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How many people around you are feeling sick or out of energy?

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posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by Cerridwen

Luckily no bleeding...that is one aspect of this I haven't had...other than a few small ones from blowing my nose so much that I thought brains were coming out, on the worse congested days. Still have the lack of energy, sort of dizzy feel and yep...that cough still hanging on. Coupled with the fact I still feel itchy in the throat and a some sinus congestion, but not nearly as bad as it was.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by raj9721

It sounds like you have something different going on from the illness my family experienced and that I have been talking about. Our main battle was last year and was something that apparently, though it took much time, our immune systems did eventually fight off. It could be we are all facing attacks on our health from different causes and the end result is these generalized symptoms that are hard to diagnose and treat. We've had pretty normal health since mid summer. Early summer saw us battling stomach viruses and again, continued respiratory infections but those seemed regular summer colds and not the prolonged ailments of the previous summer and fall lasting into early spring.

I think any abnormal radiation levels are bound to cause some illness. Is there any way the doctors can test you for mild radiation sickness without coming down on you as paranoid? I know it can be dicey sometimes getting docs to follow our hunches. I wish they would remember we are paying them for a service and though we trust their expertise, they need to meet us halfway as it is our bodies after all. I do hope you feel better soon. I know that sounds trite, but I mean it sincerely. I hate to see everyone suffering and not getting any help.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 09:43 AM

Originally posted by InterdimensionalWarrior
reply to post by SheeplFlavoredAgain

Yeah, i think he nailed it with the fungus theory, to tell the truth. But the question is, if it is occurring over such a wide area, what is the source of the fungus and why now? I have the same thing in my fish tanks that you described, and it seems like the healthy balance of the tank is impossible to maintain. Having the respiratory symptoms and the fatigue many of you describe, it is worsened by mowing the lawn or breathing in dust..
I have had some luck with the fungus in the tanks by draining the water down very low and wiping the sides of the tank with a paper towel soaked in 91% isopropyl alcohol. Of course if you do this you must take great care to not get the alcohol into the tank water. I wring out the paper towel beforehand so no alcohol drips down. It evaporates very quickly. I then wipe the glass off with a bit of dechlorinated water made fresh in a bucket. I have resigned myself to replacing the airline tubing at least once a month.

Additionally I have had to apply a mist of bleach to the external sides of the concrete foundation of my house to eradicate occasional growths of spiny fungal fruiting bodies that threatened to reach up under the siding. This is a new experience. I never saw this in the seven years we have occupied this house. And I spray all entryway rugs with Lysol to kill spores coming in on the dog's paws and on our shoes. This has helped somewhat.

As wasteful as it seems, we have also had to replace our hand towels with the disposable paper kind. The children tend to leave a wet mess of the hand towels after washing their hands and I wish I were exaggerating but I'm not, these days if a wet hand towel is allowed to hang out for more than a day it quickly develops a nasty mildew smell.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by Chewingonmushrooms

Sounds like what people in my neck of the woods have been experiencing. Everyone around here has been missing work due to severe cough and congestion that just won't go away. My wife went to the doctor and they diagnosed her with bronchitis and put her on antibiotics and an inhaler. She stayed sick long after finishing the antibiotics. Several of her co-workers and their family members came down with the same symptoms and all were treated for bronchitis. One of the co-worker's children ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.

A few weeks later and feeling much better, my wife went to the local health clinic to get a TB test for a health card for work, and they told her that she needed to get a DTaP vaccine because it had been a while since her last tetanus shot. She read over the side effects and requested a Td vaccine instead due to less side effects. They were rude and hateful to her. The nurse kept pressuring her into getting the pertussis one because of recent outbreaks (although supposedly none in our area). My wife asked what the symptoms were and after hearing them again declined the DTaP and told the nurse that she had just gotten over pertussis and did not need the vaccine. Several co-workers were due for their health cards as well, and they were all pressured into getting the same vaccine. Even though some had received tetanus shots within the past few years.

