message that this was what it would feel like when it was time to go. Made me sick for two days. Getting complicated, needs it's own blog.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by PapaKrok

Your time frame matches up with mine. I was told there was 16 or 17 years passed since the event to where I saw us walking the land. I wish I could remember more details, but where I was, it was green and healing and the small town was still standing. But then, even if the earth was messed up, some thing would endure. But yes, the world would be a quiet place.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by curious7

I just read this to my wife, and yes nice people are often void of friends. Yesterday, my wife whom is like you told me that we always try to make people feel good and are good to people, but we are always being attacked by negative type people which is the case right now.

That is another story, but we are learning not to hate, but to take it into stride, knowing that low vibrational folks are threatened by us for some reason. Oh, hell, I will divulge this latest as an example. We have a little lake property wife has had since a girl. We have tried to use it, and build a little building on it for years. We are in our second law suit now with the twp as we are local folks and they hate us for having something they don't. Downstate folks and the rich do what we do, but are allowed the same thing and more. All that aside, it is just an earth lesson to rise above and we are doing well at that.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 10:02 PM
Curiouswa, no quote as there is a problem. I went through what you are saying and still am. I have experienced to much pain and struggle in life, that following your idea which I have entertained, I must have screwed up big time in another life.

I like your way of putting it, getting through all the problems with style and or a smile, which I try to do. Saying that, I am tired to the soul, the struggle has been long. When a kid of 10, starving on the street, freezing in the winter while living in a chicken coop, a woman stopped me and asked if I was angry because I was poorer than all the other kids. I answered or that child did, "no, I am more lucky than all the other kids because I am learning faster than they are".

So, I agree that we make up for former deeds and suffering can make us better and stronger, but it can set us back as well. I lost my brother to the dark side for he experienced the same thing. Getting to this stage, has made me humble not arrogant and that is why I never give advice that will effect another, only an example.

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 04:53 AM
i hope to survive this. im pretty dependant on electronics but im sure i can survive on my own. living in hawaii there is plenty to survive on...but lots of people. i know im to live to 86...its a big number in my mind lol. im only 23 now. sun spot activity is a possible outcome. lots of major flares hitting us all the time these days...a huge emp would put us into the dark ages. just let's you know how fragile humanity is...maybe this will be a time in wich magick will exist stronger without the effects of electronics. i always wanted to be a druid again...

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 09:22 AM
2 Curious (7):

It caught my I in this thread (reply to curious7) you mention a gift you have, helping others feel, “better,” yourself as their friend yet your friendships do not last you say, you remain depressed & sad; spiritually fulfilled, & gifted you proclaim, a Seed of (Truth).

The lesson my friend is plain to see, the friends are happy indeed. Seeing the glass half full is a gift, inherent to some it is true.

U or another may say I have an axe to grind & it is not my cup of tea to forum this TYPE, generally savored for few but Lessons are like the Sea of Life, there are pirates out there & Red Flags.
The bible will tell you, “what good is it to save many souls but not one’s own?”

What happens therefore is plain to see. One goes through life amidst says he, many wives & girlfriends. They claim to be happy before, as well says he, in the end there’s a gap that lies.

TRUE friends find happiness with GOD, content in themselves for sure. They may seek a bond as with HE, we are one, the SEED of TRUTH is no lie. When the prince is gone, there are those, “left behind,” the lie is a costly LOT. Truth be told happiness IS as God Is #One. HE IS ALL.

I, as others, are happy within, God Is our Provider. Lessons come to those who wait, may you find your truth in DEED. The One Who Knows Sees All.

Originally posted by curious7
reply to post by sailormon

Showing another how to be more spiritual, forgiving, kind? Perhaps that.

Sailormon, as always it's been a pleasure to read your posts, especially on this subject matter.

I too have had "visions" of things that happened years later exactly as I saw them and each and every time, it's a wonderful surprise to see.

I have to admit too that although it's nothing to do with your posts here, I have felt that while I still maintain some of my old self such as hatred of some things or people, it's lessened itself to the point where if I once held something in low regard and insulted because of annoyance, these days I tend to just tune out or ignore something (perhaps getting wiser and more mature as I grow older more than anything spiritual but you never know).

