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Do you believe in Precognition? Any experiences?

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posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 01:04 AM
Here’s an example of what quite often happens to me:

I’m a restaurant server. It was a busy night, we had a line out the door. I look across the restaurant and think I see Fast Eddie, my best friend’s Dad. He looked at me and I actually did the, excited to see you , half wave, followed by an embarrassed look after realizing you don’t know the person, thing.

About 10 minutes later Fast Eddie was in line. He’d never been there before.

I also only have to think about my Aunt, and she calls me

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posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 09:41 AM
Had precognitive dreams and such "trances" a while ago. Remembered dreams way back to childhood and remembered my nightly "hallucinations", as I though they were. Came out of blue and it got in me. Changed the whole belief system of the surrounding world and had a pretty bad downfall after that. Got to "read" people and their emotions and what they are hiding. And everyone is hiding something. Met this one beautiful being which didn't have anything to hide. Hope she learned something, as I sure did.

Had to call an timeout and got my third eye closed.

These stuff need responsibility, which I'm lacking off. But I try to learn, and maybe when I get out of my way I'm ready for those things again. I guess it will take time.

I'm really tired of trying and just waiting the "last hit".

Everyone in this world has got somekind of connection to somekind of "god source". And they have got no faintes clue about it, yet they are miserable. That's what I learned. In my hightened awareness. And got # kicked out of me.I had the most hiding. And the # just keeps coming out day after day.

Kind a joke really.
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posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 01:43 PM
reply to post by Frustrated84

Had to call an timeout and got my third eye closed.

It is better that way in some ways, really does anybody really want to know everything especially the sensitive things about other people. Its like a river of to much information, in a world were people life in "little bubbles" and when the river over-floods and sweeps across, all the little bubbles pop and are swept away by it.

Kind of a joke really.

That's because it is a joke. Remember "only a jester thinks, man is also something that can be skipped over..... Nietzsche quote" Its all very funny really....Once you get the joke.

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 03:19 PM
I have had many precognitive events many are listed on ATS in other threads. I have had precognitive dreams daily (mostly mundane) when I was a teenager, I had many deja vus when I was younger, too. I also knew that my favorite uncle was in dire need one day when I was maybe 8 yrs old, he committed suicide that day, at the exact hour that I felt we had to get to him. Unfortunately that was one thing I couldn't change, but there were many others I did change that were mostly mundane and only affected me really. I also saw death, but in my vision he came from the ground and stood behind a teenager, but I thought he was there for one of the older members of the church (he also didn't like being seen because he zapped my foot) by zapping my foot I mean literally, it was lightening that day, the church grounds always had a very spiritual feel for me, the land it was built on was very much spiritual, as I saw death a crack of lightening pierced the sky and I felt an electric zap (like when you shock someone with static electricity) I had rubber bottomed sneaks on so should definately not have been shocked through them under normal circumstances and I beleive that because of the atmospheric electricity and the holiness of the land and the abilities of mine combined to make me see death, it so wasn't on purpose, and of course he was there for the teenager, who died several weeks later being hit by a drunk driver, but he don't know I never knew until after the fact he was there for her. I am still mad about that it's not like I did it myself I have no control over it. Now I smell death if someone is going to die it can happen weeks, months or just days beforehand. I describe it as a faint smell of rotting flesh, but not overpowering just like something dead is far upwind from me. I also heard my dead grandmother call my name before I knew she died, when my brother called me at my other grandmother's house that morning to tell me, I simply answered the phone with "I know grandma ------- died" (she was my dad's mom so I referred to her as grandma "surname". And my brother was like "how did you know" I said She called my name at about 2:15 this am and he said, "OMG she died at exactly 2:14 am!" HAHAHA he really freaked out over that one lol, I would have loved to see his face.
I never got to see anybody's face react to my little quirks because most of the time they discussed it behind my back (Oh yeah I also had bat ears when I was younger). I think this just about covers those I can recall right now. There's a load of them really. But not so much any recent ones...seems like my third eye is being stubborn the meditation to open it maybe only got it halfway open and blurry like your real vision when you first awaken because all it seems to have gotten me is an empath ability though one time I got lucky and got the correct score for the Eagles game when they were in the finals I predicted exactly what the sunday's game scores would be not within a point but EXACTLY!!!! I could have won some good money on that lol... still doing the opening the third eye meditations too as much as I can. Whenever I get some peace in this circus called my home and family lol.