We have had issues with our town before, with them hiding illnesses, or the severity of, from the public. I believe that we had a pertussis outbreak and for whatever reason, they did not want us to know. I know that one of my children was ill a couple of years back and the doctor here tested for pertussis to be safe (which was negative) even though our children are immunized. So, I don't believe that it was an issue of not wanting to test for it. I believe that they knew something and just weren't sharing with the community.

posted on Sep, 14 2011 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by bw_drum

Hmm wasnt gonna respond, but interestingly the last 3 days ive been having a major cold.

Thing is ive had hundreds of colds in my life, and this one is definitely a little odd. It started almost instantly as in 'ouch, my throats hurting bad, what the hell?!' when minutes before it was fine and it was definitely one of the worst sore throats ive had in 30 years but it lasted only a single day more or less ending the next day around the time it started. After the throat part ended my nose started becoming blocked, the mucus is extremely fibrous, clear and damn hard to blow out. Ive also had blood in it but that could be from me blowing my nose to hard. Then yesterday I woke up feeling like my insides were stuffed with velvet, which is normal (all the crud being expelled out your pores and internal, external surfaces) but again it was alot worse than ive ever experienced, cotton wool in the eye sockets and down your throat and nose like) Then I started coughing that morning which will usually be only intermittent every few minutes but once I cough I cough alot and fairly rapidly not really producing anything much apart from spit and maybe a little bit of gunk, the coughing spasm were harsh enough almost to the point where I semi threw up a few times during a few coughing spasms they where that strong not to mention I go red from them. The morning when the coughing started my body also felt oddly painful as if i had been coughing alot already, even though I hadnt started to yet. Ive also had odd painful areas around my back near the lower spine, kidneys, left and right should blades in near the lungs which last a few hours then go.

Throw in that during the nose and coughing part ive been burping and farting something terrible which I havent ever really done on this scale when sick with the flu. Last night though was bad, real bad. It felt as if I had a gas bubble just behind my stomach valve all the time, if I sat up id suddenly burp heavily then lie back down a minute latter the bubble would be back, if I twisted my torso a little I could do a small burp but the only way id clear it would be to sit up straight which would instantly produce the big burp and id have to do that every few minutes. Throw in that if I changed sides id instantly have a coughing spasm so I only got about 3 hours sleep in total last night. The other odd thing is the stomach bubble feeling constantly made me worried that if did fall asleep and coughed id suddenly vomit and choke (thats pretty much what it felt like the entire night, seconds from being sick with out any nausea) which hardly helped me node off. A night of strange fear, pain and discomfort... hopefully never again.

Spent half an hour around 4am this morning sitting in front of the bog spitting into it every time I had a coughing spasm, which seemed to clear what ever it was that was causing the gas bubble, almost vomit feeling... and finally got some sleep.

Feeling better now but my body feels like ive allowed 5 grown men to beat the crap out of my torso and any coughing is real painful. Which is fairly normal with colds ive had, but again its oddly more nastier than normal.

My dad had this cold before I did (and i obviously got it from him, although no one else in the family has come down with it yet) and was more or less identical to mine and I started my symptoms about a day after his stopped. Interestingly I mentioned to my family that I felt it would be a 3 day sickness, and so far its been just that with each day with a new issue that resolves itself more or less by the same time the next day.

So im hoping im ok tomorrow, although just tonight my throats started to hurt again only slightly. But im thinking 'ugh not more'... that being said I think its just a normal, if harsh cold with nothing shady about it. But seeing that others are having similar issues makes me think. That being said its that time of the year and colds are varied and many. Thing is I eat a ton of garlic and onions in a week and use zinc tablets, and havent been sick in a few years and have avoided other family members colds easily which is a great run for me so what ever it is its one mean virus to get past my defenses
(so maybe it isnt a 'cold'?)

Being in New Zealand though it might not be related at all to any one else in the thread.

Edit:- Opps forgot to mention my skins been real sensitive during this cold to (which is normal but again its stronger than other colds ive had).