I enjoyed coming to ATS because even if a conspiracy theory was crazy, it was still fairly entertaining to read and perhaps see something that would change my mind but lately I don't mind skipping this forum for a few days because of the feeling I get that the things we hold as major conspiracies (9/11 and JFK to name just two) are really not conspiracies at all and are just exactly as we were told officially. That terrorists attacked US property to instill fear in the world and that a lone gunman with a grudge shot a President with a rifle. Nothing more to it.

Know the feeling I get with that? A weird feeling like sure, some people will try to look too deeply into those events because they're missing out on something in their own lives and wish to find an answer as to why and how those things happened because their own lives are unfulfilled and meaningless to them so they ignore evidence and fact so they can feel as if they belong to a cause.

Meanwhile people such as myself and yourself along with your wife and some other members here possibly get the feeling that we're above all of that, spiritually fulfilled and while still learning and growing, have the tools we need to elevate into higher realms to become those who don't need to return and relive lives on this planet any more if you believe in the whole reincarnation deal.

Without giving too much away about myself, it seems like my entire life has been based on making others feel good about themselves and have fun while I myself am depressed and miserable and barely able to even see the breadline let alone live on it but at the same time feeling fantastic like I'm about to be rewarded big time for what I've done for other people. I don't even have any friends because every time I make new friends, I seem to occupy their time for a few years, make them feel good about something and inspire them somehow and then they disappear while new friends come into the mix (since the last friend cycle, I haven't had any for a few months now but I have helped my new girlfriend feel better about herself since we first got talking early this year).

Makes losing friends all the stranger when the entire time we're hanging out and talking, they all have mentioned what a nice guy I am. Maybe my mission and purpose on Earth is to make them feel good about their lives while having nothing for myself?

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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 08:31 PM
Couples usually share the same energy (exchangement)...especially those who have been around eachother for a long time. Thats why you can finish each-others sentences too. Your vision is precise to guide you to where you need to go, and your wife is there for confirmation. I have had many dreams and visions guiding me and my loved ones many times. These past 3 yrs my spirit has been evolving rapidly in ways that would be too confusing for most to handle. I only share this knowledge with my close family....and those who are truly open, to the Great universes truth.

I too, have experienced a hard life...while seeing others complain about the simplest things, but eventually I learned to get over that as I was taught more than they could see, spiritually. I know a few of you have probably heard of the "Law of One," for me I found this book AFTER my experiences of enlightenment. So when I read this it was a BIG confirmation for me of everything I already knew....for I have always been sensitive than those around me.

With the veil thinning however more and more people are experiencing different levels of psychic attunement....becoming more aware than ever before. This is gradual....and those ready to evolve will also evolve physically not being able to handle the toxins of this world as before. ie. food/drinks/medicine. This is to make our spirit PURE to become better to handle this new world we will be entering into.

I have had many dreams and visions come true...but one must remember there are multiple realities in existence and we can choose which one we like by simply looking into oneself and ignoring all other negative realities that do not resonate within us. By simply not giving it the "power." I have even had dreams of my other-selves in alternate realities with different hair styles
I have even met my mom who passed in 2002 in another reality and it was like nothing changed. Except when I saw her I froze in complete joy that I jumped up and HUGGED her telling her how much I missed her (I could actually FEEL her) It was SO vivid.

The reason why you, me and others have these dreams but sometimes it Does & Dosent come true is because this was ALL written before we were born by our "Higher-Selves." Aka- YOU. We know all the different possible outcomes, but only ONE will happen in this particular reality. For this reality is very special and indeed there will be big changes.

Were all here because each one of us forgot who we once were (amnesia) and it is important to remember once again so we can help others. Ive been told I am a very young soul to Earth, but because of this I am not set in one way as others. I can learn fast and not let myself become attached to people/things which is what essentially makes us reincarnate here. There is a down side (everything has a Pos/Neg)...and that is of course the issue of not having many friends. I have struggled with this for many years, as another poster said, sometimes you have one person and then it switches to another.

Another poster, asked why do so many "bad" things happen to good people? From what Ive been told, its because your EVOLVING...and other spirits are angry at this because they are stuck here and KNOW IT! For me, my diet is very there has been many strange occurrences where Im at a nice restaurant and about 60% I find something in my Food!! Ive found pieces of broken plate, paper, bugs, hair...whatever! All to STOP my diet.

