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David Shayler MI5 agent speaks in 2005 of MI6 and CIA in Libya

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posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 06:38 AM
David Shayler

MI5 agent speaks in 2005 of MI6 and CIA in Libya

David Shayler EX MI5 agent speaks in 2005 of MI6 and CIA in Libya Funding Islamist's to overthrow Gaddafi ,and when he blow the whistle on this ,he was thrown in jail by the french under the orders of the British government.,this video shows that MI6 CIA ,have been knee deep in cohorts with Al-Qaeda for many years ,and have been in-fact funding there terrorist actions as way back as 1994 in Libya.

David Shayler is a former agent of the British counterespionage service. In the late nineties, he revealed the MI6 funding of a terrorist cell in Libya to kill the country’s leader Muammar Khadafi.

Later on, Shayler was incarcerated in France at the request of the British authorities for having breached the Official Secrets Act. The book recounting his story is prohibited on British territory.

Speakers at the Axis for peace in 2005

Before any of you start with David Shayler is Insane and all the rest of it ,well this video was before his mind was corrupted.

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 06:58 AM
Sure it even came out last year that the British are paying off al qaeda in Afghanastan to stop them fighting, same as what they done in Northern Ireland. If they cant stop gurilla fighters by bullits they use the pound instead!

It was also reported that the rebels in Lybia had links to al qaeda at the start of their 'so called' revolution, not only that but they had a radio debated on radio 4 (bbc) about wether it was a smart move for the French to arm them when the revolution would be over that they would shift the weapons to Iraq and Afghanastan.

Al qaeda is in my eyes is the middle east wing of the CIA, it doesent take a genius to work that out
althrough all the video documentries, all over the web show's that the CIA's is a rogue agency that deals in Drugs and keeps corruption safe behind their badge.
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