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Kerry's Miscalculation and Questions he should Answer

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posted on Aug, 24 2004 @ 02:23 AM
Kerry and his campaign hae comminted a huge miscalculation in promoting his war record. Either Kerry has preached about his inconsistency's for so long he actually believes them, or they simply thought that people would take them at face value. As I have pointed out in multiple threads, Kerry brought this level of scrutiny upon himself Period. His SLAP suits directed at the Swift Boat Veterans is at best an attempt to distract the press, but more likely smacks of desperation. Several group shave asked the Kerry campaign to answer pointed questions about his service and his claims in Vietnam.

There is no doubt in my mind that Kerry served honorable. That is not the issue for me. The issue is his embellishments and outright lies of his record needs to be addressed

The Questions include:

1. Why did he serve only four months when the standard Tour of Duty was one year?

2. RE: His Purple Hearts. We understand the first was for a piece of shrapnel the size of a rose thorn; the second was when he got hit with rice that exploded on a Sampan; the third was when his butt got knocked against the Pilot House of his boat. Is he proud to have requested purple hearts for such minor injuries, none of which required any loss of duty time nor hospitalization.

3. Did he or did he not shoot a retreating Vietnamese teenager in the back?

4. Why does he disavow the word of over two hundred honorably discharged Vietnam Veterans who served on Swift Boats?

These questions would be asked by any serious Journalist. The hack from the Boston Globe who claims that a Veteran has retracted his criticism of Kerry has not done so.

One of the most common lies I am hearing coming out of the Demoncat Spoke-mouths is, "none of these men ever served with Kerry." That is false. Steve Gardner who says Kerry is a liar and a Coward was Kerry's Machine Gunner and was stationed on the same boat as Kerry.

"In May, 2004, 190 Members of this group signed a letter to Kerry asking him to sign a Navy Standard Form 180, which would authorize the independent public release of all Kerry's war records allowing them to be reviewed in full by the public and press, and allow people to better judge who is telling the truth in this controversy. Thus far, Kerry has not signed the form." --- Human Events Online


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