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i want my cookie back

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posted on Sep, 6 2011 @ 03:44 PM
for 5-6 years i had Earthlink as my ISP...
because i avoided TWC like the plague...

so since Aug 2010, when i had to move to another address, the only way to get internet was the local monopoly territory awarded to TWC (they would not let me return to Earthlink within the city boundaries)

all this while i still had the Pandora cookie which gave me access to the Pandora Radio scheme...
so even with another ISP i was still getting another ISPs free service, for near a year...

well in the last few weeks i was hit/attacked by something like 30 daily attacks but one of those attacks must have hit my 'TOOLS' section where my settings to clear the temporary internet files was changed to include both the 'History' and the 'Cookies' deletions...of course by force of habit i punched the Execute tab and erased my free Radio by Pandora's cookie...

Question how do i go back into the motherboard to recover my Pandora which now not responding ?

appreciate serious replies... hey i'm not stealing any 'free' Pandora, while the tracking cookie has been tracking me for the past 7 years.... 6 yrs with Earthlink & 1 yr with TWC

posted on Sep, 7 2011 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by St Udio

St Udio,

If you are running windows and have system restore operational on the hard drive that holds your browser be it c or d or any letter it is under, its simple go to system restore start it and you can return your settings/sofware to an earlier time.

There is only two other ways I know of which may be able to rectify this, using a complete system reboot if you have a back up or copy of your entire system from an earlier time, for example onto dvd/cd/tape/flash when the cookie was on it, or to use "undelete" as such software, many are free some cost$ but they will enable to to "unerase" anything you have deleted, but usually only from the actual recycle bin, so if you are to go this route you will have to dig for an utility that undeletes systems and internet files etc.

Unless System Restore is working I do feel you wont have much luck unless you are prepared to go to a back up copy you have, which is time consuming and you will loose everything youve added to your pc since making the copy, so do make sure you back up as such any important other stuff before you use an old back up.

Good Luck


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