For those who are curious and dont know, we also get "good" Karma when others speak bad about us....I have had this happen many times in my life, where people dont like me for no reason but never got to know me. But then again, I only let those in who I know will have some understanding and growing up there wasnt much of those types of people around. So basically if someone gives you a "spiritual" PUNCH.....then let them have it, by responding by doing nothing but ACCEPTING their negative punch for what it is. And nothing more. If you feed on negative energy you will become it. In the end they are only giving you THEIR POSITIVE KARMA...and you can move on your happy way to a happier world. Where only the good can be, together.

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posted on Oct, 5 2011 @ 08:51 PM
Great post, it's finally good to see others with the same attunement to the world around them as I have.
As a kid I would always have visions of things I had never seen, and suddenly get that massive sense of de ja vu when one day you see what you had seen in your dreams come to life.
My first such recollection happened when I was about 6, I dreamed of seeing a city at night with a giant golden triangle in the centre, and told my father about it. For years it never made any sense until at age 12 we stood on the deck of a boat in Melbourne's harbour on our way to a trip around Tasmania, and looked back at the Melbourne skyline. From the deck of the boat I could see the Melbourne Art Centre, a great golden spire surrounded by the lights of Melbourne. My father asked me if this was my dream and I never forget that chill as I took that scene in.
It has happened many times, not just in dreams but thoughts passing through your head which then become reality minutes later, such as a song on the radio or seeing someone you recently thought of but haven't actually seen in a while.
I have studied this somewhat, and found it to a be a controllable ability, psychic perhaps, but our family simply calls it insight. I have managed to train this ability to give me the right path in things (even I admit it is a bit hit and miss), but I was once told by a psychic many years ago my mind is one of a few that is in sync with the energy of the world. Take away from that what you will, but it seems to fit, and I really think as time goes on, people as a whole are becoming more attuned, some of us lucky ones (perhaps with our brains wired just a little bit wrong lol) just got there first.

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 11:37 PM
I've come to this site off and on over the last few months, but this thread made me get an account just so I could reply.

I agree with the person who said that there are many possible outcomes and many possible versions. We can have visions that come true exactly as we saw them; or we can have visions that come true somewhat as we saw them but perhaps not at the time they were supposed to be, or perhaps with many of the details changed, etc., or we can have visions that don't come true at all.

I think some visions come to us specifically to warn us so that the vision will NOT happen. Gordon Scallion saw most of North America underwater by the late 90's, with only the Rockies still visible. Other psychics saw similar scenarios - one even drew three different "earth changes" maps with varying severity - all apparently depending on many circumstances, including the conditions of the hearts of men. But then a whole bunch of cool things happened in the 80's and 90's. The end of the cold war, a united Europe, etc. The world did change and thus did not need to be "woken up" with such catastrophes.

I kind of see it the same way now. The world may LOOK like crap sometimes and it's easy to see all sorts of corruption, greed, etc. But things have been gradually getting better decade after decade. The fact that there seems to be so much corruption being unearthed is actually evidence that people are AWARE of this and bringing it to light, which initiates its disappearance.

I'm friggin' digressing! My point is that I don't think it's a good idea to start assuming that some horrible disaster is going to happen. It robs us of the here and now and making the here and now as good as possible.

Just like the other person said, to go within yourself and choose your future. I have a lot of faith that the world can recover from its present situation. I also agree with what someone said about perhaps some of the dire predictions being crises within us, rather than physical ones. I once read somewhere that the cataclysms could be physical OR spiritual.

I sometimes have a feeling that there will be no huge disaster physically, but that people will start to change in a huge way. This may sound strange, but I think everyone in the world is affected right now by a growing anxiety and consciousness of something underneath rising up in us. It causes all kinds of anti-depressants and tranqulizers to be prescribed, but years from now, it will be looked back on as the beginning of our true awareness.

At any rate, please don't take away my internet!

posted on Oct, 7 2011 @ 11:53 PM
Bible the book of Revelation-white horse:antichrist, red horse:war, black horse:famine, pale horse:death. Worldwide earthquake, the earth loses its magnetosphere, solar flare, asteroid, earth knocked off it axis so much that the day and the night is shortened by 1/3, star hits the earth.

Jesus said unless the tribulation was shortened there would be no flesh saved. Jesus will be back at the end of the tribulation.
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