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posted on Sep, 15 2011 @ 08:02 AM
reply to post by BigfootNZ

That is pretty much what the symptoms feel like, more or less. Once you feel like you have finally shaken it comes back...a little different. I was feeling rough for a few weeks...then the cough. Just wouldn't let go. I am mostly ok now. But occasionally I get a little tickle or itch in my lungs/throat and then full on coughing fit. I get about 2 or 3 of those a day now. Not nearly as bad now, but still there and still annoying.
Hope you get to feeling better!

posted on Sep, 16 2011 @ 02:54 PM
We are feeling pretty much normal now. Apart from the hot flush thing. And my youngest still has dizzy episodes.
But I have remembered some other things I thought I will share with you.

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), as does my spouse and my children and some of the symptoms described in this thread, including 'the scabs not healing' are symptom of EDS, (I am not saying you have EDS!!!!!!!!!) Just that we have found 'patient-found' natural remedies for this rare syndrome could help your symptoms.
So scabs and scarring means you are deficient in Vitamin E.
Bleeding gums and bruising means you are deficient in Vitamin C.
Dizziness =deficient in magnesium.

I posted a while ago that my children caught this whilst camping, and many kids had to go home from being so ill. What I remembered was that I gave 500-1000mg of Vitamin C on the hour during the sore throat stage. This I do if we ever feel ill as Vitamin C will mop up any toxins in the body.
If you are experiencing bruising or bleeding gums you are deficient in Vitamin C!!!
An antidote to the barium sulphate in chemtrails is Potassium citrate. (I am severely deficient in potassium and phosphate!! and I have fluid build up due to too much salt, so up your potassium, don't decrease your salt.

I also gave a Magnesium sea spray oil, this is a natural anti-inflammatory and in fact if you are over inflamed anywhere, you are deficient in Magnesium. In fact we have totally stopped taking asthma meds due to upping our magnesium!! Also it is well known that allergic reactions can be seriously lessened to virtually stopped, by upping magnesium. You must also decrease your white sugar intake and white refined flour food, because your body becomes magnesium depleted when you eat these foods.

I mentioned before that we have adrenal problems, in fact due to fungal problems of our previous flat and now our present house's windows five years ago. The toxins turned our finger nails yellow. We suffered the same flu-like symptoms and low energy ever since. I don't know why I didn't make the connection.

Also I have just bought some replacement rabbits (for some pet rabbits that were unmercilessly killed by next door's dog). Out of six of the baby rabbits of the breeder, two died of unknown causes about July, and one of the rabbits we bought from the same litter nearly succumbed too. The back legs stopped working and they couldn't get to the water and food.
Well I now have another baby rabbit that has similar problems with his back legs and has just seen the Vet. She thinks that it is a parasite but now I think I have worked it out, it is Vitamin C deficiency. In Guinea pigs this causes the same problems-poor muscle control in the back legs that leads to death.
One of the other baby rabbits was a runt and she now has fluid in her lungs and has been put on antibiotics, after she and one other rabbit had diarrhea for a week. Although they were all born outside they have been house rabbits for the last few months. Two rabbits have always been house rabbits and as a control group they don't have any symptoms, nor are they stressed.
This shows that the most poorly rabbits are being over stressed by something outside.
Could this mean that the animal kingdom is also being stressed.

What if this is Global dimming?? I remember a Horizon program several years ago that Global dimming is a far worse threat than global warming! What if this dimming is being caused by the chemtrails, the latest volcano eruptions, the smoke from Texas and the radiation particles from Japan!!!!
This would increase the mushroom bloom and will finally lead to poor crop growth and an OMG worldwide famine.
I noticed this year in UK, although the full sunlight was hot it didn't feel warm in the shade, and I didn't get burnt once, nor did I have to wear sunscreen (I am almost white haired-stress related).

