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Zombie Outbreak Survival

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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 06:03 PM
Hi folks,

I know there are threads already started about this, but I wanted to re-visit this topic to see if there are any "new" members who want to weigh in, or if there are any "new" ideas or thought processes as it relates to this post.

I will ask a few basic questions, and we can build on the subject from there.

So here is the scenario:

There has been an outbreak of a deadly, mutating virus, that attacks human cells and overcomes the human body very rapidly. In a nutshell, it turns human's into aggressive and ferocious being's that want to kill and eat any living thing (including humans and all animals) they encounter. They are relentless in their attacks, and will stop at nothing to feed their hunger for warm flesh.

The only way to stop these "zombies" is to either cut off the head (severe the spinal cord) or puncture the brain in the front temporal lobe area.

The virus spreads through bodily fluids, through skin-to-skin contact, and is also airborne. The virus can "live" on metal or plastic surfaces for up to 5 years. If any type of contact is made with the virus, there is a 100% chance of infection.

This virus has already spread through all major cities in the world, and is closing in rapidly on rural areas.

Now, Here are the basic questions for discussion:

1. Where would you plan to take your family, or yourself if you are living single?

2. What weapons would you take with you, or try to obtain?

3. How would you feed yourself and/or your family?

4. How would you communicate with the rest of the non-infected world?

5. How long would you expect this "event" to go on? (days? weeks? months? years?)

So, here we go... It's a REAL zombie attack/outbreak. The questions have been asked, so what say ye? Share your theoretical wisdom on the subject of zombie outbreak survival.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 06:18 PM
This used to be a very idiotic topic in the past and severely ridiculed by almost everyone.

However now......

It has become a very real WMD that several countries are currently working on. Recombinant viruses and colds with mutated prions attached to them that cause rage. The other one they are working on causes 100% apathy.

Rage, set loose on the battlefield, an attacking army such as the coalition against Iraq would have been stalled in their tracks and ended up fighting and killing each other till no one was left.

On the flip side Apathy set loose on a city would cause people to not even meet their basic needs for food and water, by not even trying to eat or drink.

Most of the reports and expose write up are labs combining (attempting to) the mutated prions with common cold and flue viruses.

If rage was to get loose into the wild you would have your "zombie" scenario.

Carry on.

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 06:18 PM
1. If im living single, and it depended if i had a day lets say, I would start digging a hole in my yard lol.
2. I would bring everything i can buy, get a loan from someone, purchase all the claymores, gattling guns, and barricades i can find!

3. Buy protein bars!
5. Untill everyone is dead

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 06:25 PM
Follow the movie and game plots and head for the shopping mall,
roof tops
secure entrances
and hot girls in miniskirts
i cant wait

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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 09:54 PM
1. Where would you plan to take your family, or yourself if you are living single?
---Complete isolation at first, why travel when the virus is airborne and you'll just be infected? You shouldn't take them anywhere if you're secure where you are. You'd also never be able to carry a huge food/water supply with you if you just up and left. However if you're in danger, you best get out to the woods or some shelter way out in the middle of nowhere.

2. What weapons would you take with you, or try to obtain?
---If the virus is 100% contagious just on skin contact, and even airborne - this rules out all melee weapons like shovels, baseball bats, and my personal favorite: a battleaxe. You'd need to go with hardcore firearms, some automatic, and tons of ammo.

3. How would you feed yourself and/or your family?
---Start canning as much as possible, get sealed things that last years, rob other people's homes that I know aren't home and are likely zombified elsewhere, and get all the supplies I can. Forage any way I can when this food source is out, last resort go out to a store somewhere, making sure it's a local or more rural type spot without hundreds of people/zombies.

4. How would you communicate with the rest of the non-infected world?
---GPS, Social media, internet, and when our electronic sources and communication fails, solar powered emergency radios (broadcasting also both AM/FM) just in case anyone else is out there. And in a pinch, signal flares/airhorns. I would give it some time before I tried to communicate in that manner though.

5. How long would you expect this "event" to go on? (days? weeks? months? years?)
---Well you said that the virus stays "alive" for 5 years on any I'd say a bare minimum 5 years. With the way you described this outbreak, it would eradicate mankind - so there is no "getting back to normal" or "how long will it last". If you altered your scenario to say the virus can only survive for a month or 2 on any surface and is only partially airborne, this may be a better question.
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posted on Sep, 8 2011 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by Ajax

I MISSED the 4 hour window for editing...bummer....I think I would change it up a bit...

Maybe the virus surviving only a 3 month period.... and how about No Airborne at all.

This would make it easier to survive, and easier to get back to "normal."

But the only thing you didn't mention, is that we would more than likely have a scientist or team of scientists that would be working on an antidote. This could possibly help the human race overcome this tragedy, and move forward with normal life.

But I loved your answers by the way...I was looking for some folks like yourself to reply to give others with less survivalist skill, some insight as to what they should do.

Cheers mayte,

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by sirhc0329

The scenario you paint is almost hopeless....but...

1. Where would you plan to take your family, or yourself if you are living single?

A researched island in the Bahamas that would have food, be relatively small, etc.