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 07:38 PM
I am a Precog and can do Psychometry... ATS has my threads feel free to browse.
Psychometry: Felt like I burned my hand once on a cold stone... thrown to me and asked "what did I get from it". The pain was instant, I dropped the stone and even checked the carpet to make sure it wasn't singed...silly me
That was the first time I found I could do that kind of thing. It was a piece of Volcanic Rock.

Funny I would spend hours trying to close doors and think what people are going to say and even outcomes as a very young child, I think I was around 2 years old trying to turn up andy pandy on TV from my Cot thats after I'd figured out how to drop the bars down. I suppose thats why I kinda like this add..

most embarrassing is when you say to a friend ..." you shouldn't be drinking in your condition"... they look at you puzzled,, so I questioned, "well your pregnant aren't you"? It turned out they were they just didn't know yet... big foot in mouth time...

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posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by Replikant

Yes it is real and I have experienced it many times. Follow your gut instinct and it will often prove you right.....once my friend, Richie, and I were riding around getting high and we pulled into McDonals to get a drink. I told him to hurry because the cops were on the way ... he came out a minute later and said, "Get the hell out of here the cops are coming. There is a bum inside raising hell and they just called the cops".......

or I went over to my friends Scott's house and he said his brother Kevin was coming over and I told Scott that Kevin would not make it because he broke down at the"Susquehana Trail/Canal rd" ... the next day Scott called and wanted to know how I knew Kevin broke down at the intersection ......

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 08:09 PM
On the night before I started high school I had a very vivid dream of WWII. It was absolutely horrible. I was in a concentration camp and there were many people that I did not recognize. I did, however, remember one face. About a week later I seen him at my school and had to do a double was very weird. Also, I have had the same dreams as one of my close friends on several occasions, and my daughter also. Some kind of connection I guess?

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 10:44 PM
I'd like to say that I do not believe in any "paranormal" stuff, no religion, no homeopathy or holistic healing, mystics and any other stuff like that but I did have several interesting experiences which I cannot explain.

1. As a kid I lived on a deserted street where we would literally see a car drive through once every six months or so. I had a moped and I would ride it in the street all the time. There is a blind corner with a 8' tall concrete wall and I would always drive in the middle of the street through the corner. One day something tells me to stick to the curb as close as I can which I did, and sure enough just as I came around the corner there was a car coming the opposite way and it missed me be a couple of feet. The moped had no muffler so I could not of heard the car or seen it, not sure how I knew it was coming.

2. I go to a lake all the time and have a favorite spot. To get to it I have to cross a small lagoon which is several hundred feet wide. I've always crossed it to get to my spot but one day I felt really weird and felt like I was going to step on something as I was crossing the water. As I am stepping lightly to cross I felt a sharp pain in my foot so I kind of hopped to the shore. The bottom of my foot had a 2" cut in it, I am guessing it was a broken bottle. If I had stepped on it with full force it would of have been much worse. How did I know it was going to happen? I am still asking myself that question

posted on Sep, 10 2011 @ 11:39 PM
I've had precognitive dreams of events as far back as I can remember. I started keeping a dream journal in 1996 and noticed within a year that the deja vu feeling I would experience could be the direct result of something I dreamt at an earlier time.
As the years have gone by I became more aware of how to distinguish between random non meaning dreams and the important ones that are often laced with premonition. Dreams that seem vividly real, ones that repeat constantly, ones that leave me physically ill, these are the dreams I pay attention to.

I didn't openly discuss for a long time because I never know which of them will actually come true until after the fact. Not to mention, people do look at you like you are crazy or have to laugh when it's discussed. But I have opened up over the last few years and must say, no one is laughing since some of them have indeed come to pass.