Yep give a star to that poster who came up with fungus theory. Ticks all my boxes but it means we are going to start seeing adrenal dysfunction on a worldwide scale, leading to deaths from now on. SAD

I just thought of something else I remember reading of a scientist that has a microscope that can see fungal bodies in blood and she has to have a license to have it. She also has a restriction on who's blood she tests. She found out that what the TPTB don't want us to know is that we all have fungus in our blood. And that was more than a decade ago. I will try to find this information out and post again.
TPTB will not help us, we have to help ourselves by helping others.

posted on Sep, 17 2011 @ 12:06 AM
good post... how do you get fungus out of you?

other than the obvious ones... but what are some other good things
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posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 09:17 PM
I know we aren't being poisoned anymore by the aspergillus mold as our fingernails aren't yellow anymore. Basically I treat the symptoms with food and supplements.
For example, my youngest had blue schlera (the white part of your eyes) so I gave her egg mayonnaise wholemeal sandwiches, as this has the most Vitamin E of any food and she hates taking pills.
You need to find books on nutrition that have been written before 1970 as the dumbing down hadn't happened by then.

First you need a good immune system and that means keeping sugar down and magnesium up.
Second, I have heard colloidal silver is brilliant at getting rid of fungus.
Third, Sacred frequencies is also good as it balances your whole body, we tuned our guitars to sacred freq so while we were learning, we were getting healed. If it can work on DNA in the lab, then it can work on us.
Keep your potassium levels up.
(Potassium permanganate is used for skin fungal infections, I need to look into this to see if it can be ingested too. Chemtrails deplete you of potassium!)

I saw a Youtube vid today, that Joplin tournado victims were dying after the event to Zygomycosis a rare fungal infection that usually only infects immune-compromised patients, not normal healthy people.
This was a normal fungus found in the soil around Joplin but it had got into the wounds, head wounds were fatal!
Fungus in the limbs and they had to have amputations.

IMO What I believe is happening is fungus and molds are somehow getting an upper hand, and people with immune systems that have been compromised, are going down with inflammation from the body fighting off the fungus or mold.

On the website Jeff Rense, I found the following; -about chemtrails containing fungus and molds. -Flu isn't a virus but a mycobacteria. (myco=fungus)

Just my opinion not concrete evidence but does anyone else have a better idea?
I would be glad to hear it, as my sister is getting it again. A sore throat, sinus problems, fatigue, breathing problems and she has had to take her asthma inhaler and has a slight temperature. And the GP says it may be a viral infection, she has been given antibiotics but told she can only take them if fluid starts to build up in her lungs.

My youngest and smallest rabbit is now doing well, she has completed her course of antibiotics and the fluid build up in her lings has nearly gone. Another rabbit that had diarrhea also, is now doing well after a trip to the vet.

Keep well everybody, and if I find out anything more I will post again.a
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posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by bw_drum

I am completely in tune with your post and I DO agree with what you have said. I have always had a problem all my life with coughs and colds and assumed this was 'in the family' and the genes. However, I have noticed without any doubt that since March this year (2011) I have had an irritating cough and breathlessness that has bouts of strength and brings me right down. The lack of energy has been something I have also noticed. I am a very keen 'outside person' and like to work on the land and would know my own stamina and my own body signals. There has been a distinct mention of the same lethargy from members of my own family and dips in energy with coughs and colds and general feeling of being run down intermitently.

I even thought at one point that something had 'blown over in the air' after the Japan quake which was around the time I began these symptoms more then normal. It is probably a little dramatic to suggest that is the reason for the symptoms but I have most definately felt that the early part of this year brought a 'change in the atmosphere'. I dont really have an explanation, but I did want to assure you that you are not alone in feeling these things.

posted on Sep, 23 2011 @ 09:57 PM
I'm sure, for me, that you are right about the magnesium and potassium. I lose potassium fast sugar and am having an immune issue but i know what is causing it. my immunity is usually ok. It's mild but not good on the heels of a tooth abscess.

does radiation cause fungus to grow faster... never looked into that. does radiation really help cockroaches breed? I bought 250 square feet of plastic the other day and what isn't a wall that is caulked top and bottom... is plastic...and i was afraid it was going to effect oxygen in here because because i don't get oxygen as well as i should.. and that wouldn't be good either. they are still coming right after me... it's really weird. I don't even cook because i can't use my kitchen. i am living in one room plus the bathroom basically and it is all plasticated up and duct taped and stapeled and nailed... something is feeding these things and i can't figure it out. when i have a drink, it has a cap and i often have to sit it in a bowl of water... so what is feeding all these things and making them so aggressive. it's starting to scare me... I'm serious. i'll sit down somewhere and they will just come and stare at me... it's like they are getting smarter. there seems to be something very boisterous about them, but very UNboisterous about me right now. I am constantly uncomfortable. I get sore throats too but it's not on the's more like my thyroid feels swollen. my mother had the same thing and they run tests and find out that her thyroid is completely out of whack. i can't go see a doctor.