2. What weapons would you take with you, or try to obtain?

A hunting rifle with scope, lots of ammo. I'd likely steal a decent boat if I don't have one by then. I did have one for a time, so I know how to drive, navigate.

3. How would you feed yourself and/or your family?

Fruit mostly, some fish, as long as we could be sure they'd be safe.

4. How would you communicate with the rest of the non-infected world?

I wouldn't. To do so would be death. We'd hide as much as we least for a year or so.

5. How long would you expect this "event" to go on? (days? weeks? months? years?)

A few years probably, until the zombies starved or rotted away to nothing threatening. Would also depend on how long the virus lives.

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 05:05 PM
Here's a new idea for Zombies that has been floating around my admittedly mostly empty head

Silver Nanoparticles and Zombies A New Weapon?

What is it about silver that has long given rise to legends of its effectiveness against the supernatural? The simplest explanation is its untarnished gleam and reflective properties that many associate with the favor of various deities. In many legends especially those of vampires and werewolves this holy favor could be used to dispel supernatural creatures normally immune to mundane weapons.

Long before even a basic understanding of the microbial nature of infections and many diseases, silver was used as a protective container and in powdered or tinctured form was applied to wounds to prevent sepsis. In the early 1900s silver gained regulatory approval for use as an antimicrobial agent. Until the advent of antibiotics silver compounds were widely used by medical practitioners to treat a variety of diseases, wounds and infections. More recently wound dressings containing silver have again become important to fight antibiotic resistant microbes and are often used to treat burn victims.

Nanotechnology allows new methods of exploiting the biological properties of known antimicrobial compounds by manipulation of their sizes. Silver nanoparticles are being studied for their antimicrobial potential and are proving effective agents against some of the most difficult viruses to treat such as HIV-1, hepatitis B, respiratory syncytial virus, herpes simplex virus type 1 and monkeypox virus. Silver nanoparticle products are now used as part of clothing, food containers, wound dressings, ointments and implant coatings; some silver nanoparticle applications have received approval from FDA.

My proposal is aerosolized nanoparticles encapsulating silver carbene complexes (SCCs), a novel class of silver-based antimicrobials with broad-spectrum activity contained in a pressurized portable applicator similar to pepper spray. Possible uses suitable for testing include:

1 Decon Using this spray in a vehicle or structure contaminated with the Zombie virus could well provide a quick and effective means of sterilization.
2 Zombie Control It is possible that direct application of the silver nanoparticles to Zombies would quickly neutralize the virus’s ability to sustain the Zombie in an active state or even completely destroy the infected cells.
3 Wound Treatment Quickly treating any infected bites may delay or stop the process of zombification possibly allowing wound recovery.

In current understanding silver is not associated with Zombies however silver’s long and successful applications in both science and mythology indicate that it is a prime candidate for testing. New and novel approaches to long standing issues should not be overlooked for the sake of ineffective traditions.

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 05:17 PM

Zombie Outbreak Survival

Zombie Outbreak Survival: Rules 1-3

1. Be aware. Even though most of those around you are zombies and do things inherently dangerous... like texting while driving, you must resist the urge to respond in kind by punching their keypads until they are unconscious. These are the brain dead but undead and can not be eliminated so easily.

2. Be Safe. If you see your zombie neighbor riding his/her lawnmower, assume that they will spray you and your pets and your yard with sticks and stones that could do bodily harm. Avoid this by going out only during the hottest portion of the day when they are sure to be hiding inside their homes/mausoleums.

3. Be thoughtful. If in a public situation, never challenge a zombie to a parking space, especially at Wal*Mart. There are some freakish factors that make zombies immune to property rules or local law in this kind of setting. They will inevitably win and you will end up on the nightly news as a hater who attacked a helpless dead person.

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 06:29 PM
1st rule of zombie fight club

1 never cut and slash them aka you will more often than naught infect yourself

2 always and i do mean always never put your self level with one always keep to the high ground.

3 1 shot 1 kill prefferable in the head if you got ammo and lots of guns and ammo will be laying around just watch the walking dead guns tanks and machine guns were all laying around and didnt see to many zombies packing.

4th rule is secure an contaminate free source of water if you aint got water you will last for 3 days and then your dead.

5 shelter secure bunker or building any bank or police station or hell even prison are the most fortified places that are bulit today and they all have garages and yes you will have to do a clean and sweep and of course you have to clean and sweep any building you walk into know the layout know entrances and exits.

6 confrontation is not always the best option and never put yourself in a situation you cant easily get out of.

7 when all else fails and your facing the zombie hords road kill whatever big vehicle you can find dump trucks garbage trucks and semi trucks make effective means of zombie death.

ok in short survival is like it is now water shelter and food is your survival triangle without any of those forget it.

posted on Sep, 9 2011 @ 07:03 PM
Personal weapon of choice the chainsaw, brings back memories of my child hood (Texas Chainsaw Movies)

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 03:01 PM
Depends on the zombies.

If it's a mutated strain of rabies for example, best weapon is a squirt gun (hyrdophobia is part of rabies)....and putting water between you and the zombies.

My money is still on a mutant rabies strain as being the closest actual disease to a zombie pandemic.

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