The most recent big event I saw in a series of dreams up to a month prior to the event was that of the Japan Tsunami. I was waking up sick over the images in my dream of a massive wave engulfing an entire coastline and destroying everything in its path. I saw people being swept into the ocean as well as homes, cars and everything in-between being taken away or covered by the massive wall of water that pushed inland. I observed these scenes unfold in my dream as though I was looking down on the entire scene from the air. I knew this event happened during the daytime but did not know where or when it would actually occur. I had a feeling soon because of the frequency and intense feelings attached to these dreams.
I shared my dreams to a friend the day before and even opened up to my therapist about it during a session two weeks prior and also the day before the actual event (we discuss dream and I go once or twice a month depending on my schedule). In that thursday morning session I told her about my dream the night before that was the same as I'd discussed the last session weeks back, the incoming tsunami. I explained how sick I felt as I watched the wall of water engulf the entire coastline and told her how I really thought that a tsunami was going to hit very soon. She discussed the metaphorical meanings of my dream and while I acknowledged the possibilities I emphasized that I really had a sick feeling this event was getting ready to happen soon, like weeks or even months. We ended our session that morning and I again also spoke with my friend later that day and shared my sense of the tsunami happening soon based on another dream.
The very next morning I awoke to news coverage and images of the Japan Tsunami and as I watched it I was physically ill seeing the images of the people, homes, buildings, ect.. all being engulfed and destroyed. Within an hour I had a phone call from my friend who was very shaken up about the whole thing and the next day I had a call from my therapist too to see if I was ok. She acknowledged that some of us are more in tuned to certain events/the earth and we would discuss all of this and some of my other dreams at my next session.

That's my most current major event premonition. I've got so much more than just that one, that just happens to be the most recent and current. And, no, I do not always dream of every major or even minor event.

I must share though, I've been dreaming of something else as of late. Two events. And not to jump on the Elenin stuff but it is centered around something heading this was from space. Looks like a comet each time but whatever it is is it is moving through space towards earth and emitting something that causes all of us to seek shelter underground, in caves, or in buildings inside of mountains and hills. Too many details to post now and just like the Tsunami dream, I don't have the exact details of a date, time or location. That's the most frustrating thing about it all. I have seen more events from my dreams than I can even count over all these years and I get more and more frustrated wondering why I see all of these things happen in advance if there is nothing I can do to help, warn or save anyone? It's like you're given glimpses of future events for no real good reason. I am worried that this event, whatever it turns out being, sun related, comet related, or whatever this object I see heading this way causes.....I fear a large group will die as a result of it and life as we know it now will drastically change. I certainly hope my dreams and fears on this one are wrong.


posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by Replikant

wow, lots of very good replys. i have had too may to tell hare. to all of you who are experiencing these things, to me this is the beginning of psychic abilities, believe it or not. the things which you are shown are for a reason, so pay attention. there is much to be learned from these experiences, on many levels.

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 05:27 PM
reply to post by MidnightSunshine

After'll get used too it
In my case, I've had what would be considered unnatural and unusual things happen to me since I was a child. Everyone in my family knew about it. As a matter of fact, my mother told me that the maternal side shares in about 5 different abilities and that it passes down from female to female. I have seen this to be true. I could go on and on about my experiences on ATS, but I would probably be better off writing a book which I have no interest in at this time. I don't even know where I would

I've had so many strange things happen that most I've forgotten about. This number thing however, is new. As exciting as it was in the beginning, it has sort of become a thorn in my side at this point because it's now turning into a distraction. If I'm working, playing gardening or whatever, I feel compelled to stop what I'm doing and go look at a clock or my watch (which I stopped wearing BTW) although I could careless about what time it is. Bam...there are those times again....then I go off into la-la land wondering once again...WTF
Then the whole darn thing starts over again.

I hope we can find some answers to this soon.

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 06:46 PM

Originally posted by Lovelyful
On the night before I started high school I had a very vivid dream of WWII. It was absolutely horrible. I was in a concentration camp and there were many people that I did not recognize. I did, however, remember one face. About a week later I seen him at my school and had to do a double was very weird. Also, I have had the same dreams as one of my close friends on several occasions, and my daughter also. Some kind of connection I guess?