Sometimes if i feel really bad i will drink water and lay down and put salt water on my stomach and sometimes this helps. It feels to me like there is radiation... it just does. even when it's not that hot out, this weather makes people feel like puking.

My friend that moved out in january.. he had so many health problems... including a systemic fungal infection that he was taking diflucan for... but i received things in the mail that make it sound like he stopped seeing his doctor and i cannot find him.

i'm going to be so pissed because even though we had our problems, he was one of my only friends... and they got between us and started a fight between us...and now, i would not be surprised if all that mess swelled up in him and he got worse. I need to know that but i don't need to know that. i am so pissed about everything i don't know if i can handle it. people keep messing up my # and it's getting really old.

well, thanks for the tips..

I guess the doctor thinks it's viral bc he can't find a bacteria? yeah... I'd make those antibiotics last resort too.
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posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 01:18 PM
reply to post by BigfootNZ

Hi I am just checking back in. We are in overall good health at the moment except for persistent, recurring diarrhea. I would not have posted about that, but you kind of broke the ice there for me with your post,
so I figured what the heck, it's a symptom like any other. And yeah, there is also recurring bad gas involved. It's not just my immediate family, my extended family has the same complaint, even the ones who passed all their regular colon cancer screenings, thus ruling out serious illness as a cause in their case.

I still see a ton of mold and fungus and mushrooms around but so far we are breathing normally. It's like we built up a bit of resistance since last year. My daughter has had cold symptoms but they improved on the timetable you would expect a cold to. It's not lingering misery like last year. However, one of her classmates is now constantly sick like my daughter was last year and extensive blood tests and even an x-ray reveal absolutely no answers whatsoever, as was the case with us. With a good doc and state of the art diagnostic tools available, why can't the doctors tell us what is making the kids or ourselves so sick?

My mom battled chronic anemia two years ago and now my mother in law is battling it all of a sudden and in both cases no cause can be found. It's like they have all the symptoms of leukemia, without the actual disease. It's all very strange.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 01:44 PM
So it seems to be fungal? I guess that makes sense because the whole mid-west had massive flooding. Here in the Rocky Mt region may people are having the flu-cold-sinsus thing. I wasn't that alarmed until I heard about the 5 bloody noses at the local elementary school in one day.

Thanks for starting this topic.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 02:01 PM
here's the deal with me. turned 50 got jumped by shingles..more than a year. fugh..
bouts of prostatitus.. no fun either.. arthritis.. hernia patch- sneezed too hard..(allergies.)
i research, consult, probe, pay attention and run the quantlet. i got the picture .
now i think i have alot of symptoms
of fibromyalgia.. currently i seem sort of ok overall.
but this has been like a boxing weave ropa dope..
getting ..i cant beat this, but if i just keep moving..
use my energies wisely..take it slow and easy.. then it's ok..
meds that i have tried - nuerontin, tramadol cymbalta, remoron ,vistoril, marijuana.
use sparingly only when necessary.
no coffee cigarettes sugar..avoid the booze - crude but effectve
our world is toxified and so are we...
adapt improvise overcome
live young/ die fast
we all got it comin kid.

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 02:35 PM
Wow, hrmm, myself, my wife, and my children all came down with similar symptoms for the past few weeks. Took my 5 year old daughter to the medical center a couple weeks ago because she was running a 101 degree body temperature and past history of viral pneumonia. Three doctors looked her over, and three doctors left dumbfounded. Chest x-rays, oxygen levels, strep test, and her body temperature all checked out good after two hours or so and we went home with no explanation.

