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Rick Perry will be a Wall Street Puppet

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posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 09:54 AM
I was wondering why Fox News and The Wall Street Journal seem to favor Perry and go against Romney. Romney's a businessman and you would think a place like the Wall Strret Journal or Fox News would be behind him.

It's a simple reason. PERRY IS DUMB.

I know that sounds elitist but it's the truth. It's why they liked Bush. Perry doesn't give you any data or projections he just goes on a gut feeling. When he said States should be able to opt out of Social Security, he didn't give any projections or data on how much money this could save or how much the transition would cost, in his gut he just knows Social Security and Medicare are failures. When Perry was asked about Global Warming and to name a scientist that helped shape his views, he couldn't name one. It's a gut feeling not about any stinking facts or data.

This brings us to Wall Street. They don't want a guy like Romney because Romney understands the risk involved with different financial instruments and will cap or regulate them. Perry will not just like Bush.

With the Housing Bubble, Wall Street came to Bush and said these programs will put Americans in more homes and grow the economy. Bush didn't understand the risk involved with things like credit default swaps, he just went out and sold the program.Listen to what Romney said recently.

“I’d like to repeal Dodd Frank, recognizing that some revisions make sense,” Romney said.

In July, Romney was unable to name specific parts of the bill that he liked or disliked. When asked, he said only, “It’s 2,000 pages. I’m sure there’s something in there that’s good…I’d be happy to take a look at it perhaps line by line at some point and lay out the provisions that I think are unfortunate.’’

Today, he was more specific. Romney said he believes it does make sense to regulate derivatives. He said it also makes sense to have different capital requirements if someone is holding a home mortgage compared to someone holding high-risk securities. “Some features have to be addressed,” he said.

This is the key:

Romney said he believes it does make sense to regulate derivatives.

Wall Street doesn't want to hear that. Perry will not regulate derivatives because I doubt he understands the risk.

WASHINGTON -- Texas Governor Rick Perry's ties to Swiss banking giant UBS go beyond his relationship with former Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Texas). Perry's current chief of staff and top press person for his campaign, Ray Sullivan, spent five years as a lobbyist for UBS in Texas -- a tenure that began the same year Gramm made his macabre pitch for Perry to enable Wall Street gambling on the deaths of Texas teachers.

Sullivan started working for UBS in May 2003. That November, Perry aggressively pushed the Texas teacher pension fund and state teacher associations to sign off on a UBS plan to take out life insurance policies and annuities on retired Texas teachers -- an elaborate scheme in which the state of Texas would serve as a something of a bookie, setting up Wall Street bets on how long those teachers would live.

Wall Street knows they can bring anything to Rick Perry if they just couch it in a way that will appeal to his ideology. If they bring the same financial instruments to Romney, he's going to want to see the data and the risk involved.

I'm a financial conservative but I think Wall Street multinationals and these risky financial instruments need to be regulated and capped based on risk. The same reasons I was against Bush when he entered the Presidential race is the same reason I'm against Rick Perry. Perry will be worse than Bush because he's probably dumber than Bush.

Most politicians are not smart. They're idealogues who can be manipulated easily. This is EXTREMELY TROUBLING when it comes to Wall Street multinational banks and there risky financial schemes.

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by Matrix Rising

While Rick Perry sounds almost exactly like a Ron Paul (except for some apparently excessive testosterone extra aggression), he *acts* worlds differently. He claims to dislike the idea of tax increases on principle for example, but has voted for tax increases. Texas state government has nearly doubled under his watch in about ten years.

Meanwhile, with the Free State Project gaining huge influence in New Hampshire, the government growth in the state is nearly stopped entirely or actually shrinking. People who mean what they say make a huge difference.

Rick Perry may very well shatter my biases though. I was pretty sure all male cheerleaders were gay, but although Perry was a male cheerleader at A&M University, he really doesn't come across as gay to me

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posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 10:24 AM
I agree about Perry. Not only does he lack brains and political savvy, he lacks heart.
He's a control freak; "my way or the highway", without much of an open mind.

I personally don't think Mittie is much better, but at least he makes an effort to present as "Presidential", while Perry acts like he just stepped out of a boxing ring.

I hope the Republican party will come up with a viable candidate, who is more well rounded in their concerns for the country. We are afflicted with more than just economic problems.........

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 10:34 AM
OK so like I am listening to peter b collins latest pod cast has some very good info about perry and the Koch brothers and a secret meetings where perry and others attended ...peace

"Brad Friedman of BradBlog returns with a blockbuster: audio recordings reveal much from top-secret Koch brothers millionaire/billionaire confab held in Vail in June, breaking the news that NJ Gov. Christie snuck in and out to give keynote speech; Will Durst gives a snarky review of the GOP octet as they invoked Reagan as they ignored his invocation not to attack fellow travelers"

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