I had to take note of the dream factor...I remember the first time my daughter called me into her dream. We both woke up with lumps on our heads from a fight we had with something I can't put my finger on in the was an ugly thing too that picked us both up and clanked our heads together just like in the cartoons. When we were having breakfast the next morning we looked at each other like Whaaaaaaa

That was the first time I realized that my daughter was like me. I had never had that experience before. I asked her how she did it and she replied I called you for help and you came. She was 8 she's 18 in college in Pennsylvania thousand of miles away from me and we still communicate with no electronics everyday
No need to call her...she sounds like me, so I just speak when I want to hear her need to stare at her pictures...she looks just like me, so I just look in the mirror when I think of her. While I do this....usually wherever she is at, she's doing the same thing. Not that I don't miss her...she's always with me if you understand what I'm trying to say....telepathic communication. I think I cloned myself
as did my mother, grandmother, g-grandmother etc.. I'm waiting for her to feel comfortable revealing what else she knows...I already know what she knows, but she has to tell me when she's comfortable so I don't interfere with her progress. This is what I was taught by my Mom. As outlandish as this may sound it is all very true.

BTW, there are 7 maternal generations at least...including myself and my daughter who have identical birthmarks in the same spot.

I'm still baffled by these dang numbers
Isn't there anyone with an answer? My Mom doesn't seem to know what's going on either....seems like a new development for me. What about the rest of you who experience the same thing with numbers popping up all over the place.... do you feel like it just came out of no where one day?

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 07:40 PM
I really belive as well that everybody has had this happen to them before I have two times that made me go wow that was kind of werid.

1) In high school I had a dream and then the next day everything happend just like in my dream down to a convo that I had with a girl I never talked to in my life. It was just so werid and off and to this day I have never dreamed anything that would happen again.

2) A few months back I was driveing down a two lane on each side divided highway I had music on and out of nowhere I get this mental image that the volvo stationwagon next to me is going to crash. I remember looking at the car and thinking what the heck why would I think that.. they are driveing just fine and it was a sunny day. So I slow down and kind of let the car get ahead of me and then boom out of nowhere the volvo is spinning it spun maybe six times hit four cars and then landed in the median. I was so scared I would have been hit if it was notfor the mental image I drove on the shoulder and called 911 I have no idea what came of the crash or how badly anybody was hurt. That moment taught me not to question my gut feelings.

posted on Sep, 11 2011 @ 08:52 PM
I`m a strong believer in this. Many times in situations I recognize seeing this before from dreams and found you can in fact change the outcome. Done it in conversations knowing when to leave and such.

I`ve gotten out of speeding tickets with it at the age of 17.
The story 1:
I had a Ford 4 wheel drive and two friends riding along we were coming back into the small town of Amsterdam Ohio and I was way above the speed limit. I suddenly recognized the scene and conversation we were having and placed what was around the turn a cop so I slowed down to the speed limit and my two friends asked what`s up. I said I think there is a cop around this turn and yes there was. Amazed my friends.

I`ve cheated death 2 times.

Story 2:
The next time I can recall I was in the Military in Who needs me California. I was stationed there out of boot camp from Orlando Florida. I had a nightmare dream while in boot camp not even knowing I`d be going to California the dream was of the beach there and body surfing the waves.
In my dream I was body surfing the left side of the pier due to that side had larger waves. Well I got slammed chin first on a wave into the sand bottom and rolled backwards into a ball. I couldn`t figure out what way was up down and so I drowned.
Died in my dream and floated off up out of the water and that`s all I remember of the dream.

So when I get to the beach I get this feeling I`ve seen it before looks exactly as the dream did and the better waves were indeed on the left side of the pier. I had a friend with me I didn`t have one in my dream though. I told him of my dream and we stuck to the wimpy waves on the right side of the pier. Well after a few days I decided hey those waves are what we need on the left side of the pier. So off we went.
2nd good wave slams me chin first into the bottom and rolls me backwards into a ball. Felt like I was gutted instantly. I couldn`t get what was up or down and next thing I know my friend had me by my head pulling me up out of the water. I laid on the beach for a couple hours hardly able to move.
If it wasn`t for my friend I feel that dream would have been true 100%.