I just came down with another bug or the same one again yesterday, and have a sore throat and hacking, gross cough that makes everything taste funny. For over a year now I have had what I call "fatigue attacks" where my eyes get super heavy, my chest feels super heavy, and in fact it feels like I way 500 lbs. I have been on anti-depression meds for 2 years as well, after binge/maintenence drinking for 25 years. My wife says I must have a chemical imbalance, and I just don't have the money to go to a specialist to find out. My health has deteriorated some too, just plain getting old it seems, including skin cancer and severe tinnitus.

Please excuse the bit of "off topic", but the doctors haven't had answers for anyone for a while now. Only medical advice we have been given is to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. Thanks for you input and this site. Xenongod

posted on Sep, 26 2011 @ 03:39 PM
What bothers me is that i am hearing a lot "viral colds" and Viral pneumonia"...while sure, it could be viral...with pneumonia, I think bacterial is more common.

So they test looking for bacteria cause it should easily show up in the urine if you have pneumonia, but they get no bacteria reading and therefore conclude it is viral a lot of times prior to doing a more thorough blood work up.

if this is a case do to generalization because these types of epidemics DO happen with viruses... but this might not be a virus.

I for one... am feeling very crappy lately cause i have to get out of this house. Since i lost my job and can't get my deposit back because i can't find my lease cosigner anywhere... they are going to get stuck with the rest of the repairs... i want to LEAVE!... it's kinda deathly in here.

It's just taking a while because I'm just so sick and tired on so many different levels.

BUT... I got about A THOUSAND plans swarming around in my head.
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posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 03:43 AM
I have been noticing this aswell. I have been met by a very odd sinus problem and have been this way for quite sometime now, medication isn't helping me at all, at most it suppresses it but it always comes back.

It is affecting my vision, i see things in much more detail now which is odd if you know what i mean. i seem to be paying attention to all the small details that i never used to, for example the small creases in paper, or all the small tears of a torn edge of a piece of paper.

alot of my friends have been getting the same problem and/or a cold and a hellacious cough in combination, at first i thought it must just be a bug going around.

I have heard rumors that because the universe is preparing for a shift in frequency (the sun is getting hotter, the weather is changing drastically, the soil is getting warmer), we are all getting ill from it.

I have also heard that this is a supposed start of an evolutionary change, but i don't believe in evolution, so im not sure what to think about it.

But i have definitely noticed it and its not just your typical sick, .


posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 03:44 AM
reply to post by ShadowZion

Funny as i wrote that i checked my bbm updates and another one of my friends has written as a status update

"ill again'


posted on Sep, 27 2011 @ 12:22 PM
Cough and fatigue feeling are still with my parents are down with the same symptoms....they were told it may be pertussis (whooping cough) that is taking hold of them...funny thing I should mention...they both had pertussis last year....and...were both immunized for I am scratching my head on this one.

More and more people I know, still fighting whatever this is. usually with allergies this time of year...they come and go with weather. So far not the case and we have all kinds of weather except frigid temps and snow here, over the last couple of months.

I am at a total loss for any idea what this is. All I do know is doctors don't seem to have an answer and just pat you on the butt and send you home with a get well note.

The really bad symptoms mostly are gone and I feel much better now (lol just had a Monty Python skit roll through my head on that but the fatigue and feeling down - plus this nasty cough that just pops up out of nowhere, still has me puzzled. I mean I am feeling good, but not 100% good...more like 75% and then out of the blue....instant fatigue and then reason at all and not just at home...happens anywhere at any time.

Just thought I would throw out a quick update for you all.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 04:55 PM
im presently on my phone + its too difficult to read all this thread.. i will do so later.. but I just had to post now.

for the past 2-3wks I have been feeling drained + my body is aching so badly.. like everywhere.. even the palms of my hands.. my feet + legs feel like they are broken at times.. but besides the pain + feeling drained.. I dont feel sick at all.. I feel fine..

I havent been to see a doctor yet as I dont usually seek medical help or take medicine unless I feel like im about to die.. but since the pain is getting worse im considering making an appointment to get checked out on monday if im no better by then.

will be back to read extire thread later.

oh ive been drink way more liquids than I usually do.. I was also even tempted to drink water the other day when I ran out off juice + fruit... + I never drink water as it makes me vomit.

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