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got back from busch gardens williamsburg.

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posted on Aug, 23 2004 @ 12:04 PM
this is one of the best theme parks around i highly reccomend going they have 2 of the top ten rated roller coasters in the world apollos chariot and alpengeist. Apollo's chariot has a 210 foot drop and top speed of 73mph. alpengeist is inverted and has a straight down 170 foot drop and reaches a top speed of 67 mph. what makes alpengeist better than apollos chariot you ask? the 6 inversions (rolls and loops).
here is the website for the williamsburg park

other rides are corkscrew hill 4d, loch ness monster, big bad wolf, le scoot log flume, roman rapids, escape from pompei, battering ram, da vincis cradle, and le mans raceway.

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