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All New Intelli-Sender - Thought Tools Tracking Mindwaves

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posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 08:48 AM
Its incredible to think where our technology can go. i'd like to help stretch people's imagination here but ground them in the few but real limitations on we humans and our technology which do exist.
what are these limitations?
how have the trends in technological innovation evolved ?
what is actually possible to create interms of future technological innovations ?
what new powers does hybrid technology hold?
who has got what in terms of leading edge technology at this current time?
does applied and forward thinking intelligence such as the answers to these questions count for huge amount in terms of where it will evolve to ?
is technology taking off so rapidly because of shared ideas or the is it at the monopolistic discretion of the ptb plus the influence of profit which will guide it ?
technology allows us real knowledge in terms of facts about the world however utilised, and can allow restriction of knowledge between our species> are we still living in a world of conventional wisdom where knowledge is power and technology changes nothing about the future of this world?

These are huge questions and there is nothing to debunk by asking them here and everything to gain . i am glad we all share our applied intelligence rather than withhold too much as really does progress the world and society to 'catch up' with ourselves and engage in open debate > globally . this is one of the powers available to us which didnt exist when i was a kid , but i can see now generations of supersurfers who did. i am not past-it at all but remember the spaceinvader style of the vic20 and commodore64 .

Our world is so different already and has changed so fast i beleive we are going to have to share and do it as fast as we can. i dont want global government to turn into fascism with an extra nasty twist . it was where we were at in about 1994 and that is getting some time ago. with the information revolution it does not seem as if much has changed, and this is not good. we have to clean out some skeletons and start to recognise some facts already.

I dont see the illuminati or those giant g8 machine operators , dont care what you call them , as being particularly well more informed than myself or others about the worlds future or alot of other facts about the world. we have over time learned in depth how they operate with the powers available to them. i have a long time been suggesting to them that none of us know the terrain ahead , neither capitalist nor communist models of solving problems have worked , and some day , no how hard your truck or how many spares, your machine will certainly one day encounter a problem that writes it off for good.

i have accepted this world of corrupt manipulation common refernced as capitalist expoitation where peoples in countries which are being used up for all they had , as being run by basically the best they had at the time , given the circumstances. in the end that is really all we have i beleive that they have shared this even willingly though they want people to beleive the lie, went to the moon , at that scrictly jazz, just to keep some calm in the world while they get on with making some money. and they are not stopping me making money , and i definitely dont have a problem with them for that. its just what happens. thats life.

what really levels the game so you can call it over , is that there is no differnece between illuminati or us. they have kids and familys and holidays , are pretty clever and enjoy some rather high power jobs. i imagine they feel pretty good about that and i dont blame them any more for making stuff the way it is. a contributing reason for that , and i am remmebering nasty pollution spills and stinking corruption along the way , is that at the end of the day we are all the human race. all of us together .. and we will face down the future together , all of us together.

here we see and share it on ats , just for an one singular example looking at giant asteroids pinging right over head , while all us true liberals allow the kids to just look the other way.

it is truly truly one world and it probably needs one world government . there is a good reason for that and it is where god and or any other onlookers could actually forgive us all our crazy behaviours towards one another and other life in the universe , our ignorances of universal laws and customs , our mess we have made of our planet.
it would allow us to truly grow up and meet with those who have waited for us to do so ,and silently corrected our grossest wrongs for us. we are ants to them as an ignorant species . a pesterer and a stream of trouble. and where we woke up at all in ways we shouldnt have was at the genesis , when we learned the ways of both evil and good.

we have to grow up as a species and face reality as fast as we can . evil can be sectioned out as psychopathy and knowing both having tasted both we must put them both away and face facts. our technology and wherever we were going with it is not to be lost. it is to be furthered as it belongs and is being used within and withoutside of confines of this planet. this fact we must recognise is a massive implication simply huge , even bigger than asteroids. we are a tiny tiny % and we know this is true.. face facts . however. from time immemorial you have had wisdom. and this is what the kids these days dont seem to understand while they go out and looting or naked on webcams and whatever it is they think they are going to do with their phones , and primitive microwave ovens. it might be becasue they never read a book. before i had the internet i had prophecy> from books i had gained taking advantage of my multicultural educationally facilitation open minded level headde country which originated from historical travellings and with the earliest beginnings were the books that had recorded the earlisest of scientific knowledge along with actual universal knowledge. as far as i see now, years on, the wisdom and sheer truth which is in those books hasnt changed , yet in fact it is reaffirmed in everything i now know and see happening. i dont cast knowledge of prophecy about because of the loons who do. but i have been reading books. and more recently i have been reading your posts.

you must turn away from evil , any sort. i feel that is what my message is regardless of being within a debate about technological advancements. with or without the illuminati themselves. i would advise anybody that , in any situation which called for it ,, and the most important things is , stay good at all times , in every facet of the things you do. search out the evil factions and get rid of them as soon as possible. do what is good and right continually and you certainly cannot go wrong. also strive to be completely correct about the fact

make technology and all we get involved in do justice , for this is the universal custom and the law, and it is the way the masters of us and the absolute master decree it shall be. forever haiol justice as what we want. set it on a pedestal and bow down to it. justice is the answer to life the universe and everything. justice is what the masters of all the heavens swear by , and all with thought shall hold pure justice in the highest degree. for so it has been decreed . pour praise over justice and beleive , you are within the good hands of one almighty judge . beleive it . almighty .

what would king david say ? SELAH !

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