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Cheapest and most expensive countries for fuel in the world - tip America is not on the list ......

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posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 08:23 AM
I stumbled across this story regarding car fuel price variations and cannot believe the difference.

Price comparison

Ok so it has been written for the UK market where fuel is currently £1.35 a litre (that's $2.15 for our American friends).

So if the price of UK fuel was being paid at an American pump that equals $8.13 a US gallon !

This makes the UK the third most expensive country in the world for fuel.

Yet the cheapest country for fuel is :-

Venezuela: Caracas — 2/3p per litre ($0.32)

Yes, to get hold of the cheapest petrol in the world, you'll have to travel all the way to the South American country of Venezuela. Petrol is just 2-3p per litre in the socialist republic — that's around 54 times cheaper than prices here in the UK. So if you have a 70 litre fuel tank in your car, you could fill it up in Venezuela for around £1.50 ($2.40) . While In Britain it would cost you a whopping £95 ($152.182).

This is just pure greed mostly by our own government.

I thought Id just share this with you..

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 08:30 AM
They don't make an emoticon for how angry that makes me!

People are dying because of and for oil...

S & F, OP...

...b**tards!!! Zombie Jesus, help us!!!

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 08:35 AM
Seems reason enough why the US government hates Venusuela and Hugo Chavez. Does there really have to be more of a reason? It's un-American to be able to buy gasoline that cheap.

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 08:39 AM
Uh....America is on the list....South America.

America is a continent, not a country.

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 09:35 AM
Citgo is a U.S. corporation.

BUT, it is owned by a Venezuela company !

CITGO Petroleum Corporation (or CITGO) is a United States-incorporated, Venezuela-owned refiner, transporter and marketer of transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products. The company is owned by PDV America, Inc., an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A., the national oil company of Venezuela. The company has its headquarters in the Energy Corridor area of Houston, Texas.

Oh thank heaven for 7-11

7-11 in Las Vegas still sells Citgo gas.
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posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 09:45 AM

Originally posted by MzMorbid
Uh....America is on the list....South America.

America is a continent, not a country.

I don't suppose you have heard of The United States of America? It is the only nation to use "America" in its official name and well known by its nickname, America. Saying "The United States"or US is also confusing because of other nations with "United States" in its official name like "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" or the United States of Mexico. In Spanish the USofA is translated "Estados Unidos Americanos" just for comparison sake.

America IS a country. The continents are North America and South America or just known collectively as the Americas, never just "America", that would be the USofA. Calling it America is just as proper as calling the country to south of it Mexico.

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posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 10:20 AM

3. Libya: Tripoli — 9p per litre
Makes sense.

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 12:32 PM

Originally posted by RoswellCityLimits

Zombie Jesus, help us!!!

zombie jesus is getting around a lot of these threads lately

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 02:07 PM
Well. Everything is compared to the British Pound.

Does the cost reflect the buying power of the families within those countries?

Definitely when we compare the cost with a high valued currency, everything else seems cheap.

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