Now I know to take these dreams very serious. So cheated death two
Story 3:
In this dream
Back home in Ohio there was a great swimming hole on Cross Creek. There were double train tracks that are welded together for high speed trains.
We would go there drinking and having fun so one time I got there with a friend and we suddenly heard a train coming. We didn`t want to wait for it to pass so we ran to beat it. Well I tripped on the first set of tracks and landed in the center of the 2nd set. The train went right over me.
My feet were pointing towards were the train was coming from and I would have been fine till I though hey there are grain cars on these trains with metal caps hanging off on chains under the trains. So I tried to slightly roll to view the oncoming hazards but must have rolled a little to hard and off goes half my head. I died in that dream and went from there into the most perfect darkness imaginable like being in a bubble everything just perfect.

Ok so now my friend wants to go to this spot I told him no way never going there again. But then they pulled up one side of the train tracks and hardly used the other. This made it safe for me to go there once again.

Now the one dream that haunted me my hole life since I was like 6 is this.
Story 4:
A strange sound coming at me sounds like a wall of foaming like bubbles. I start to climb a tree as you can tell it`s right ready to arrive. That`s where I die but don`t know what it was.
Now living here in Florida and learning of such possibilities as the Monster tsunami that could be it. I just placed this together about a month ago and feel the bubbly sound could perhaps be this wave that will destroy the Eastern United States.
From my dreams of the event I am now at the age of when I was seeing myself in those dreams back then. Time will tell so there it is in all my strangeness.

So I without a doubt know for 100% these events can be changed and are very real.

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 03:13 AM
As bizarre as it may seem to some, I repetitively get this gut feeling that something will happen, not always knowing what. Something happens none the less, and more times that not is it negative. Its almost an overwhelming feeling of sorrow, or just sadness that you feel in your gut. I think of songs just to turn on the radio and find them broadcasting. I've had a few dreams, one showing me a man in the dream, waking SO compelled to find him. Never did I look, but I found him none the less, and we're still together this day. When you hear that old saying "Your gut will never steer you wrong", its definitely true. Ive never seen something exactly as it would go down, but if my few experiences of foresight (usually in dreams) have come true then I know that greater "nail on the head" experiences have to exist.

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 03:17 AM
Just out of curiosity, are you a fire sign?

posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 03:20 AM
That was to Dream Oracle. I'm new to the site, and the "reply-to" seems to post in its own section rather than follow underneath the post you chose to "reply-to", lol. My appologies.


posted on Sep, 12 2011 @ 03:44 PM

Originally posted by LogicVersusProbablity
Just out of curiosity, are you a fire sign?

I am a True Blood both Sun and Moon Scorpio.... Water Sign. I was born dieing literally.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 12:11 AM
This has occurred fairly often in my life, and always without any type of prompting or initial realization on my part. Perhaps most disturbing to me, is the lack of rational theories for the phenomenon. The most common form I experience is sequential foreknowledge of an entire conversation with a person, word for word, before it takes place. It's slightly bemusing when the real conversation occurs, as it can feel like I'm merely a third party observer, as if one is watching a movie.

Other occurrences can be more embarrassing. I was driving with a friend through an unfamiliar neighbourhood. At some point, my passenger asked me to take a turn through a side street, a few blocks away. [I immediately received a vision of children hastily removing a hockey net obstructing the street]. I replied, "Sure I can, but I guess we'll have to interrupt their hockey match", and proceeded to make the turn. My rather puzzled friend countered, "What?! Whose hockey match?". Only then did I realize that pesky-precognition had reared it's head once again. To diffuse the situation, I lied, pretending instead that I'd heard children playing... As foretold, about thirty seconds later, a group of children were moving a hockey net to make way for my oncoming car.

The only thread of consistency between my experiences, is that they have all been near in time to the real occurrence. At the most, only hours apart.

posted on Oct, 3 2011 @ 12:17 AM
I have had many precognitive dreams over the last 23 years. I have even had lucid precognitive dreams, and made changes to these types of dreams. Those changes also occurred when the dream actualized and came true.

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