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How many people around you are feeling sick or out of energy?

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posted on Dec, 21 2011 @ 07:52 PM
This thread hasn't been updated in a while... is everyone feeling better?

For my part, I've noticed family and friends have a variety of health conditions, off and on, but more regularly and more severely than usual, since March, so I do believe Fukushima is responsible for at least some of it.

I especially notice that the people that think it's all bunk, run in the rain, eat sushi, drink milk etc etc because it couldn't possibly affect them somehow, are the ones with the highest levels of stuff like fatigue, or (this is gross but) I know they have GI problems because the evidence is all over the porcelain throne X( (I have no idea how adults can miss so badly!!). But they will swear to you up and down it couldn't POSSIBLY be the fallout from

But even people who take precautions, like my immediate family, have had some symptoms that we found a little unusual.

As for the fungus, I don't know about all of them, but is algae a fungus? because it LOVES strontium, which is why we had such big algae blooms this year... and we know that mushrooms LOVE radiation too, that's why you should never eat any mushrooms from Russia/Ukraine/Belarus....

posted on Jan, 8 2012 @ 07:58 PM
Just looking back at this thread.

We are still seriously lacking in energy but just before Christmas we seemed to be getting better and had tons of energy.
Now my husband who never gets ill, is having to see a Dr. Last time he saw a Dr, was for a broken foot! But he is always forgetting to take his supplements, so may be that isn't helping him.
The rabbits are doing better, although we had some babies 15 weeks ago and 11 weeks ago (one male rabbit was very fertile!!) and one is quite poorly-she has had a wry neck and balance problems.
The cat is doing much better and so is the dog. He has had two courses of antibiotics last year due to infected boils.
My sister is doing much better too.

We have now totally cut out Aspartame and Fluoride, since October 2011and all soya products since Nov 11, so maybe that has helped us. We found out that soya made our menstrual periods very painful and last longer.
And it made my eldest's pain much worse, as she has high estrogen already. (High Testerone means high pain threshold and estrogen means low pain threshold.)
Many breads now have soya flour in to keep costs down, organic tends to be all wheat flour.

Hope everyone else is doing better too.


posted on Jan, 8 2012 @ 08:27 PM
I think it's simply a case of the fact that we can barely find foods, drinks, beauty products, containers, water, air etc that don't contain some sort of chemical poison or some such agent.

I noticed that the most important part of your body, the lymphatic system, is not taught AT ALL in mainstream education (well, in Scotland anyways). I never knew anything about it until a couple of weeks ago, my family had to be educated on it by myself (because I wish for them to be healthy, only if they wanted me to tell them about it) and anybody else that I asked just said something along the lines of "I've heard of lymph nodes and that they can become cancerous, that's all."

Basically, everything you do is having an effect on your lymphatic system (cleans and drains poisons, viruses, dead cells, sick cells etc to your kidneys and other waste-ridding organs). Most people's lymphatic systems are clogged, because most people aren't very active (lymph has to be pumped by vertical movements or muscle contractions). Basically, in my opinion, accordng to today's world, 95% of the Western world is sick, and becoming sicker because of this. This is the reason I have bought myself a skipping rope, rowing machine and tons of fruit, to alkalize my body

Eughh, i'm blabbering on ... this is my take on why more and more people are becoming sick, not being able to escape harmful substances, polluton and a lazy lifestyle (not calling your family lazy, but i'm sure you're not as active as olden-day people that had to do back-breaking labour to survive, their lymphs would have been amaaazing
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posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 07:53 AM
reply to post by domasio

As an update...feeling a little better, but never 100% since the post. Same for most of my friends and family.
Actually most people I talk to seem to always have something going on with them in some shape or form. I guess the part of all this that bothers me most, it seems no one is healthy the way they used to be, young or old or fit or fat. People that are health nuts...same issues as the couch potatoes. That's what I find odd.
I have to agree with domasio...the amount of crap floating around that we come into contact daily...very good likelyhood that we just don't have bodies that are capable of keeping up with the constant barrage of stuff thrown at us daily...both internally and externally. I believe this is the biggest issue today. There is just too much harmful junk out there that we knowing and unknowingly put our bodies up against. It's sad...but reality I am afraid.
All we can do is try and stay as healthy as we can. hell here where I work we have all been passing a bug around for literally months now....another sad fact is we are all desperate to keep our jobs - bad economic area like so many in the world anymore - so people just come to work sick, don't take off work for fear of losing a job or using up sick time that they can cash out for more money at the end of the year. Sad. But more of the norm for most these days.
Anyway...everyone stay as healthy as you can and try to find healthy things to put in you and around you.

posted on Jan, 11 2012 @ 07:55 AM
reply to post by domasio

Yes...modern lifestyles....bad on the bod for sure!
I try to stay as active as I can...but I do understand some people don't want to or at best can't help the lifestyle. I do believe we used to be a healthier bunch in the past...regardless of modern medicine and technology or comforts. Just look around you, the fact if that is there daily.

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