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20 percent of Autralian MPs on antidepressants.

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posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 10:14 PM

This story has been running in the Australian media for a while now, but I haven't seen it on ATS yet.

I find it unusual because MPs usually don't talk about stuff like this. So, here we have an Aussie federal MP named Andrew Robb stating that he is quite sure that at least 20 percent of his colleagues take antidepressants like he does. He's talking about it because he has written a book about it and is doing interviews to generate interest in the book.

Of course, now he can be accused of lying just to sell his book. But all the "skeptics" like to use that line!

But I don't think this scene is unusual and is probably a worldwide situation.

He blames his condition on "stress" from his work. That's what all the doctors are saying causes depression.

My data says otherwise. For one thing: If being an MP is so stressful, why aren't ALL the MPs having problems with depression?

Here's an odd little article in Psychology Today that indicates where I'm going with this:
"60 Million People in the U.S. Negatively Affected By Someone Else's Pathology"

This lady's numbers could be high. She predicts about 30% of the population could be affected by the mental pathology of other people. But they are just a rough estimate.

Point is: If you want to understand depression, look at the effect that psychopaths have on the people around them.

And if you are a politician, you will have psychopaths around you, including several of your colleagues.

So that's what I think is really going on in the Aussie federal Parliament. And if you are in a line of work that attracts psychopaths (law, the arts, medicine, science, business management) then you are even more likely than most of us to run into this.

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